The Hall of SHAME!

Edition No: 17       May  2007       

Hall of Shame Mission Statement

This site is dedicated to expose those shameful people who think they can lie, cheat, steal and violate the principles of basic humanity and remain anonymous. As you are aware, my involvement with Cameroon began through the glazed eyes of a tourist. After a sham marriage and the loss of my life savings to the corrupt judiciary, I now see the plight of Cameroonians through much clearer eyes. It is through fiercely protected anonymity, by those involved, that corruption heads down its unbending path. These are the same people sitting in the pew next to you in church on Sundays, who are stealing the food from your mouth and your children’s education on Mondays. I say, lets take a look at these people and let them enjoy the sleepless nights that they inflict upon others. Exposure of these peoples' acts of shame is the strongest tool to drive others away from these evil practices.

Is Cameroon so far down the toilet bowl of corruption that it is beyond help? I think not, but the fact that many wear their crimes as medals to their cleverness, and worse, that others aspire in the same way to achieve like goals is a mentality worthy of standing against.


From The Editors Desk

Sessekou Glenn at work exposing corruption.

Dear Fellow Corruption Haters,

   Several months, a Christmas & a New Year have passed since our last get together. Just enough time for those corrupt individuals to feel they can relax a little. But here we are again, ready to strike the fear of God into those crooked people. Looking through the news of the last 4 months, it seems that nothing changes; Government thieves are as active as ever; Paul’s in France, Chantal’s got her hand in the till as usual, the Southern Cameroon people still suffering arrest and torture, fake anti corruption trials being run by corrupt judges, and the thieves are still thieving. To make matters worse, the government is gearing up for another fake election that creates even more suffering for the people.

Yep, it’s business as normal in Cameroon!

But what about the shock waves that went through the Anglophone population after learning of the gruesome death of one of it’s finest – Bate Bessong.  I too mourned alongside Cameroonians at this senseless death. (See Praise File)

So here we are, first newsletter of the year; ready to poke left and right, up and down, to see corruption and it’s sponsors bleed a little (or a lot). We’ve been to the forests, collected the green mamba heart, a few black fowl eggs, and we’re performing our own brand of justice, without a courtroom in sight.  It sort of reminds me of that expression, “Never take a knife to a gunfight!”  
No problem; were cocked and loaded this month at Hall of Shame.

 My greetings to all, Sessekou Glenn.

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For your Amusement; Recently I loaded a copy of my Cameroon marriage certificate onto the website. I just can’t seem to get rid of it, 50 court appearances and they still won’t give me a divorce! These Cameroon marriages stick to you like glue, even after they’ve sucked you dry. It still causes me to wonder what I was thinking. So what else is there for me to do with it other than to share it with the readers. Oddly, the certificate states my father was present at the council wedding, even though he was 12,000km away.
Must be that whiteman juju again!
Mamfe Council Marriage Certificate (click here)


CPDM - Crooked Machine!

Election Rigging Flourishes in the US.



The CPDM would always be in power except as this juju is getting on all those who tricked elections. You people can see that Andze Tsoungui is gone. Let me just show you how crooked the CPDM machine is.

Permit the sojourner to narrate what happened from close sources in Atlanta and the US. The CPDM was reorganizing in North America and so they visited Atlanta. Two candidates for two subsections: Dan EsueThe CPDM is the crooked machinery that denies Cameroonian's their democracy. (North West) and Ngalame (North East) were contesting for the elections of Sub-Section president. The winner of the Sub-Section would carry the day and only the executives of the sub sections would vote for the National chairman. During the elections; Ngalame’s team had ten executives present and Esue had eleven. Two members of Esue (Njenge) and Ashu crossed carpet and he is left with nine. Remember, though they crossed carpet they cannot vote. During the elections it was alleged that a member of Ngalame’s executive: Emile Kangue has tried to vote twice. His voted was removed in front of everyone and with one member absent both camps were now left with 9 people each. Surprisingly when the elections results were read, Ngalame’s section won 10-9. How? By defeating Esue they were defeating Dr Elonge who would have challenged the incumbent because Ngalame’s sub section were giving their votes to Joseph Mbu; Elonge’s opponent. Consequently, Elonge’s ticket was defeated in Georgia with the help of Ngolle Ngolle and the ambassador.

Perhaps this was not enough! When we went to Washington the minister told us that he had 6000 euro as kola nut money for us. But when he made the exchange of the 6000 euro, he said it was $5000 and some change. Meanwhile the euro is stronger than the dollar. Instead it would have been at least $10,000 US. How can that be? Then when Joseph Mbu took the money he shared it amongst the three of them, the CPDM section presidents and himself. How crooked again do you want the CPDM to be?



CPDM Policy Exposed!

 Paul Biya wets the throats of Southern Cameroons citizens to show that his CPDM party does not just steal Southern Cameroon resources, that he also gives something in return.

Click here for a journey along the Buea road - Mutengene.
Experience the dilapidated state of Southern Cameroons roads through the eyes of a tourist in this short video. So strap on your seatbelt, take some sea sickness medication; then click on the link.  Safe Journey! 

Fako Appeal Court - Buea. (Cameroon's infamous judiciary)

Cameroon's Corrupt Judiciary! Cameroon’s Judiciary has become reduced to the status of a cheap “kerb-crawler,” doing the dirty work for the criminals!
           Cameroon’s Judiciary has become reduced to the status of a cheap                   “kerb-crawler,” doing the dirty work for the criminals! 

This image is here to expose the thieves who operate this corrupt bank.

Praise File # 10

Bate Bessong

1954 - 2007


Bate Besong gone? Really gone? God! It's such a sad sad sad day for us all, especially for those of us who were his contemporaries at the University of Calabar. This is too much subtraction from the literary community, from the African critical voice. This is impossible!

Dr. Jacobs Bate Besong, Lecturer, Department of English, University of Buea, UB, who died in a ghastly car crash, March 8, alongside two other Cameroonian literary juggernauts, Dr. Hilarious Ngwa Ambe, Thomas Kwasen Gwangwa'a and a driver, Samson Tabe Awoh, was Thursday, March 22, laid in his final resting place in his native Ndekwai in Mamfe, Manyu Division.

