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From the original party dude, Chicken-man!


What's your New Year's Resolution?

10. Goku: "I want... food! Can I have food, ChiChi?"

9. Gohan: "I resolve to not be a nerd! Ooh, Science Monthly..."

8. Yajirobe: "I resolve to lose weight... Bah, who am I kidding? Pass the donuts."

7. ChiChi: "People keep suggesting I should resolve to nag less, I don't know why..."

6. Cell: "I just want to get away from Recoome's stench, Freeza's nagging, and I never want to hear 'Rock Paper Scissors' again!"

5. Vegeta: "Same one I have every year. I will be stronger than Kakarot!"

4. Master Roshi: "I resolve to only watch thirty hours of porn a week."

3. Buu: "Buu stop turning people to candy. Buu go buy candy instead!"

2. Yamcha: "I resolve to find a nice man and settle down-- girl! I said girl!"

1. Krillin: "I will be taller!"



Worst FUNImation screw-up of the moment:

"Am I right, Goku baby?"
(*SHUDDER*! Poor World Tournament announcer, he never had a chance!)


Happy New Year, everybody!

2004 rapidly approaches and it's only a few days until we can cast away the old shackles of 2003 guilt and failed resolutions, and leap into a new year full swing!
It's a time of beginnings.

So out with the party hats, pop those champagne corks and party all night long!



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