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Edition No: 16             November / December  2006       

Hall of Shame Mission Statement

This site is dedicated to expose those shameful people who think they can lie, cheat, steal and violate the principles of basic humanity and remain anonymous. As you are aware, my involvement with Cameroon began through the glazed eyes of a tourist. After a sham marriage and the loss of my life savings to the corrupt judiciary, I now see the plight of Cameroonians through much clearer eyes. It is through fiercely protected anonymity, by those involved, that corruption heads down its unbending path. These are the same people sitting in the pew next to you in church on Sundays, who are stealing the food from your mouth and your children’s education on Mondays. I say, lets take a look at these people and let them enjoy the sleepless nights that they inflict upon others. Exposure of these peoples' acts of shame is the strongest tool to drive others away from these evil practices.

Is Cameroon so far down the toilet bowl of corruption that it is beyond help? I think not, but the fact that many wear their crimes as medals to their cleverness, and worse, that others aspire in the same way to achieve like goals is a mentality worthy of standing against.

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From The Editors Desk

The tireless work to expose corruption and alert the world to the Southen Cameroons struggle happens in offices all around the world.

Dear Fellow Corruption Haters,

     I’m never surprised by the mail that passes my desk each month, nor that the content of the mail changes very little. Cameroon Embassy stories keep popping up in shameful circumstances, usually at that very first point of contact for potential tourists. Also corruption stories abound, but without any possibility to investigate and charge the likes of Paul, Chantal & Frank Biya, Cameroon's anti-corruption farce continues. This month we also have some light entertainment for the boxing fans with a Heavyweight match organized between 2 of Fako’s finest Barristers. (Scroll down for the details).  A new feature at the bottom of the page is “Chantal’s Beauty Tips”. Check out the latest fashions tips from Cameroon's 2nd 1st lady!

A volume of mail has been received describing current Cameroon based 419’s. Want to buy a monkey?, perhaps a puppy, or maybe get that big contract? Just send some money through Western Union!  "Ha,…when will they learn?"  I’m tiring of the replies from people who’ve been scammed and actually think there is some rule of law or accountability in Cameroon. I try not to laugh, but how can they understand the extent to which the society is corrupted. Could they even believe that a person like Paul Biya exists?  “Not in real life”, they say!   I try to give them good information so they don’t get caught twice. Below are a couple of links you might like to view that contain well presented current information on scams and how to avoid them.

Scam Watch - How Scams Work!

International Financial Scams

My greetings to all, Sessekou Glenn.

Praise File # 9


Ayaba Cho Lucas,  Secretary General of the Southern Cameroon Youth League.

     Ayaba Cho Lucas was born in August, 1972, in the former German colonial reservoir - and later British failure - called Southern Cameroons. He studied chemistry in the university of Buea before his expulsion in 1995 for anti-government activities. He is currently Secretary General of the separatist movement, the Southern Cameroons Youth League (SCYL). He escaped arrest in the Cameroons in 1998, and now lives in Germany as a refugee.
Book Review  "NOT GUILTY" by Ayaba Cho Lucas

NOT GUILTY. We versus them, the experience of an African refugee. By Ayaba Cho Lucas.From the Inside Flap
Not Guilty is the journey of a black refugee through the complex and restrictive economic centre of fortress Europe as seen through the eyes of one person. It recounts my daring escape from the enemy’s seaport, spending thirty days in a ship loaded with stolen African timber, as I braved the banging and roaring waves of the Atlantic Ocean on my way into exile. Germany tried to break my will, discounted my dignity, and imprisoned me for sixteen days when I stood my ground seeking this illusion called freedom. The ship saved my life, but Germany took my dream hostage. Like millions of others who seek respite on this continent, I faced denigration from man-made laws. The instrument of oppression wasn’t limited to carefully crafted legislation like the residence obligation law. The German police, a relic of Hitler’s notorious Schutzstaffel (SS), are the most visible instrument of state oppression that refugees in general, and blacks in particular, have to face. This book relates the brutality of the German police and of the club wielding neo-Nazis angry for having lost the war. It analyses the fear and insecurity of the Europeans and the rage and brutality with which they continue to prey on their victims.

The Escape.
Read more about the Air France rescue of a Southern Cameroons deportee, the planning, fears and execution of a daring move that took 15 minutes getting me into Air France Boeing 737 and back out. Read more about this rich experience as an African refugee in a Country that holds we should be grateful for its racist and right oriented policies.
75 % of the proceeds of this book shall be put into the Southern Cameroons struggle.
Ayaba Cho Lucas - The Author, Not Guilty

Glenn's Book Review

       I purchased this book thinking I’d be reading a detailed story of tortures, Cameroon prisons, the victimisation of Southern Cameroonians at the hands of the Biya government and a nail biting escape. I quickly realised I’d misjudged when the opening chapter began with an escape plot in full swing. I wondered if the writer would digress through later chapters to his experiences as a Southern Cameroon Click here -  Southern Cameroons Youth League websiteactivist in the Republic of Cameroon. The honest & earthy prose took me on a journey that hopefully I will never take myself. Reading the story from cover to cover non-stop, I was in admiration of the human spirit and perseverance shown by the writer. I recommend this story as a must read to anyone who thinks refugees once landed in a foreign country have found their milk & honey, or to anyone thinking of taking the journey. What won me over most was the level headedness, courage and intelligence of the writer. Maybe there is hope for Cameroon in the future if this is a guide to the quality of the next generation. My rating - Required reading.

To Purchase a copy of “Not Guilty” through - Click here




Cameroon’s Paul Biya ranked one of the three worst tyrants in Africa!