Besong : The Man, His Ideas, His Vision And His Life
Bate Besong was born on May 8, 1954 in Manyu Division, at that time called Mamfe, in the then Southern Cameroons. He attended Hope Waddell Training Institute in Calabar and later came to study at St. Bede's Secondary School in Ashing, Kom, where he obtained his GCE A Levels. He left Cameroon after his A Levels and went to Nigeria where he was admitted into the University of Calabar in the Department of English and Literary Studies. While at the University of Calabar, Bate Besong [fondly called] BB and Babila Mutia founded "Oracle", the first Nigerian university journal of poetry edited by students. BB was Senior Editor while Babila Mutia was Deputy Editor.

Just before he graduated from the University of Calabar, Besong published his widely acclaimed maiden collection of poems, "Polyphemus Detainee & Other Skulls." Scholars Press published the poetry collection in April 1980 with a foreword written by Professor Ime Ikiddeh of the University of Calabar. Chinua Achebe launched the book.  When he graduated from the University of Calabar in 1980, Besong did his National Youth Corps training in Nigeria (working with Brigadier Mamman Vatsa, the poet-soldier who would later be executed for a failed coup attempt) before enrolling at the University of Ibadan for an M.A. degree.

Suspicion, Mistrust And Misery
Realising that his emerging reputation as a budding writer was gradually giving him recognition as a Nigerian and compromising his Cameroonian nationality, Bate Besong opted to come back home to Cameroon after completing his Masters degree programme. To his utter dismay and much in despair, Cameroon welcomed him with suspicion, mistrust and misery. With an MA degree Bate Besong would have naturally been recruited to lecture in numerous Nigerian universities while pursing his PhD degree. But in Cameroon he was unable to get a university job. In utter desperation, he took up a teaching job at CPC Bali where he was Senior Tutor from 1983-1985.

Click here to read the Post newspapers Special Report -  The Death of Bate Bessong and Co.His two-year stay in Bali was not entirely improvident. While in Bali he met and got married to Christina, his beautiful wife with whom he has five children. It was Christina who gave meaning to his life and shielded him from the slings and arrows of a home country that did not recognise his talents and share his artistic vision.
Bate Besong accepted recruitment in the Ministry of Education at the time as a "PLEG" from 1985-1999. His trials and tribulations in the Ministry of National Education can constitute a book of its own. He was without a salary for more than four years and his integration file kept on disappearing every time he re-submitted it to the Ministry. Because of this persecution he went into depression and began drinking and smoking profusely.

Paradoxically, it was during this period of depression, extreme poverty and despair that he became quite prolific and wrote some of his most provocative works: "The Most Cruel Death of the Talkative Zombie" was published in 1987. "Obansinjom Warrior With Poems After Detention" came out in 1991 and was quickly followed by "Requiem for the Last Kaiser" in the same year.  "The Banquet", published in Makurdi, Nigeria, by Editions Ehi made its appearance in 1994. Three years later, "The Grain of Bobe Ngom Jua" (a collection of poems) was released in 1997. Partly because of his critical writings and his militant activism during the Ahidjo era, he was punitively transferred to teach in Mayo Louti, in the North Province where his depression deepened and he almost lost his mind. Eventually he was transferred to the Bilingual High School in Molyko, Buea.

"Beasts of No Nation"
It is understandable then why Bate Besong fell foul with the present regime in power, particularly after the staging of “Beasts of No Nation" in March 1992. Shortly after the play was staged, Besong was kidnapped during one of his visits to CRTV television house. He was physically assaulted and tortured by State security agents who took him to an unknown location.

Within a few minutes news of his kidnapping was broadcast around the world. Embarrassed by the kidnap news, the security agents released Bate Besong as quickly as they had kidnapped him. To this day, no explanation has been provided by the ruling regime as to why he was kidnapped or who masterminded the kidnapping.  Click here to continue reading this article


My 2 Cents !


Limbe 419 scam nets 10,000,000 fcfa as Kembong prostitute strikes again.

The 419.

In 2005 Enow Brillian Ayuk travelled to France. During the stay there she convinced a French national that she could assist to supply the man with a government contract to run a fleet of fishing boats, build some boats or something similar. Once the man arrived in Cameroon with Enow Ayuk, he was informed that to receive the Government contract he must build a house in Cameroon. The man purchased land next to the car wash at Crystal Waters, Limbe (behind Limbe zoo) and the 3 level house is nearly Enow Brillian Ayuk, AKA "The Kembong Prostitute" is currently involved with her Manyu Mafia cohorts in the stripping of assets from another foreign investor.completed. Two months ago Enow Ayuk travelled with the Frenchman to Douala to assist him buying building supplies; travelling in a taxi driven by an accomplice. The Frenchman was convinced to leave the money he was carrying (10,000,000cfa) in the taxi for safe keeping, while Enow Brillian Ayuk accompanied him into a shop to select materials for the house. The driver (accomplice) fled with the 10,000,000cfa. Enow Ayuk accompanied the man to Douala Police to report the theft. Currently the Frenchman is living with Enow Ayuk at the house of Pauline Kono at Isokolo (Limbe). The Frenchman is patiently waiting for his Government contract, not realizing he is the victim in a scam that may have deadly consequences once there are no more funds for him to ship from France.

To All Cameroonians.

I have lived this same experience myself, the same lies by the same thieves and I beg you to intercede on this mans behalf. The thing that shocked me about my time with this woman (Enow Brillian Ayuk) was that many people knew this girl and what she was doing to me, but no one spoke up until it was to late. I was poisoned by this person, and it is documented that she attempted to bring a firearm into the family house, so I have no doubt as to the extent that this person & Pauline Kono will go for the sake of stealing what does not belong to them. I know many of you think this is just a Cameroonian being creative. But this Frenchman has family just like you, and doesn’t deserve to die for being gullible. I also know the great warmth of some Cameroonians who felt great shame that this even happened once, yet here it is happening again. If there are any lawyers in the Limbe area with courage, please locate this Frenchman and investigate whose name the property documents are in. Assist this man to put them in his name to protect himself. Expose this prostitute from Kembong as a scam artist. Direct him to the website. Information on this matter reaches me regularly with comprehensive data to be relayed in the newsletter. I urgently seek the contact details of this Frenchman in Limbe, or his family in France. Please send any information to me at

 I have done my bit from 12,000 km away. What are you people who are only a few kilometres away going to do? Let us all be judged by our actions, before God.

Glenn Wilson

Wall of Juju!


Who will be next?

