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Ah, by far the best type of humor - the stuff you don't really need to think about. All you need is a pair of eyes. This section contains odd photos, weird drawings and all sorts of computer edited images.


Late Night Insanity Bwahaha, who said teens are too old to play with dolls? (by Cat)

Very Early Morning Insanity Like LNI, but with a different set of dolls... (by Chipolata)

Parodies Different drawing parodies

Fusions You Never Thought Possible Vegecha? Cho-rillin? Just plain strange

Fan Manga Done by the talented Wendy, and anyone else who wants to send one in

Fan Art Man, have we got lots! Come and check out the wide variety and new talents!

Double Take Go check it out, hehe!

Chibification What you get when you leave me alone with a pencil and sketchpad!



Some material on this site may be considered offensive. You have been warned.

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