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has been ranked one of the three worst dictators in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the world’s worst 20. Mr. Biya is ranked with only two others in sub-Saharan Africa: Robert Mugabe and King Mswati of Swaziland. The ranking appears in David Wallechnisky new book: Tyrants, the world's 20 worst living dictators, Regan Press, 2006, pp. 286-290. Mr. Wallechinsky a historian, has worked as a commentator for the America television network, the NBC and is author of several reference books. Wallechnisky describes Cameroon's electoral process in these terms:

          "Every few years, Biya stages an election to justify his continuing reign, but these elections have no credibility. In fact, Biya is credited with a creative innovation in the world of phoney elections. In 2004, annoyed by the criticisms of international vote-monitoring groups, he paid for his own set of international observers, six ex-U.S. congressmen, who certified his election as free and fair."

Since 2003, Wallechnisky has been writing an annual article for Parade magazine, ranking the 10 worst dictators currently in power. Now he has expanded the list and written a book on the subject, referred to above.

Cameroon’s Paul Biya ranked one of the three worst tyrants in Africa! Until the government allows for free and fair elections, the country will never get out of poverty.This classification comes in the wake of another publication ranking Cameroon among the five worst countries in the world in terms of governance, the other countries being Iraq, Chad, Somalia, Zimbabwe and Romania. The information is contained in a Governance Perception Index, a survey carried out at Harvard University led by Professor Robert Rotberg, of Kennedy School of Government and President, World Peace Foundation. Harvard is of the world’s best Universities. Transparency International ranked Cameroon one of the most corrupt countries in the world. The latest ranking puts Cameroon at number 138 out of 163 countries. Other credible reports by United Nations agencies, US State Department, Amnesty International and others carry similar evidence of the abysmal state of governance and human rights in Cameroon. Instead of dismissing all these evidence as fallacy or burying our heads in the sand in the hope that things will change, all those with a stake in the country need to wake up to reality and do something about it.

As Cameroon prepares for local elections next year, it is worth pointing out that until the government allows for free and fair elections, the country will never get out of poverty. Free and fair elections can only come about through an independent electoral management process in accordance with the Durban Declaration etc. The government has to realise that Cameroon’s present image of a badly governed state means it will always be difficult to attract appropriate and substantial external investment to create jobs and eradicate poverty. As
patriotic as anyone will like to be, it is almost impossible to mask the true state of affairs - the amount of credible information in the public domain pointing to our country’s lack of good governance is enormous and there is a
need for those in power to wake up to this by setting up a truly independent electoral commission and the rest will follow.

Sarli Sardou-Nana
Pro-Democracy Campaigner
Cameroon Campaign Group (UK)                      Biya Ranked Amongst World Worst Tyrants
November 16, 2006


My 2 Cents !


Kumba’s Quagmire!

I phoned a friend in Kumba recently, and asked him that usual question. “How’s Kumba”?

When will the thieving Cameroonian Ministers & contractors spend the allocated public funds on roadworks, instead up hiding the stolen money in foreign bank accounts?Before I finished asking the question I already knew the reply would be the same one I’d heard many times previously. “The roads are bad” came the reply, with more than a touch of frustration revealing itself in his voice. Having travelled to Kumba on several occasions myself, it wasn’t hard to visualize what my friend was talking about. With the rains comes the isolation from impassable roads. Even in the dry, the back wrenching and jolting that comes from any vehicle attempting to manoeuvre through endless potholes and ruts, must make even the most docile of passengers wish they could get their hands around the throat of one of those thieving ministers or contractors who’ve several times over stolen the monies to repair the road. The condition of transport routes in and out of Kumba are choking what was once a thriving city. Through it’s inability to trade, Kumba has turned into what today could best be described as a Wild-West town

The norm is that contracts are routinely inflated for personal gains, executed only in part, if at all.
What Cameroon needs most is the determination to prosecute those people caught stealing and mismanaging public funds. But with the people responsible for the prosecution of such criminals, being the one’s themselves involved in all facets of theft and corruption, Kumba’s population can continue to look forward to remaining locked up like prisoners by the glutinous mud that closes the roads each wet season.


Chantal Biya Foundation Adoption Scam

One of the most recent scams doing the rounds at the moment is an adoption scam using the Chantal Biya Foundation. Calling itself the “Mercy Family” and using the name “Nora Osbourne” as the Chantal Biya Foundation involved in baby adoption scam!representing attorneys, the scammers offer to adopt out Cameroonian children through the Chantal Biya Foundation. The catch is the demand for $700 to arrange papers for the adoption. How brazen these criminals are, preying on childless couples and quite happy to use the name of the 1st lady of Cameroon to facilitate this scam. Cameroonian authorities are aware of this scam, and hopefully with international pressure and Chantal Biya’s wish to protect her name, the criminals will be caught and a stop put to this callous scam


Buyer beware!

I have the impression some people like the torture of being scammed. Since I started this website I've had a great number of emails asking for help. These people have been ripped off with all type of scams…….buying monkeys, reptiles, orders for thousands of laptops, and phones. Oh!, and there were hundreds of people in Europe and USA ripped off by ‘buying’ live butterflies! How about studying the life cycle of butterflies!  Research where Cameroon is! And to sell computers they must have a French keyboard, and be loaded with Windows in French, and use the French voltage system.

Do you want to buy a monkey? Just send us $1000 via Western Union and we will put it in a box and sent it to you  DHL or EMS freight!Are people so dumb that they don’t realise live creatures must be carried in a pressurised cargo hold, and there are all sorts of regulations? – it’s a crime in most countries to trade in wildlife. There’s the complication of quarantine, vaccination, and freight, which is very expensive for live animals….a 7 hour flight for a horse/zebra/camel, costs $48,000 plus the quarantine and vaccinations.