After years of pussyfooting around using the white man’s ways (courts and due process), with no success, we have now decided to surrender to nature. I can’t tell you exactly what’s occurred, but I’ve been to the Obasinjom and heard Obasinjom - The Juju of Truth.the oracle. Only those who choose to clear their conscience fully, have a chance to avoid the prophecy. As for now, stunning results have been achieved in a very short time. Within two weeks, Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob began feeling the effects, and even though he fled from Mamfe to visit a traditional doctor in Bamenda (Bambui) it was too late to remedy the damage. Ketuanze’s last day were summed up in this: swollen legs and face, erased memory unable to recognize anyone; confessing his crimes in a ranting and maniacal way. Alas, it was too late and when he expired, his body was unrecognizable. He was buried face down, as tradition demands of a bad death, on his little piece of land at Ntasen, where he was still yet to construct his house.

His was the third such death in this matter, the first being that of Chief Justice H. M. Najeme who died in London at the exact same time as my vehicle was being incinerated at the American Embassy in Yaounde (Sep 2002). Chief Justice Najeme was the head of the Fako Appeal Court panel that passed an abominable ruling allowing these criminals to profit from their crimes. The second death was that of Robert Agbor Toko, who worked closely with Ketuanze Jacob committing their crimes.

After Ketuanze, the next victim was the death of “Paul” the lion, at Mvog Beti zoo. Though people see the lion’s death as a bad omen for President Biya, they are yet to understand the gravity of the Presidents situation. A brief consultation with your famous Obasinjom; the deck of cards has been set and now we know who will die and when they will die. As such, I have left it for the public to make their guess.

Nonetheless, let me say this: the innocents have nothing to fear, but the guilty; those who choose to rob the poor and common man from justice should sign their wills. Each of them should rest assured that their numbers have been picked and now just have to wait and see what your African Juju would do. Please, have this deck in your house like a calendar and when each of them expires you indicate on your calendar so that your children may learn to be honest. As you know; only those thieves who choose not to clear their conscience shall be harmed. There is no escape for these criminals but for them to confess publicly to their criminal acts as the only means to avoid their fate. Undoubtedly more will fall before the message becomes clear, but then “So be it.”
Can you guess who will be next? I already know!

Recent news out of Limbe confirms the veracity of the Obasinjom’s oracle, with Enow Brillian Ayuk falling to an unexplained paralysis. Enow Ayuk’s mother has sent a messenger to Bamenda seeking out the toughest medicine man to treat her daughter. But it will be to no avail, as the result is foretold.


SGBC Bank Manager - Ndoumbe Lottin. AKA - SGBC na doki man!
Ndoumbe Lottin
Barrister Eno Charles Agbor (Buea) - AKA "belle for shit"
Eno Charles Agbor
Enow Brillian Ayuk - AKA "The Kembong Prostitute"
Enow Brillian Ayuk
DECEASED. Robert Agbor Toko. (Limbe)   AKA - Ketuanze bagman!
Robert Agbor Toko
President Paul Biya - AKA "chop broke pot"
Paul Biya
DECEASED. Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob. AKA - Jigger foot!
Ketuanze Jacob
Justice Morfaw Chibili  (Buea) AKA - Chibili Olumba Olumba!
Morfaw Chibili
Barrister Mbi Jonas. (Kumba) AKA - Mbi na oversize doki!
Mbi Jonas (Kumba)
Justice J.F.Fonkwe.  (Buea)  AKA - Fonkwe lie man!
Justice J.F.Fonkwe
Pauline Kono - (Isokolo, Limbe).  AKA -  Crazy-mami, Needs a psychiatrist!
Pauline Kono
Barrister Tanyi Mbianyor.  (Buea)   AKA - dry mbunga!
Tanyi Mbianyor
Justice A.K.Nana.  (Buea)   AKA - Famla man!
Justice A.K.Nana
Thief Bisong Etah-oben. (Buea)  AKA - Primitive journalist!
Bisong Etahoben
DECEASED. Lion Paul - Mvog Beti Zoo.
Lion Paul
SGBC Bank Manager - Francois Ngouania. AKA - Chop money feyman!
Francois Ngouania

Cameroon mourns presidential lion
Cameroon's wildlife minister has encouraged people to pay their last respects to the country's most famous lion, named Paul after the president. The death is seen as a bad omen for President Paul Biya whose party is seeking to extend his time in office beyond 2011.

For Whom The Death Bells Toll…
The preamble to virtually every marriage promises the arrival of some utterly exotic new life. But marriage is tricky, especially for beginners. But is Hall of Shame recipient Tanyi Mbianyors wedding doomed before it is even started? Click on the link and read the comments.


Your Say!

Get it off your chest!

YOUR SAY! Get it off your chest.

First Lady’s Humanitarian Tricks and Largesse

Chantal Biya's grabbing and milking of the State.
Most African dictators' wives are as ruthless in grabbing and milking their husbands' Nations dry as their husbands do. Cameroon’s first lady, Chantal Biya of Lebanese father and Cameroonian mother is no exception.
This month, the fraudulent grabbing was a gala night dubbed 'Solidarity Night' of the Circle of Friends of Cameroon, CERAC, an NGO whose Founder and President is Chantal Biya. The caulicolous chromosomesChantal helps herself to Cameroons cash cow! But which one is the cow?  Moooooooo that gathered to compare how much they have stolen to reduce by adding to what the first lady has, were heads of public and private enterprises, spouses of members of government, those of the diplomatic corps and top Government Ministers including the Prime Minister, Chief Ephraim Inoni and wife, Gladys.
Though these thieves feared dipping deep into their pockets for fear of exposing how much they have stolen, the sum of CFA 527 Million was raised in less than 3hours. Take note here that fund raising for the foundation stone of the Medical Faculty in the lone Anglo-Saxon University of Buea in Inoni's fief yielded less than 20 Million CFA.
Fearing international criticisms of this official organised looting in the name of Humanitarian NGO, Cameroon Tribune, Radio and Television all state-owned media embarked on a one-week further deceit. This is the chorus: "Unlike other NGOs where professional conduct and the quest for profit by the promoters is rife, mismanagement is out of the question in CERAC. The money collected is deposited in a special account in a local bank and used judiciously"
Who says the first lady's money cannot be judiciously used in rigging elections? And if other NGOs are rife in mismanagement and quest for profit, what prevent that of first lady doing same distributing wheelbarrows, grinding machines, cutlasses, ploughs etc to women in the South and Center or North Provinces?

Chantal Biya Foundation Implicated In FEICOM FCFA 52Bn Swindle
 It was also revealed in court that the Chantal Biya Foundation benefited over FCFA 150 million from the largesse of the former FEICOM guru.
It was also revealed in court that the Chantal Biya Foundation benefited over FCFA 150 million from the largesse of the former FEICOM guru.  Moreover, Circle of Friends of Cameroon, CERAC, that also involves the First Lady, received FCFA 5 million.

