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Okay, listen carefully, as I state the rules required for emailing DHZ and submitting work.


To ensure I read your email, please put "Dragonball" in the subject line. Doing this means the email gets routed to my inbox, instead of my junk. I will pick up email in my junk, but I am wary of viruses. It's fuss-free if you just add Dragonball.

If you are submitting work, I ask that you clearly tell me what you are sending (eg, a picture for fan art, a song parody). In some cases, you will need to provide a title for your piece (eg, a fanfic).

If you are submitting fanfics, I ask that they be spell checked, and not made entirely of caps LIKE THIS THROUGHOUT THE PIECE. I do like grammar, too. I will post any work so long as it's funny (NO Horror, Romance etc unless comic), but I also reserve the right to edit it. This will only be paragraphing, grammar, spelling and maybe offensive language.

Fan art does not have to be Dragonball. So long as it's Anime, it'll go up.

When submitting pictures of any kind, you're welcome to go straight ahead. It would be best if you emailed me and asked if my inbox had the space. If not, I can provide an alternate address.

In all cases, please provide a nickname. This is to properly credit submissions, and to have a name behind fan male.

If you are flaming, fine. I actually find them all funny. Your submission would soon later appear in Keepers of the Flames.


Most of this is common sense, and most people get it right anyway. This is just to get things going quickly and smoothely.


If you have read these terms and conditions of submission, use the address below to contact us.




Some material on this site may be considered offensive. You have been warned.

This site last updated 7-Dec-03.