So how can people ignore all the above, and the fact that they are committing a crime, and believe this can all happen for say $800- $1,000? Dumb and dumber sounds appropriate. And of course West Africa isn’t next door, a document costs up to $400 to send to Australia. Idiots beware, keep your money safe and forget the romantic idea of a monkey running around the house. In fact that would be very hard to control, if legal - do you take it to the movies with you? What about bed ? Does it attack your lover ? Is your name Michael Jackson?

Oh! and men, she doesn’t love you, she just wants your money, and is most likely a teenage boy working in a sweatshop internet café. …..Glenn.


Cameroon Embassies at it again!

There always seems to be a lot of monotonous talk from the Ministers, talking up tourism & investment. We all know it’s a load of hogwash, but what about the unsuspecting investor or tourist? Over the last couple of months I’ve received several complaints on the conduct of embassy staff. A recent flurry of mail concerning the UK Cameroon embassy caused me to investigate the allegations further. When the embassy is the first point of contact for most tourists or investors, any behaviour less than exemplary is damaging to the country.

When rCameroons notorious Washington Embassy is riddled with corruption allegations. It is a disgrace. Putrid stench, and sheer filth are what emanates from that office.eports come back, stating that the Ambassador in London is extremely rude and abrupt with potential customers and tourists, it is disheartening for Cameroonians who would like to see their country move ahead of it’s heavily tarnished image. The reports stated that the Ambassadors name was Josephine and the experience was common amongst UK tourists to Cameroon. When I investigated the website seeking the ambassadors full name and also following up reports of a sub standard website (remembering this is the Cameroon Embassy in London), my computer was attacked by viruses at every click of the mouse. Needless to say, after 3 clicks I backed out of there very quickly. Not in 4 years on the web have I come across such a shoddy website, and no, the ambassadors name was nowhere to be seen. We’ve already been over the dismal experience most people have had with the Washington embassy in the U.S. in previous newsletters.

When will Paul Biya see fit to put in place ambassadors who have a love for their country and not just the love of living outside Cameroon, while stuffing as much misappropriated money into their bank accounts as they can? Yes,…we all know the answer is “Not while Paul Biya is in power”. To all those Cameroonians who talk about national pride, what a shameful job your overseas government staff is doing for you.


Cameroon, Iraq Ranked Bottom In Governance
Cameroon has been ranked among five worst countries in the world in terms of governance. The other countries are Iraq, Chad, Somalia, Zimbabwe and Romania.


POST Newsmagazine


Click here to view POST Newsmagazine.
September 2006
  Click here to view POST newsmagazine.
October 2006

Southern Cameroons independence voices howl
Intimidating troop deployment in Anglophone provinces failed to stop activists from hoisting the Southern Cameroons flag in several locations. In Europe, demonstrators burned the flag of the Republic of Cameroon.

Media Link

Click here to view full size images of this final phase of Paul Biya's trial.

Click above to read  how Pauyl Biya’s internet trial has been followed by the Cameroon media.

Investor’s Corner

Corruption and bureaucratic bottlenecks scare away foreign investors from Cameroon.
Harsh Taxes Impede Business In Cameroon - World Bank

A report by the World Bank and the International Financial Corporation, IFC, says business instead waned in Cameroon in 2006. According to a survey of the report dubbed "Doing Business 2007" that was conducted in 175 countries in the world, Cameroon is ranked 152.

US Ambassador Says Corruption Scares Investors From Cameroon
US Ambassador to Cameroon H.E Niels Marquardt has said corruption and bureaucratic bottlenecks scare away foreign investors from Cameroon. Diagnosing the miasma in Cameroon's investment climate, Marquadt regretted that investors were running away from the country that is endowed with rich natural and human potentials to resource-poor countries like Benin, Madagascar, Mali, Rwanda and Burkina Faso because of corruption.

World Bank Study Finds Cameroon Risky For Business
A World Bank study known as "Doing Business Index," has ranked Cameroon as one of the countries with the riskiest environments to do business in the world.

National Survey Affirms Cameroon Is Risky For Business
A survey carried out recently across the country has portrayed CameroonCameroon is one of the countries with the riskiest environments to do business in the world. as a risky environment for business. Just like the World Bank survey, the business operators, according to Siaka, stated that the biggest problem responsible for the unconducive environment in the country is corruption.

Feymania Business Booming
Many inhabitants of Buea and its environs as far as Mutengene and Tiko; and Limbe, Kumba, Douala and Bamenda and other towns are familiar with the wave of burglary, armed robbery, waylaying and wanton hacking of people in the night.


A businessman starting a 300.000.000frs cfa venture in Cameroon is seriously mistaken, in ten years, his capital will deteriorate/wipe out to 100.000.000frs cfa. So where has 200.000.000frs cfa gone to? Why has the capital not doubled?

The capital of 200.000.000frs cfa will be sucked by the unregulated, uncontrolled financial structures of Cameroon's economy. The dubious tax inspectors, unaccounted custom regulations, inability to get credits locally, lack of a viable investment banking facility, poor infrastructure (roads, electricity, water, security) to push the business forward, and politicians monitoring his allegiance to favour or kill. If he is favoured after incurring such loss, rather than cut his losses and pull out, he will have to stay and follow the illegal, illicit practice of not paying taxes, supporting the system, becoming a jack of all trade, then suddenly he lands one of those ministry contracts raised his 200.000.000 frs cfa without doing the job properly. He's gone to Cameroon to do business and ended a contractor with no trace. Can you name just one viable small /medium size company, that does business in Cameroon obeying all the regulations and making a headway, that does not belong to somebody of the system?