Youths Duped At Mrs. Biya's Cleansing Campaign
A street demonstration in Yaounde followed by a press conference aimed at cleansing the image of Mrs. Chantal Biya, after a publication in the French daily, Mutations, considered rather scandalous, ended in an uproar over differences in sums of money shared out to the youths hired to march.

How do you dismantle people who are willing to kill and die to keep their hard earned privilege of looting the treasury?

NEWS - May 2007

Cameroon mourns presidential lionPeople see the death as a bad omen for President Paul Biya.
Cameroon's wildlife minister has encouraged people to pay their last respects to the country's most famous lion, named Paul after the president.  A BBC correspondent says people see the death as a bad omen for President Paul Biya whose party is seeking to extend his time in office beyond 2011.

Exploitation, Murders Will Continue
The pictures of the headless bodies of our intellectuals who died in a car accident at Edea recently were horrible for the eyes. Reading through the stories, I cannot imagine the timber truck dragging their crushed car for over 20 metres. How else could it have been? Timber is exploited by a Mafia led by the son of the King and their French surrogates. No police or gendarme dare control the trucks. The drivers are above the law. Insignificant taxes, if any, are paid for the wood exported.
If you see the amount of timber at the Douala Port awaiting exportation, the number of timber trucks heading for Douala per day, and the amount of money declared as timber revenue for the national budget, you will weep for our beloved country.

Marquardt Challenges Biya To Ensure Massive Electoral Participation
The outgoing US Ambassador to Cameroon, Niels Marquardt, known for his outspokenness, had yet another téte a téte with Cameroon's Head of State, Paul Biya

Camair is up for sale again. Corruption and tribalism have left Cameroons airline as a broken down wreck.Gov't To Re-Sell CAMAIR
The Minister of Economy and Finance, Polycarpe Abah Abah, on April 4, issued a communiqué announcing that the Cameroon Government has resolved to re-sell CAMAIR.

Cameroon highway robbers hold up cars, kill woman

YAOUNDE, Nov 6 (Reuters) - Arabic-speaking armed robbers in eastern Cameroon killed a woman and stole money, jewellery and mobile phones from dozens of motorists after holding up 30 vehicles on a main road, witnesses said on Monday. They told state radio the assailants, who were hooded and dressed in military fatigues, halted cars on Sunday outside the town of Dimako in East Province, which borders with the Central African Republic.
State radio said one woman traveller was shot in the head and killed when she resisted orders from the robbers to hand over her money and cellphone. Some 20 more people were injured, the radio added, but did not explain how.



Human Rights Issues


Scores of prisoners accused and caged at the Bamenda Prison for various crimes such as theft and other minor offences have been languishing for months or even years without trial.Bamenda Prisoners Dying At Alarming Rate
Inmates of the Bamenda Central Prison are reported to be dying at an alarming rate without a fair trial. Scores of prisoners accused and caged at the Bamenda Prison for various crimes such as theft and other minor offences have been languishing for months or even years without trial. Besides, the deaths are attributed to poor feeding, coupled with infections like tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.In less than two years, over 20 prisoners have died, most of them still waiting to be tried.

CAMEROON: Rights groups deplore prison conditions

YAOUNDE, 13 April 2007 (IRIN) - As Cameroon prepares for parliamentary elections coming up in June, human rights advocates complain that the country is far from upholding democratic Deaths are attributed to poor feeding, coupled with infections like tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.In less than two years, over 20 prisoners have died, most of them still waiting to be tried. principles, and in few places is this more evident than in the country’s prisons. They describe detention facilities rife with overcrowding, violence, disease, extended pre-trial detention and torture. And instead of conditions improving, things are only deteriorating. “In the section where I was there were 50 of us to sleep in an area of five metres squared,” a former detainee, who gave his name as Lambert, told IRIN. “There was one tap for 1,200 people.”

Cameroon corruption hinders Aids fight
In Cameroon alone, the Global Fund and World Bank have allocated more than $133m (£68m) to stem the tide of HIV/Aids. But with corruption endemic, are the millions being spent on combating the disease being used effectively? Tackling Aids cannot happen until a cure is found for Cameroon's second deadly virus - corruption.

Paul Harris: Africa's Tragedy
The Observer's Paul Harris draws on his wide experience of Africa to argue that western aid is now doing more harm than good.

Vulture Funds threaten the developing world.'Vulture funds' threat to developing world
On Thursday 15 February a high court judge in London will rule whether so-called vulture fund can extract more than $40m from Zambia for a debt which it bought for less than $4m.

Human Rights Practices in Cameroon - 2006
The government's human rights record remained poor, and it continued to commit numerous human rights abuses. Security forces committed numerous unlawful killings; they regularly engaged in torture, beatings, and other abuses, particularly of detainees and prisoners. Impunity was a problem in the security forces. Prison conditions were harsh and life-threatening. Authorities arbitrarily arrested and detained anglophone citizens advocating secession, local human rights monitors and activists, and other citizens.

“Kingsley’s crossing” : One Man’s Journey in Search of Greener Pastures.
By Olivier Jobard Click here to view the video of Kingsley's journey.
Kingsley is a 23-year-old lifeguard from the West African coastal town of Limbe, Cameroon. Kingsley's Crossing is the story of one man's willingness to abandon everything—his family, his country, and his friends—in the hopes of finding a better life abroad. Award-winning French photojournalist Olivier Jobard documents the passage. (Click on link to view 20 min video)



Ambazonians (Southern Cameroons) unite in their struggle for independence.

Southern Cameroons

Secessionist minority Anglophone group silenced.
YAOUNDE, 19 February 2007 (IRIN) - About 20 members of an Anglophone secessionist group in Cameroon have been jailed for the past month without charge, reflecting what their lawyers say is the latest effort to silence government critics without providing due process.

International Community Warns Biya Against Bloodbath With SCNC
President Paul Biya has been urged to take immediate steps to “…release, with all due haste, all detained members of the SCNC.”


Protests in The Hague: Reaction to Mass Arrest
The Hague, 25 January 2007 – Members of the Unrepresented Members of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) have today protested with Members of the Southern Cameroons National Council.Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) have today protested with Members of the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC) outside the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in The Hague, as fundamental freedoms have come under renewed threat from Cameroonian authorities.

A Race With Torture, Terror And Abuse
There is something unusual going on in this country. For perhaps 20 years or more, the efficiency of the Government in trampling on the rights of its citizens has been rising.
Students get shot to death for simply asking the Government to pay them more attention, warders are suddenly turned into prisoners when they complain of poor working conditions and poor pay, taxi and bus drivers as well as passengers are victims of robbery executed by the forces of law and order.
And Southern Cameroonians, who are agitating for equal treatment with La République du Cameroun, are not exempted from maltreatment. This attitude of dog eat dog has sent thousands of both young and Cameroonians fleeing to other countries in search of safety, peace and prosperity.

Sunday, April 15, protesting members of the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, confronted former Foreign Affairs Minister, Jacques Roger Booh Booh.

SCNC Activists, CPDM Envoy Tussle In Belgium

Sunday, April 15, protesting members of the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, confronted former Foreign Affairs Minister, Jacques Roger Booh Booh, who was CPDM envoy to Belgium for the party's reorganisation, in Antwerp, Belgium.

Southern Cameroons: Writer Recognised

Njaru Philip (Cameroon), journalist, has been repeatedly harassed, assaulted, arrested, detained, and tortured over the past 10 years in retaliation for his investigative writings of corrupt practices and human rights violations by government and security officials. In 2004, he fled to Equatorial Guinea, was arrested and repatriated to Cameroon. He then went to Nigeria, but returned to Cameroon after several months. In November 2005, he was accused of being a journalist for the Southern Cameroons National Council, an English-speaking minority claiming rights of self-determination. He was beaten by paramilitary police and left unconscious, after which he was hospitalised for several weeks.

Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO)
Southern Cameroons News. (click here) 





The SCNC hierarchy expresses its concern, consternation and outrage at the arbitrary arrest, torture and long detention without charge of Simon Tanto, 65, who continues to languish in the Bamenda Central prison since Jan. 20th , 2007 without prospects of being granted bail soon.

When Simon Tanto appeared in Court for the continuation of his pre-trial investigations on 29th March, 2007 he looked frail and traumatized by his long incarceration but confident and hopeful in the cause of the struggle for the restoration of the statehood and sovereignty of the Southern Cameroons.

As he was escorted out of the chambers of Examining Magistrate Justice Atabong back to prison, Simon Tanto courageously saluted other activists and sympathizers in the SCNC style.

Barrister Chumbon who is one of the SCNC Legal advisers on the matter was disappointed that the Examining Magistrate failed to grant bail to Tanto whose matter has been rescheduled for hearing again on 5th April. The P.I. for Dr. Nfor Nfor and others will be heard on April 17th, 2007.

The SCNC expresses deep gratitude and sincere thanks to UNPO and the International Federation for the Protection Of the Rights of Ethnic, Religious, Linguistics and other Minorities (IFPRERLOM) for their diplomatic efforts in putting on the UNHRC agenda the Southern Cameroon plight and causing a resolution to be adopted in favour of the SCNC.

We strongly appeal to the HRC to implement the Resolution with the utmost urgency it deserves by despatching the Special Rapporteur On the Promotion and Protection of the Right for Freedom of Opinion and Expression, to investigate the cases of the rampant arrests and unlawful detentions of SCNC activists in Cameroon.

Inspite of these provocations and violation of the rights of Southern Cameroonian people, the SCNC pledge to continue the pacific pursuit of the legitimate objectives assigned it by history until sovereignty and independence are restored for the suppressed oppressed and annexed people of our Fatherland.

Long live International Cooperation

Done at B’da this 30th Day of March, 2007


SCNC National Communication Secretary.

For and on behalf of the National chairman.





Convicted Fon Doh Issued Non-Conviction Certificate
Cameroon Peoples' Democratic Movement, CPDM, Central Committee members are in a state of confusion following Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin's obtention recently of a non-conviction c Is this young bride prepared for spinsterhood after only one year of marriage?ertificate. Fon Doh was convicted alongside 11 others by the Ngoketunjia High Court on April 12, 2006, for the murder of John Kohtem, Balikumbat SDF Chairman.

For Whom The Wedding Bells Toll…
Newly weds feel sometimes just like a judge who has never tried a case. But tall and dignified, with a clean-shaven head, practising Barrister Tanyi-Mbianyor Tabi, was prepared for the "Golden Prison". But the question remains; Is the young bride prepared for spinsterhood after only one year of marriage?




Shame File No:12

Name: Enow Brillian Ayuk

Aliases: The Kembong prostitute

Residence: Limbe

1972 - 2007

Enow Brillian Ayuk - Kembong Village, Manyu Division. The Obasinjoms oracle has come into effect with the onset of enexplained paralysis.

A Shame file report in the words of Manyu newsman, Soter Tarh.

Fellow Manyu Citizens,
A lot of tongues have been wagging recently over this issue of a Manyu Lady eloping with money and property belonging to an Australian - Mr Glenn Wilson. As a Manyu newsman who has an insight of most affairs affecting our great community, I did maintain a kind of deliberate silence as a policy of damage control. Today, I am compelled to take a position that will lead many Manyus to properly understand the Glenn Wilson and Enow Brillian saga.

For those who were brought up in Mamfe - the Chief town in Manyu division, we know Enow Brillian is the daughter to one Mr Ako Achale who worked with the Mamfe Rural Council as a Market Master for a long time until he retired. Her mother divorced the Dad and got married to the Late Hon.P.I.Enoh.  Brillian Enow consequently took up residence with her step Dad. As destiny would have it she was ordered to leave her stepfather's palace when she failed to meet up with the expectations of the Great Late Manyu citizen.

As earlier stated, Enow Brillian could not meet up with the moral code of conduct of the new set-up her Mum brought her into. Imagine that a young girl going to Form One in GHS Mamfe already had a track record on romance. No wonder, then that in 1987,Obasi Catherine Tiku (mother) & Enow Brillian Ayuk at the family compound - Kembong village. Obasi Catherine Tiku has sent a messenger to Bamenda seeking the toughest medicine man, to treat Brillian who is suffering paralysis. and for the first time in the history of GHS Mamfe, a young Form Two Students-Enow Brillian was expelled from the school after a four hours Disciplinary Council Hearing headed by Mrs Manyi Iyok Mbiwan. Madam Iyok, as Principal of GHS Mamfe, told a Morning Devotion how Brilliant stunned the Disciplinary Council Members by narrating how she had sex with four students during a school gala-the last one culminated to a fight with another female classmate over her lover-Boniface Njock who too had been dismissed from PSS Besongabang and had just spent three weeks in GHS Mamfe. Since 1987, I can tell that Enow Brilliant has never passed any examination. Therefore, it would be needless talking about her life at Union Comprehensive School Bacho-Akaegbe.