The truth is the system eroded their capital. Cameroon is not an investment conscious economy, the system is not design for genuine investors. The Police Force is Cameroon is so robustly steeped in corruption, whatever structures are put in place could be brought to a standstill were they to meddle.
Asonagnyi Walter.

“If you do not belong, or have friends of the political class, don’t waste your capital”

Cameroon's Governments Foreign Investment Opportunities! 

  Government Hotline!  Dial (237) 0419 419

NEWS - November 2006 

Ondo Ndong Charged with Embezzling 29 Billion FCFA
This is just a tip of the iceberg. The truth is, there are billions of stolen funds from La Republique in offshore bank aformer General Manager of the Special Council Support Fund, FEICOM, Emmanuel-Gerard Ondo Ndong used shady deals to embezzle over FCFA 52 billion.ccounts and in major European banks. There are several young citizens of La Republique in strategic positions in that corrupt junta who are billionaires with millions of dollars and hidden investments in several other countries. Several ghost projects completed exist in files in different ministries. Funds for such projects have been diverted to individual pockets. Embezzlement of public funds is a culture of La Republique. (Readers comment)

Court Narrates Ondo Ndong’s Thieving Deals
Justice Marie Noah Ebella of the Mfoundi High Court, November 20, narrated the shady deals which the former General Manager of the Special Council Support Fund, FEICOM, Emmanuel-Gerard Ondo Ndong and some of his collaborators, used to embezzle over FCFA 52 billion.

Big Scandal In SW Court of Appeal: (scroll down)
*125 Exhibits In 141m FCFA Case Disappear!
*Registrar, Justice Ekoko Douala Suspected of Foul Play!
*Justice Minister Enters The Fray

Ex-Finance Minister Quizzed On FCFA 7.5 Billion Scam
As we went to press, we got news that the Yaounde State Counsel grilled former Minister and current CPDM MP for Mbam and Inoubou constituency, Hon. Booto à Ngon, for many hours on charges of embezzlement of public funds.
Ondo Ndong and Accomplices Charged with Embezzling 52 Billion FCFA   “WOW!!! What a bunch of dumb thieves!!!! How were they going to escape with 52 billion FCFA on such a road? Next time, remember to tar the roads first before attempting to transport 52 billion FCFA of embezzled money“.

Donga Mantung - Adamawa Bridge Collapses
The bridge linking Nwa Subdivision in Donga Mantung Division to Adamawa Province collapsed recently bringing untold hardship to businesses, tourists and other commuters.
The bridge was constructed just in 2001 at an estimated cost of FCFA 13 billion. We are embarrassed that the contractor who is unknown to us came from Yaounde and disappeared," Jinka said.

SDF Scribe Tells Tony Blair:Biya Regime Still Dictatorial, Corrupt
The Secretary General of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, Dr. Elizabeth Tamanjong has told British Premier, Tony Blair, that the Biya regime is still dictatorial, corrupt and reluctant to create an Independent Electoral Commission.


Ambazonians (Southern Cameroons) unite in their struggle for independence.


(Southern Cameroons)

SCNC To Attend Geneva UN Human Rights Council
Asked about the outcome of the case filed by Southern Cameroons movements at the African Commission on Political and Human Rights, otherwise known as the African Court, Ayamba said the verdict was being awaited and would come up in November or December this year.

Despite Troops Deployment: SCNC Activists Hoist Flags In Buea, B’da, Bui ...
In Buea, police pulled down a flag that was hoisted at the government practising primary school Molyko flagpole. The headmaster of the school, Chief Elongo Kombe, is said to have called the police who lowered the flag, but no arrests were made as the activists reportedly
Security forces have started arresting leaders of Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC.went unnoticed.

SCNC Officials Arrested
Ahead of this year's celebration of the Southern Cameroons Independence Day on October 1, security forces have started picking leaders of Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC.



Human Rights Issues

‘Save My Wife’ [A Snapshot of Cameroon's Health System]
YOKADOUMA, Cameroon: Prudence Lemokouno was lying motionless on a bed in the bleak hospital here, her stomach swelled with a fetus that had just died, her eyes occasionally flickering with fright but mostly dull and empty. Dr. Pascal Pipi, the lone doctor in the public hospital, said she had a few more hours to live, and then she would join the half-million women a year who die around the world in pregnancy and Protesters continue to raise awareness of Human Rights abuses in Cameroon.childbirth.

Suffocating Under The Completion Point
Cameroon's attainment of the completion point seems to have instead brought untold suffering to the downtrodden as the prices of basic goods, taxes, fuel and even food items have risen to cut-throat rates.

Wouri SDO Says Mob Justice Tarnishes Cameroon's Image
Wouri SDO, Bernard Atebede, has for the past days in Douala, been preaching hard against the rapidly rising wave of mob justice in Douala, saying it tarnishes Cameroon's image.
In the face of an alarming rise in crime wave in Douala, especially armed robbery and the inability of the police and gendarmerie to protect the population and their property, the population has resorted to a war against armed robbers, lynching those they succeed in laying hands on.

Fako Division Heavyweight Boxing tournament.

"The Battle of the Barristers"

Barrister Eno Charles "Belle for shit" Agbor - representing Fako Appeal Court.
Eno Charles         "Belle for shit" Agbor.

High Court Vs Appeal Court.  Free admission - Drinks served under the mango tree.

Barrister Charlie "Where's the bar?" Sone - representing Fako High Court.
         Barrister Charlie "Where's           the bar?" Sone.