Brillian Enow Ayuk cannot be considered a true daughter of Manyu. From 1989, she was a prostitute; always seen around Church Street Limbe. With her funny love life she eventually gave birth to a child in Mamfe.
( exerpt by correspondent Soter Tarh )

Brillian you no cheat God oh mami
Brillian tif my money ye brothers
Join waiyo lawyers them for send me to jail.
You be take house and take my moto for nothing

 Kembong pros-ti-tute Na wa oh brothers (slow)
If you see kembong prostitute make you run oh
I say kembong prostitutes them na wa oh brothers (slow).

 Yesterday I was the mugu
Today French man na number 2
Before me i be na Cameroonians
Next time na your turn oh brother

 Kembong pros-ti-tute Na wa oh brothers (slow)
If you see kembong prostitute make you run oh
I say kembong prostitutes them na wa oh brothers (slow).

 Brillain you no go chop my money
My juju for broke you all like a leper sister
White man juju for take you this time
Brillian your days be numbered oh sister

 Kembong pros-ti-tute Na wa oh brothers (slow)
If you see kembong prostitute make you run oh
I say kembong prostitutes them na wa oh brothers (slow).


Shame File No:11

Name: Robert Agbor Toko

Residence: Limbe

1966 - 2006

Robert Agbor Toko.  16 June 1966 - 10 August 2006.

Robert Agbor Toko was well known in Limbe as the bagman (money collector) for Magistrate Ketuanze Jacobs crooked dealings. After Ketuanze Jacob failed to jail me on Friday the 10th of August, Agbor Toko was sent to SGBC bank 3 days later to make a false complaint against me and resulting in soldiers being mobilised outside the bank. Agbor Toko removed the false charges (3 pages) made by Enow Brillian Ayuk from State council building and despite several legal attempts these papers have never resurfaced. Some time later Agbor Toko was arrested and detained at Limbe judicial police over the false complaint he made at SGBC bank. He boasted Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob shed crocodile tears at Agbor Toko’s Cassava Farm wake, but hurriedly left the funeral procession when spectators ridiculed him as a “ Shameless thief”.to all that he could not be held and Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob would have him released. The following day (Sunday) he was illegally released by the Magistrate. Agbor Toko was intimately involved with most details surrounding the 419 carried out against me.

I bear Robert no ill will, in fact several times when there was a lot of pressure on this matter it seemed that he may have even testified on my behalf against those involved. I now know that this could never have happened as I’ve seen how easily magistrate Ketuanze Jacob controlled the Fako Appeal Court and I realize that Robert understood the absolute futility of my pursuit for justice. Knowing that I would never see justice, Robert didn’t fear to have several very candid conversations with me regarding the involvement Ketuanze Jacob, SGBC bank, Pauline Kono and Enow Brillian Ayuk.

The only post script I can think of to say about Roberts death is that now there is one less person alive who succumbed to the corruption that is Cameroon, and also that there must be a position vacant as Ketuanze Jacobs bagman.

More info on Robert Agbor Toko -        Robert Agbor Toko 13.08.2001

See yam see yam oh boy boy for lawyer,
Agbor-Toko na fey man for Ketuanze
He di waka di folli people oh say he know lawyer
God no di sleep oh my brother them.
Agbor-Toko was  boy boy for false lawyer

99 days for a thief one day for the owner
When God pick your number
You are on your way.
Then you will face your Maker.

 Agbor-Toko was a king of fraud
Now he will meet a king of Judgment.
I wonder what his excuse will be
For frauding all the people he did.
Agbor-Toko was  boy boy for false lawyer

 My friend time will come
Your day of reckoning will show
You may be a judge on earth
But there is a Judge in heaven
Agbor-Toko was  boy boy for false lawyer

 I have been telling you
Life does not end on earth
You are a stranger here
One day you will go back home
Now you are on your way home.
Agbor-Toko was  boy boy for false lawyer


Shame File No:10

Name: Ndoumbe Lottin

Residence: Douala

Aliases: SGBC na doki man

SGBC Manager - Ndoumbe Lottin.  Na doki man.

What sort of a bank involves itself in theft of customers money? What sort of Bank Manager involves himself in dubious criminal matters?

Nowhere in the world have I been greeted at a bank with a rifle pointed at my chest to deny me access to my account. At the scene of the gunplay. SGBC, Limbe SWPAt this point, the bank hierarchy in Paris, still dont see that this matter should be investigated though they were made aware several times, and most recently in April this year. Thats how corruption and these crooked managers survive, they ignore the crimes and connive with each other to cover their actions, rather than investigate and show they are a credible institution.

Early September 2001, Bank Manager Alexander Ndoumbe Lottin was offered 1,000,000cfa to divulge my  account details.
 13/09/01, during part of a High Court hearing in the SGBC Bank manager - Ndoumbe Lottin's office, my account details were made available to Barrister Eno Charles Agbor by an SGBC Bank staff member, (In front of 6 witnesses).

 S.G.B.C Manager Ndoumbe Lottin provided fraudulent legal documentation in this matter to the amount of 3,500,000 cfa. I remember well the advice he gave me; "That I should negotiate to keep some small portion of my savings and return to Australia". This is not quite what a customer might expect from a supposed reputable bank and is a common SGBC activity akin to extortion. Follow the  links below to read detailed information into the criminal actions of SGBC Manager (Douala), Ndoumbe Lottin.

 Letter to Societe Generale – April 2005        419 scandal at SGBC   


     S.G.B.C. Manager - Ndoumbe Lottin


Make wuna no tell me say Ndoumbe Lottin  nobi Satan
Lottin na Manager for SGBC wa
You must lookut when you take your money for that bank oh oh – wa
They go say you no get money oh oh – wa
When you complain they go call you police oh oh – wa

 Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa

 Lottin di make counterfit for customers money
Lottin di plan customers’ death
Lottin tell my lawyer say I don die
Lottin tell my lawyer say I di craze
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa

 Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa

 Lottin join my wife for tif my money
Lottin join Ketuanze for tif my money
Lottin join ye assistant for tif my money
Lottin na two head snake for your life
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa

 Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa


You must lookut when you take your money for that bank oh oh – wa


When you complain they go call you police oh oh – wa


 Lottin di make counterfit for customers money


Shame File No:9

Name: Justice J. F. Fonkwe

Residence: Buea

Aliases: Fonkwe lie man

Justice J.F Fonkwe. Fako Appeal Court Judge.