Heavyweight Boxing match

Venue : Fako High/Appeal Court car park, Buea.

Date : 1st February 2007.

Free Admission - Drinks served under the Mango tree.

Referee - Justice Ekoko Douala.

Referees : Justice Ekoko Douala &

                         inJustice Morfaw Chibili

Referee - inJustice Morfaw Chibili.  Why doesn't she smile? Has she no teeth?

             Commentary supplied by “Hall of Shame newsletter”         in the Feb 1st edition of this newsletter.

       Read blow by blow descriptions of all 12-rounds in this epic heavyweight battle of the courts. Never before has such an unscrupulous court bared itself for all to see. In the High Court corner is Barrister Charley “Where’s the bar?” Sone, while his opponent in the Appeal Court corner is none other than the “Shame of the Southwest”, Barrister Eno Charles “Belle for Shit” Agbor. We’ll be dissecting all the tactics and manoeuvres employed in this battle to the death. Read about the devious and underhand methods used as both fight for the winner’s trophy in this no holds barred and no rules bout! (With plenty of blows below the belt!) Bring your witchdoctor, bring your juju’s, bring your doki, learn the art of “going behind” from the masters. A fun family day for all, and there will be a knockout, or two (or maybe 3?) Get all the details to this epic battle in the next newsletter. (Just sounds like business as usual in the Fako Courts to me!)

Big Scandal In SW Court of Appeal: (scroll down)
*125 Exhibits In 141m FCFA Case Disappear!
*Registrar, Justice Ekoko Douala Suspected of Foul Play!
*Justice Minister Enters The Fray


Your Say!

Get it off your chest!

YOUR SAY! Get it off your chest.


Saddam Hussein.

Love or Hate the man, he is a father and husband to his kids and wives. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The fate that befell Saddam was the making of the Christian religious right and red neck zombies in the West. The claim that he had WMD turns out to be phoney and yet we stay the course. His sons were killed like buffalos in the wild and yet they were paraded on TV like some twisted face dolls with blood stains. In Africa speaking ill of the death is considered disrespect to their souls, but the Husseins were no saints and neither was the Red neck that ordered the invasion of his country.

The "How can a man like Paul Biya be allowed to walk the earth? If Bush really needs Weapons of Mass Destruction, then he should look no further than Etoudi where Paul Biya is hiding".lesson of his down fall should serve as a warning to dictators around the world; and I hope that idiots like Paul Biya of Cameroun, Omar Bongo of Gabon, Umar El Bashir of Sudan not leaving out Robert Mugabe and the host of other tyrants will be on their guard.

In Cameroon, the genuine struggle by the English speaking Cameroonians for nationhood has been met with harassment, torture, intimidation, rape, extrajudicial killings, endless imprisonment, target killings and witch hunts. How can a man like Paul Biya be allowed to walk the earth? If Bush really needs Weapons of Mass Destruction, then he should look no further than Etoudi where Paul Biya is hiding. We have a Headache of State who orders his Gendarmes to kill innocent people during peaceful demonstration; arrest and imprisoned journalists for questioning his health; denies Amnesty International visas to visit Cameroonians jails; keeps concentration camps in the name of 'Kondengui maximum prison', blacklist folks for holding a different political ideology such as myself listed on the National Gazette; Appoints clansmen into cabinet positions; kill moslems for rising against him; is friends with the murderous Lamido of Rey Bouba and protects him from judicial inquiries; Invades and Occupies the Southern Cameroons; Kills Nigerian traders in Bakassi peninsular; Sell-out all the natural resources to the French and indebts every new born baby till the year 2090; destroy the natural habitat by planting a bomb in lake Nyos with catastrophic consequences; Denies his people a right of choice in leadership by rigging elections; and above all managing his country like a mercenary from France.

Saddam may be gone but there are worst leaders in the face of the earth. The copycats of Saddam will one day face the wrath of the people and I hope Paul Biya will be first in line. I spit on his name.

Shufai Mbinglo



Cameroon’s next President?

Dear Glenn, thank you for your excellent website exposing the shocking corruption in my homeland, Cameroon.

After living in Europe for some years, and enjoying living conditions that my fellow family and friends must think are fantasy - it’s not - I appreciate the opportunity to get the despair off my chest. We all remember better times, as university students at Yaounde and Douala, we could hire a hall, and party with French champagne at each term’s end."I’d strip all the gold nonsense out of the Disunity palace, remove the gun turrets, the absurd gold dipped Buckingham Palace gates (even the Queen of England, would be disgusted at the waste), melt down the gates, and recover the gold. Bulldoze the acres of wasteful fountains, sell the mountain of French champagne, and start a new phase". Now student’s parents struggle to pay basic fees, and many of the female students must prostitute themselves to help live and contribute to fees. What a way to have to face a potential career as say, a doctor. The dramatic changes around the world, leave only Cameroon and other tinpot regimes dragging behind. The answer of course is the shocking corruption, and always this starts at the top. Paul Biya and his clan, are acknowledged as the most corrupt people in the world. Former evil thugs like Marcos of the Philippines, again with a ridiculous wife, the absolutely terrible Mugabe who has destroyed a once wealthy Zimbabwe, and the ridiculous little fat king of Swaziland, are three worthy competitors for Biya’s title. It seems unbelievable that they don’t seem to understand that they are the laughing stock of the whole world. Mugabe can at least claim insanity from syphilis as his excuse.

I think of the terrible health regime in Cameroon where basic drugs could save so many. A friend on mine had lost most of his family, then his greatly loved little sister had a child at 22 years. She died in childbirth for the lack of an antibiotic needed to stop a virus. In the rest of the civilised world this would have brought an outcry, and an inquiry. To complain in Biya’s regime would have brought evil gendarmes to the door, and at least sound beatings.

Since arriving in Europe, I have written a story about a possible Cameroon, if I or another president, not chained down to the fascist military, or the apartheid riddled tribes, where a president could walk the streets, where resources were used for the benefit of the people. It isn’t unreasonable, that’s how westerners live- I know. I dream, I am president,

I would build a respectable residence, one other presidents use. The weakness of Africans is they rely on a show of money, not talent. Look at Biya, his wife probably spends more than the national health budget to try and become a white woman, and in the purchase of mad wigs.

After moving into the new sane residency,- the Prime Minister’s residence on the lake is adequate,- I’d strip all the gold nonsense out of the Disunity palace, remove the gun turrets, the absurd gold dipped Buckingham Palace gates (even the Queen of England, would be disgusted at the waste), melt down the gates, and recover the gold. Bulldoze the acres of wasteful fountains, sell the mountain of French champagne, and start a new phase.

The main buildings five stories, with working lifts, and guaranteed water and electricity, would become a public hospital; the huge sealed parking areas are more than adequate. The expensive outer buildings would be converted to outpatients surgeries, research laboratories, and the vast excessive land could support nurses quarters, and eventually new wards. Finally the building would inspire the people- with better health services for all. All could live in a safe area, even without the machine guns.

But it goes much further. There are another five or six palaces in the provinces, all maintained at vast expense, in case the great one should want to spend a night there. He never does, Cameroon is a small country, and home is never more than an hour or so away. This circus of insanity would end. The palaces would become regional hospitals with the head hospital in Yaounde providing support. Cameroon would, in my first years, become the shining light in providing health services to all the people of Cameroon, and the envy of all of Africa.

And of course real gains would be made against the endemic corruption. How can it possibly change until the tinpot dictator, and his cronies are thrown out? The underlings would quickly fall. I would however need to build new gaols, to accommodate them all. The new gaols would be constructed and operate under more humane conditions, rather than 12th century squalor. Paul would dwell in a small cell with the others. Madame would be sent to a woman’s prison, where she would no doubt pay the price for her disgusting waste of public funds, and for being a new black/ white woman. My dreams continue.

The dreamer.



Shame File No:10

Name: Ndoumbe Lottin

Residence: Douala

Aliases: SGBC na doki man

SGBC Manager - Ndoumbe Lottin.  Na doki man.

What sort of a bank involves itself in theft of customers money? What sort of Bank Manager involves himself in dubious criminal matters?

Nowhere in the world have I been greeted at a bank with a rifle pointed at my chest to deny me access to my account. At the scene of the gunplay. SGBC, Limbe SWPAt this point, the bank hierarchy in Paris, still dont see that this matter should be investigated though they were made aware several times, and most recently in April this year. Thats how corruption and these crooked managers survive, they ignore the crimes and connive with each other to cover their actions, rather than investigate and show they are a credible institution.

Early September 2001, Bank Manager Alexander Ndoumbe Lottin was offered 1,000,000cfa to divulge my  account details.
 13/09/01, during part of a High Court hearing in the SGBC Bank manager - Ndoumbe Lottin's office, my account details were made available to Barrister Eno Charles Agbor by an SGBC Bank staff member, (In front of 6 witnesses).

 S.G.B.C Manager Ndoumbe Lottin provided fraudulent legal documentation in this matter to the amount of 3,500,000 cfa. I remember well the advice he gave me; "That I should negotiate to keep some small portion of my savings and return to Australia". This is not quite what a customer might expect from a supposed reputable bank and is a common SGBC activity akin to extortion. Follow the  links below to read detailed information into the criminal actions of SGBC Manager (Douala), Ndoumbe Lottin.

 Letter to Societe Generale – April 2005        419 scandal at SGBC   


     S.G.B.C. Manager - Ndoumbe Lottin


Make wuna no tell me say Ndoumbe Lottin  nobi Satan
Lottin na Manager for SGBC wa
You must lookut when you take your money for that bank oh oh – wa
They go say you no get money oh oh – wa
When you complain they go call you police oh oh – wa

 Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa

 Lottin di make counterfit for customers money
Lottin di plan customers’ death
Lottin tell my lawyer say I don die
Lottin tell my lawyer say I di craze
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa

 Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa

 Lottin join my wife for tif my money
Lottin join Ketuanze for tif my money
Lottin join ye assistant for tif my money
Lottin na two head snake for your life
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa

 Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa


You must lookut when you take your money for that bank oh oh – wa


When you complain they go call you police oh oh – wa


 Lottin di make counterfit for customers money


Shame File No:9

Name: Justice J. F. Fonkwe

Residence: Buea

Aliases: Fonkwe lie man

Justice J.F Fonkwe. Fako Appeal Court Judge.

Without doubt, the Fako Appeal Court is one of Cameroon’s most corrupt institutions. It’s not necessary to go any further than to use its own documentation to prove that point.

Appeal Court Affidavits

Justice Fonkwe was one of three Judges who determined the removal of a High Court President, based on an imaginary witness. These Judge’s actions were displayed before the 12 Barristers & Lawyers who regularly attended the hearing. 

Appeal Court Chronology

These Judges should be immediately removed for their corrupt and unlawful conduct, but it seems that most have been promoted in some way.

 Foreigners and Cameroonians alike should be well advised to steer clear of this den of thieves and the Cameroon judiciary in general. The behaviours I saw in the courts was often no better than the thuggery of unintelligent and uneducated buffoons who were more concerned with juju and their own stomachs than anything that appeared to come from a civilised court. 