Without doubt, the Fako Appeal Court is one of Cameroon’s most corrupt institutions. It’s not necessary to go any further than to use its own documentation to prove that point.

Appeal Court Affidavits

Justice Fonkwe was one of three Judges who determined the removal of a High Court President, based on an imaginary witness. These Judge’s actions were displayed before the 12 Barristers & Lawyers who regularly attended the hearing. 

Appeal Court Chronology

These Judges should be immediately removed for their corrupt and unlawful conduct, but it seems that most have been promoted in some way.

 Foreigners and Cameroonians alike should be well advised to steer clear of this den of thieves and the Cameroon judiciary in general. The behaviours I saw in the courts was often no better than the thuggery of unintelligent and uneducated buffoons who were more concerned with juju and their own stomachs than anything that appeared to come from a civilised court. 

So that the matter is very clear, I accuse the three Appeal Court Judges who signed the ruling of being corrupt.
I also accuse Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob of corrupting the Appeal Court Judges.

Appeal Court Ruling

 I make these documents available for all to see the corruption and thievery that these judges participated in. Note that these same activities are promoted and rewarded by the countries ruling party, the CPDM and the President, Paul Biya.

Fako Appeal Court , Buea

Cameroon's Corrupt Judiciary! Cameroon’s Judiciary has become reduced to the status of a cheap “kerb-crawler,” doing the dirty work for the criminals!
Cameroon’s Judiciary has become reduced to the status of a cheap
“kerb-crawler,” doing the dirty work for the criminals!

Corrupt Judge: Justice Fokwe

 Early in the morning when you go for Buea court
Your life may end for good
Your life may end for bad
If badluck dey you, you meet Nana wichi man
Of badluck dey you meet Fonkwe lie man
Or Satan curse you, you meet Chibili Wichi mami

 Chorus (bend sikin rythym)
Chibili Chibili Nana Fonkwe Chibili 4X

 Fonkwe na learna boy 2 for tif
Fonkwe na learna boy 2 for tif
I di tif na weti wey Nana Chibili teacham
Fonkwe your mami nobi teach you say
Waka with bad pipeol go spoil your life.
You di take bribe for spoil pipo them case

 Chorus (bend sikin rythym)

 Chibili chibili Nana Fonkwe Chibili 4X


Media Link

Click here to view full size images of this final phase of Paul Biya's trial.

Click above to read  how Pauyl Biya’s internet trial has been followed by the Cameroon media.



Dear Paul

Hi, my name is Popol. I love to wear stupid hats and to steal your money.

Mr Biya,

Please take a bucket and pierce it with a knife several times so that its sides are filled with holes all around it. Then take another bucket and fill it with water. Pour this bucket of water into the bucket that has holes. Wait 10 mins and then tell me how much water is left in the bucket full of holes.

That amount of water is what is left for Cameroon after the thieves you carefully selected and appointed into the hierarchy have had their fill of the country's finances.

Everyone of some thinking capacity has diagnosed Cameroon's problems and pointed out corruption as the scourge of the nation. Yet President Biya ignores this crime, which his ministers and ambassadors commit unashamedly and in broad daylight, and instead insists on chasing shadows. He thinks he can fool the people and international community with simulations and 'hot air'. (Name and address withheld)

What is your total?              Bravo Paul!

How many people die on bad roads in Cameroon every year?
How many people die because they could not even get to the hospital?
How many people die because, they got to the hospital but no medicine, no equipment and even no doctor?
How many people die of joblessness, misery, no hopes etc?
How many take up the profession of prostitution, banditry etc as the only option and eventually die?

Think of how much money that has been siphoned by the CEO of the butchery (Cameroon) and his few friends that ought to have been used to create jobs, repair roads, build more hospitals, equip them etc.

If you have ever lost a family member because of any of the above, rest assured that, he or she was murdered. Use this formula to calculate: Total number of people Murdered by the CEO = Total number of people who died every year – 10% from natural causes X 23 years. What is your total?
(Name and address withheld)

23 Wasted Years
23 Years of suffering. What can Biya boast of in the field of sports in 23 years? No football stadium built by him etc.Pull the string in the Paul Biya Dictator Dolls back, to hear it repeat unpatriotic phrases over & over & over. Just like a real Dictator! In the field of education, YES HE ENCOURAGES BRAIN DRAIN because he does not like intellectuals. Those even recruited are even maltreated and dismissed. Take the example of researchers and teachers who were recruited and stayed for years without salary and finally they are dismissed.
23 years Cameroonians have not known justice and human rights or else such things will not happen. For 23 yrs Cameroon has been corrupt nation number one.
For 23 years the salaries of civil servants have been reduced by over 200% and prices of commodities increased by over 1000%. For 23 years, scholarship for students at all level has been scraped off. For 23 years almost all our embassies abroad have been closed down, e.g France embassy, which is now operating in somebodies apartment after the landlord chased them away. In Belgium and Spain the embassy is an eyesore. In Greece the embassy is operating in the sitting room of a Greek man so called honorary consul when we have so many Cameroonians to hold such post. In Britain, the embassy can’t pay its bills and is currently having some legal suits against it. In the US the corruption in the embassy has attracted the attention of FBI.
Look at our roads before Biya and the situation now. Wasteful 23 years, Mr Biya, kindly take stock and resign as Ahidjo did. (Name and address withheld)



Chantal's Beauty Tips.

Cameroon's 2nd 1st lady shares her secrets for looking good on all occasions!


Cameroon's 2nd 1st Lady offers up her beauty tips to readers of Hall of Shame newsletter.

     "Once again, I would like to thank Mr. Glenn for allowing me this column in his newsletter, to share my wide experience on beauty to the many readers. This time I’m going to tell you all about the importance of being white and how to do it on a budget. My techniques are bit more refined than in the early days when I would immerse myself in a bath of bleach for two hours daily, trying not to get bleach on my wigs was a nightmare. Since then I’ve had the good fortune to swap tips with my good friend Michael Jackson who as you all know is a leader in the skin-whitening department. So we tried them all; lotions, potions, injections, suppositories, pills & everything else that the doctor prescribed. The wear and tear on my body became too much (not that you can tell) and I finally settled into a regime of lotions.