So that the matter is very clear, I accuse the three Appeal Court Judges who signed the ruling of being corrupt.
I also accuse Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob of corrupting the Appeal Court Judges.

Appeal Court Ruling

 I make these documents available for all to see the corruption and thievery that these judges participated in. Note that these same activities are promoted and rewarded by the countries ruling party, the CPDM and the President, Paul Biya.

Fako Appeal Court , Buea

Cameroon's Corrupt Judiciary!
Is This The World's Most Corrupt and Shameless Judiciary?

Corrupt Judge: Justice Fokwe

 Early in the morning when you go for Buea court
Your life may end for good
Your life may end for bad
If badluck dey you, you meet Nana wichi man
Of badluck dey you meet Fonkwe lie man
Or Satan curse you, you meet Chibili Wichi mami

 Chorus (bend sikin rythym)
Chibili Chibili Nana Fonkwe Chibili 4X

 Fonkwe na learna boy 2 for tif
Fonkwe na learna boy 2 for tif
I di tif na weti wey Nana Chibili teacham
Fonkwe your mami nobi teach you say
Waka with bad pipeol go spoil your life.
You di take bribe for spoil pipo them case

 Chorus (bend sikin rythym)

 Chibili chibili Nana Fonkwe Chibili 4X


Dear H.E. Paul Biya

Open Letter

Paul Biya before his “Divorce” to 1st lady Irene Biya. It is rumoured that Irene died of a massive headache!


Three Steps Backward.

Mr. President I write this letter to you as an anniversary present on the occasion of your 24 years as president of the Republic of Cameroon. I hope even in the tightness of your schedule, and the celebrations, you would be able to find the few minutes required to read through these lines, and appreciate the content.

Some 24 years ago, precisely on Thursday November 4, 1982, all Cameroonians including yourself, were surprised when your predecessor and Cameroon’s first president Ahmadou Ahidjo resigned from his post and unilaterally designated you as his successor. You inherited a strong economy based on agriculture with a very low debt burden. A modest Civil Service, paying decent salaries; a morally upright society. A rationalized development plan and an infrastructure network that was set gradually to link up the country. .

As a keen observer of the evolution of the life of this triangle called Cameroon within the last "Mr. President power drunken and absolute drunken power. Cameroon is now known to be one of the most corrupt nations in the world. The spectre of feymania hangs dangerously above us."twenty-four years, one can summarise your stewardship as president of the Republic without fear of contradiction in the following six words: “one step forward, three steps backwards”.

With regards to morals and ethics you raised the hopes of Cameroonians owing to your highly Christian background. Your father was a Catechist and you a seminarian. You even used some of Moliere’s finest words in your “Bible” – Communal Liberalism to explain your doctrine of ‘rigour and moralisation’. But twenty-four years down the road, most of your actions have been a complete embarrassment. Even the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Cameroon led by the outspoken Archbishop of Douala Christian Cardinal Tumi has found it difficult to reconcile your Christian past with the mess that characterizes your government.

Cameroon is now known to be one of the most corrupt nations in the world. The spectre of feymania hangs dangerously above us.

For these twenty-four years, what have you done with the economy of Cameroon. All the companies that made up the fabric of our economy have been dilapidated in the most despicable manner by your people who still go around unpunished. A series of top banks; SCB, Credit Agricole, Meridien BIAO, Cameroon Bank, etc. companies like AMACAM, SOCATOUR, SOTUC, CELLUCAM, all went down the drain. A manager of the defunct SCB – Robert Messi Messi who fled to Canada accused your family of crippling the bank when he stated in an explosive interview in Jeune Afrique Economie that “ the president was constructing a palace in Mvomeka’a…. and for the financing I (bank manager) was in direct relationship with Madam Jeanne Irene Biya, who was summoning me regularly at the presidency in Yaounde… the payment of the first instalment of CFA 1.250 million…”.

Because of the tough times in Cameroon, thousands of Cameroonians are running away, some even take the risk of doing the shameful trekking through the Sahara desert to seek refuge in Europe and other countries because of their inability to make ends meet in Cameroon.

Mr. President as you celebrate these twenty-four years in power we cannot forget the Moslem land offered by late Andre Fouda for the construction of a Mosque but which you grabbed. There is no doubt that these acts of brazen delinquency have contributed to the economic malaise that our people have suffered for these long years leading to multiple salary cuts of up to 70 percent, pushing Cameroon from a prosperous middle income country to the disgraceful highly indebted poor country status. Mr. President, we hope that as you celebrate your twenty-four years of power you recall this unfortunate past.

Douala is the Economic life wire of Cameroon, but Mr. President I challenge you to come and drive one of your limousines from Bonaberi through the Old road or through the commercial area known as ‘Douche’, or even to the Bassa industrial zone where companies like Guinness operate their businesses and pay taxes to the state. Wouldn’t it be interesting for your car to be pushed every after 10 metres? There are several other road networks in Cameroon that have suffered complete degradation. I am thinking notably the Kumba Mamfe –road, the Bamenda Ring Road, the entire network of the East Province, etc.

Beginning 1990, hundreds of demonstrators were killed simply because of their call for change. Anglophones have been targeted and killed in some of the most gruesome human rights abuses known to mankind. Many are in prison because of their political beliefs. Nine young men were arrested in Bepanda and are alleged to have been burnt to death with acid, and this you know. The clergy have been targeted and killed, and Mr. President do we need to remind you here that the motives for these assassinations will become subject for debate when you will finally leave power?