Sometimes I try to get Paul to rub the lotion on me before bed, but he only gets a quarter of the way before he gets tired. The poor dear,….I’m not surprised he’s so tired, it really takes it out of him keeping track of our foreign bank accounts and investments. But he says he is putting it away for our retirement,….the sweet man. He even found a supplier of my whitening cream in Nigeria who sells it in 20 gallon drums. I’m not to sure about it though, after only three weeks of this new cream I’m not feeling all that well. There are boils appearing all over my body and my skin is a little raw and there was even blood in my stool. When I told Paul, he said I would be fine and to keep using the cream he got me. He even said he would bring his own doctor to see me, but apparently the doctor is very busy and won’t be able to come by for a month. Oh well,…at least I have Paul taking care of me. I never realized that being white was so much hard work. I’d better go now, I’m feeling sick again.
See you girls next time".

                                         Love Chantal     (Vice President of Cameroon) 


aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!   (Chantal's fan club)Next Editions Beauty Tips.
Everyone's favourite 2nd 1st Lady gives up her secrets in the “How to find a wealthy husband” department.  In an exclusive interview, Chantal confesses her attraction to money and the sacrifices she made to be able to put a little something in her purse each night, before striking it rich as the mistress of Cameroon’s President. Also for the first time, Chantal describes the tricks she played to hook her client,…er….husband, and end up as the 2nd 1st Lady of Cameroon. Chantal also describes the traumas of deciding which bank vault to raid before heading to Paris for a shopping spree, also how to survive the difficulties of marrying an impotent useless man. A riveting, must read interview – Exclusively to Hall of Shame Newsletter. ©




Observation from Cameroon

Quite sometime I've not checked my mails. Hope you ok. As you know elections are around the corner again. The fraud machinery is once more very active. How can we be free? It would appear the only way out is to dance around with evil.

My contribution to your request is prayers. Without God's intervention there shall never be social justice in Cameroon. Did you attend the reorganisation of the party in the USA? Can you imagine the government sponsoring delegations upon delegations into the Diaspora to organise party organs there? State money wasted yet Cameroonians go without food, drinking water and shelter. Civil Servants are traumatised, fraud and corruption everywhere? My therapy is prayers and civil education in NGO's.

Africa is like a goat with so many owners (several hundred tribes). Each owner thinks that the other is going to feed the goat and/or take it to greener pastures. But most of the time none is actually doing this job. Result: goat starves, catches aids and dies. And then all the owners get together for a funeral celebration with pomp and pageantry. The discussion between the so-called owners during this celebration centres on, "Is the imf/worldbank etc giving us a new goat?" Do you mean a new Africa?
(Name Removed)
(c) 2007


“Le Cameroun c’est le Cameroun”

Cynical African observers fed up with the terrible way they are governed tell a joke to explain why Asia has developed as Africa has slipped backwards. It goes like this: In the 1970s a young Asian and a young African go to a Western university together. They study and become firm friends before returning to their home countries to take up careers in their respective governments. Twenty years later the African decides to visit his old friend and catches a plane. The Asian is delighted to see him and proudly shows off his fine house, swimming pool and two flashy cars in the drive. The African is impressed and congratulates him. The Asian smiles and points out of the window to a huge highway in the distance. 'Can you see that road project?' he asks. He rubs his hands and winks before saying: 'Ten percent'.

The next year the Asian returns the visit. The African's house is twice as big as his. He has two pools and a fleet of cars and an army of servants. The Asian is amazed. 'But you have done better than me?' he cries. The African nods and points out of the window. The Asian looks and there is nothing but thick, unbroken African bush. The African winks and rubs his hands.
 '100 percent,' he says.



Investor’s Corner

Many Cameroonians who thought in 1982 that Biya would take them to the land of promise are yet to come to terms with the corruption, tribalism, and wastefulness of the Biya regime. Due to unemployment and frustration, many youths have become highway robbers. Security is almost non-existent in the country. It is very normal for thieves to mug ordinary people in broad daylight. In many cases, even the police are incapable of intervening. It is even alleged that the weapons the criminals use to terrorize ordinary citizens are arms that have been given to them by the police and, in some cases, with the knowledge of police bosses. Cameroon, once an oasis of peace, is today a country ruled by gangsters; gangsters who sometimes enjoy the support of top government officials.  (Opinion - name removed)

former General Manager of the Special Council Support Fund, FEICOM, Emmanuel-Gerard Ondo Ndong used shady deals to embezzle over FCFA 52 billion.

100 Ways to Pilfer a Public Corporation:
 Notes from the Trial of Gerard Ondo Ndong


Why Poor Countries Are Poor
The rot starts with government, but it afflicts the entire society. There's no point investing in a business because the government will not protect you against thieves. The rot starts with government, but it afflicts the entire society. There's no point investing in a business because the government will not protect you against thieves.(So you might as well become a thief yourself.) There's no point in paying your phone bill because no court can make you pay. (So there's no point being a phone company.) There's no point setting up an import business because the customs officers will be the ones to benefit. (So the customs office is under-funded and looks even harder for bribes.) There's no point getting an education because jobs are not handed out on merit. (And in any case, you can't borrow money for school fees because the bank can't collect on the loan.)

It is not news that corruption and perverse incentives matter. But perhaps it is news that the problem of twisted rules and institutions explains not just a little bit of the gap between Cameroon and rich countries but almost all of the gap. Countries like Cameroon fall far below their potential even considering their poor infrastructure, low investment, and minimal education. Worse, the web of corruption foils every effort to improve the infrastructure, attract investment, and raise educational standards.

A Nation Beyond Curing
She is like a festering tropical ulcer oozing a purulent discharge. What a desolate ruin; bribery taints the courts, graft and corruption dominate the civil service and hypocrisy tears the false churches springing on every hill in the nation, while infernal lying is a trademark of the state.


Cameroon's Governments Foreign Investment Opportunities! 

  Government Hotline!  Dial (237) 0419 419


A trip down memory lane!

July 2005


The Dangerous Fallouts Of UB Strike.

Special Report: The University Of Buea Crisis.

Meme Chiefs Want Killers Of UB Students Tried.

Trauma Centre Calls For Immediate Trial Of Students Killers.

Students at Buea Hospital

Next Newsletter.

In 3 months (or earlier if necessary) we shall be updating readers on the latest criminals to fall to the Obasinjom’s prophecy. We’ll be curious to see if anyone on the “Wall of Juju” confesses, and look forward to sharing with the readers the latest developments. I know there is one stunning surprise to be shared in the next newsletter, but it would be most inappropriate to share the info at this time.

There will also be reports on the trials and tribulations of the latest election, and all the fraud and corruption that will go with it.

“If everyday we are fighting for our justice & a better life, then the future is full of promise, like the dawn sun edging over the horizon, bringing the anticipation of all things new.”

All the best till then, Sessekou Glenn


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