Mr. President we can keep on writing and writing. After twenty –four years and another five remaining, you seem not to be satisfied as all indications suggest that you will seek another seven years despite constitutional wedges to finally total thirty six years in power. Mr. President power drunken and absolute power drunken absolutely. What you’ve not been able to achieve in twenty-four years will never be obtained in nine years.

Contemporary history of most African leaders teaches us a lesson and I hope you’re fully aware that with your record, any attempt to prolong your stay in power will only complicate matters for you.

For the last fifteen years, you have built a family-a beautiful wife, plus children, Paul Biya Junior, Brenda Eyenga and of course Frank. It is high time you take your retirement. Go and enjoy with them. Mr. President can you predict what will happen to these innocent souls if you were to leave power by force?

They will harvest only what you would have sowed.



Chantal's Beauty Tips.

Cameroon's 2nd 1st lady shares her secrets for looking good on all occasions!

Cameroon's 2nd 1st Lady offers up her beauty tips to readers of Hall of Shame newsletter.


     "First I would like to thank Mr. Glenn for allowing me this column in his newsletter, to share my wide experience on beauty to the many readers. The most important beauty tip to start with is hair,…Big Big hair,....and lots of it. I’ve set out below, my seven day plan to staying fashionably stunning for the whole week. Begin the week with some of the smaller wigs. It’s OK if you add a bit of colour (white is my favourite – it matches my skin), during the early days of the week. By the middle of the week it’s really time to express yourself, and that means big and beautiful. By the weekend it’s time to really splash out and show your outer beauty, while saving the best for Sunday. You can even get a bit zany and use bright colours like my fabulous blood red wig. Hmm,….it reminds me of the stain on the floor left by Paul's first wife, the 1st 1st lady, how rude of her to die inside the palace.  Speaking of Paul, where is the scoundrel? I sent him to the bank hours ago to empty the vault for our trip to Paris. There’ll be no loving for Paul in Paris, if he doesn't top up my holiday spending account, oops,…I mean the Chantal Biya Foundation".

"Ladies, a couple more tips before I go. Use your wig to hide things from your husband. I always play safe by putting my bullet proof skull cap on underneath, just in case Paul gets a bit frisky. And girls,….use your wig to hide your condoms for your boyfriends & clients, errrr…..I mean husband. Speaking of Paul, where is that useless bastard. You have to be careful girls, you know you can’t trust a Beti to send to the bank. Oh, I can hear the motorcade coming now. I’d better go and fluff up my wig. See you girls next time".

                                                Love Chantal     (Vice President of Cameroon)


Monday – Start the week making only a small statement with your wig selection.

Tuesday – Use a bit of colour. White is my favourite, it’s the colour of my skin.
Wednesday - Middle of the week. Be thinking about cutting loose with your fashion statement as the weekend nears.
Thursday – My favourite blood red wig, big and beautiful, just like me.
Friday  -  Big, bigger, biggest. Don’t be afraid to share your outer beauty . Make yourself stand out in the crowd.
Saturday –  Big & bold. Paul can always find me at the reception when I’ve got this favourite on.

Sunday – A day full of Godliness, and don’t I get closer to the heavens in this stunning extravaganza of beauty.



Next Editions Beauty Tips.
Everyone's favourite 2nd 1st Lady gives up her secrets in the skin whitening department.  In an exclusive interview, Chantal confesses her attraction to Michael Jackson and failures to get Paul to change colour. Also where to buy those magical skin lightening lotions in bulk, saving the well built beautiful woman enough money to keep an extra boyfriend on the side.

Yearning to Be White
Many women are using body lotions to bleach their bodies in an apparent misconception that men find lighter skinned women more attractive. These women may be ignorantly inviting health complications and even death.

The second wives of African leaders.
"The 2nd first lady that Biya has taken as wife is a blunder. It is important to know that, the lady who now looks as though she has been force fed, had a very miserable record and background, she should be made to issue public statements apologising for her unnatural, not to say unattractive, hairstyles."
The worse blunder or marriage of an African leader to a second wife is that of Cameroon’s President Paul Biya to Chantal Vigoroux. When Irene died, Biya had to remarry the one who is the first lady of Cameroon today. She is by name Chantal Biya nee Chantal Vigoroux. But in other to perceive how and why the first lady that Biya has taken as wife is a blunder, it is important to know that, the lady who now looks as though she has been force fed, had a very miserable record and background. Hence she wants to revenge and in her sinister adventure, any person who does not dance to her tune has to lie down or run for his/her dear life.
(Click on this link and scroll down to read complete article)

Next Months Newsletter.

For the remainder of 2006 I shall be finalizing the writing of my own personal story, as well as collating a volume on 419’s suffered by other foreign investors since 2002. These scams include a wide variety, involving from small time phishing to complex scams involving the highest levels of government and the CPDM party.

The next edition of the newsletter shall be distributed on the 1st of February 2007.  Not to be missed is the epic boxing match at the Fako High Court grounds. It guarantees to be a real eye opener to anyone not yet familiar with the way the justice system in Cameroon operates and how justice is dispensed amid the murkiness of corruption. Courtroom drama at it’s best!  Plus all the regular newsletter features will be back, including some more of Chantal’s beauty tips.

Well that takes us to the end of another year. 2007 promises to be the year in which a lot of previous research and efforts in various areas, begin to bear fruit in the fight to draw attention to the heinous crimes Merry Christmas and a Happy New Yearcommitted by the Biya government and it’s cohorts. But that’s next year, full of promise, like the dawn sun edging over the horizon, bringing the anticipation of all things new.

Till then, my best wishes to you all. Have a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

All the best, Sessekou Glenn



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