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Edition No:14     August 2006         S.G.B.C Bank Trial (II)

Hall of Shame Mission Statement

This site is dedicated to expose those shameful people who think they can lie, cheat, steal and violate the principles of basic humanity and remain anonymous. As you are aware, my involvement with Cameroon began through the glazed eyes of a tourist. After a sham marriage and the loss of my life savings to the corrupt judiciary, I now see the plight of Cameroonians through much clearer eyes. It is through fiercely protected anonymity, by those involved, that corruption heads down its unbending path. These are the same people sitting in the pew next to you in church on Sundays, who are stealing the food from your mouth and your children’s education on Mondays. I say, lets take a look at these people and let them enjoy the sleepless nights that they inflict upon others. Exposure of these peoples' acts of shame is the strongest tool to drive others away from these evil practices.

Is Cameroon so far down the toilet bowl of corruption that it is beyond help? I think not, but the fact that many wear their crimes as medals to their cleverness, and worse, that others aspire in the same way to achieve like goals is a mentality worthy of standing against.

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Hall of Shame - Monthly newsletter

The next edition will be published on the 1st of  September 2006 and shall continue to arrive on the 1st of the month thereafter. If you wish to subscribe you can reply to and write SUBSCRIBE in the subject box. Each month once the newsletter is loaded onto the site you shall receive in your email inbox, a link to take you to the newsletter.

Please feel free to send your own corruption or injustice stories. Each month contributions highlighting the difficulties of those that may not have found the means to voice their issues will be considered. Of course I would need to check story validity depending on its contents, but we won’t be shying away from what needs to be said. Consider this your newsletter and within reason there shall be no censorship. Photos can be published also, if they enhance your tale. It's early days and may take a couple of editions to get into the flow of things, but no target is too big. My philosophy is fairly simple “A thief is a thief”. I don’t discriminate on age, colour, race or sex. I do request that you use this forum for the purpose it is intended. Thanks.

From The Editors Desk

Here's my little office, where I patiently keep working towards getting my slice of justice.

Dear Fellow Corruption Haters,

           For those of you in the sweltering heat in Europe or the US at the moment, sit back, grab a cold beer and enjoy our "Best of Popaul" section this month. There were so many funny Popaul moments over the last 13 editions that we've chosen to divide them into 2 portions.  Part 1, this month, with plenty left over to serve it up again next month.
My thanks to the avid newsletter readers and correspondents who sent me some lovely morsels of information this month. We've successfully completed the first parts of the SGBC & Societe Generale Trial and are quite pleased with the voting. (Scroll down) This speaks volumes for the difficulties that anyone can have with these banking institutions. The newsletter was heavily distributed to newspapers throughout France during the month and we look forward to any correspondence this initiates.

           Please accept my apologies that the newsletter is a few days late this month (again). I’ll do my best to see it's delivered more punctually in the future.   My plate seems to be always full, but sadly not with food or money.      I hope you like the new "Editors desk" photo. A friend suggested that I should personalize it a little bit (at least with a body).

My greetings to all, till next month.

All the best,  Glenn

All the underlined writing in this colour  (throughout the newsletter) are links to further information & articles.                Click on these links to view the articles.

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"The Verdict"
Hall of Shame Supreme Court

Hall of shame Supreme Court Emblem




     S.G.B.C.  BANK.........................RESPONDENTS              S
OCIETE GENERALE (FRANCE)                                        


Take notice that the Court shall moved on the forenoon or soon thereafter on behalf of the people of Cameroon for the following crimes; Theft, Conspiracy to Defraud, Embezzlement & Perjury.


(I ) The court has received an enormous amount of witness testimony from a variety of sources. These outline a wide range of crimes for which this court holds jurisdiction to hear the matter as it so chooses.

(II) The court made available to the Public (The Jury) the means for the participation of a free and fair voting procedure. Independent scrutiny has declared that no irregularities surfaced in the process and the tally of votes is a true indication of the Publics choice in this trial.

(III) At close of voting on midnight 28th July 2006, the court had received the votes as declared below;

GUILTY - 1807 votes.


INNOCENT -  6 votes.

SGBC & Societe Generale are declared guilty by over 99.5% of voting jurors!


(1) That S.G.B.C. & Societe Generale Officers conspired to defraud and steal from customers.

(2) That S.G.B.C. & Societe Generale Officers conspired to mislead enquiries into their criminal actions.

(3) That S.G.B.C. & Societe Generale Officers have a lengthy history of complicity in fraudulent activities.

(4) That S.G.B.C. & Societe Generale Officers have refused to conduct proper internal enquiries into criminal matter involving their staff.

(IV) The Hall of Shame Supreme Court declares that the jury has returned a vote of over 99.5% in favour of the guilty verdict. This Court declares without exception, the guilt of SGBC & Societe Generale in all counts of the crimes listed above.

SENTENCINGSupreme Court declares that the jury has returned a vote of over 99.5% in favour of the guilty verdict.

(I) The Higher Judicial Council of the Hall of Shame Supreme Court, has in it’s infinite wisdom declared that the punishment to be meted out to the criminal Institutions be deliberated on for a period of 28 days to select the just & fair sentence. The sentence shall be made public in the September edition of Hall Of Shame newsletter.



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Supreme Court - Case # 3

Defendant: Mamfe Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob

Charges: Theft, Conspiracy, Fraud and Corruption

Hearing Date: T.B.A.
All testimonies to be made public on this day.

Ruling & Sentencing Date: T.B.A.
Ruling and sentence to be delivered, as per public jury.

Collection of Testimonies: All testimonies shall be accepted and the witnesses shall remain totally anonymous. Any testimony covering matters outside the main charges shall be accepted and incorporated into the information made public on the hearing date.

Testimonies to be sent to:


Trial #3   Defendant - Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob.
Trial #3
Trial #4   Defendant - Justice Lebong Morfaw Chibili
High Court Judge
Trial #4
Trial #5   Defendant - Barrister Eno Charles Agbor (Buea)
Trial #5


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My 2 Cents !

   Is the Commonwealth just plain common?

Having spent my life in a Commonwealth country (Australia), I’ve always felt there was some sort of comforting bond that we shared with the countries we’d meet every four years at the Commonwealth games. A kinship you could almost touch, something that merged borders and cultures in a spirit of oneness. This was the warmth that I was born and bred on, growing up under the commonwealth umbrella.

So it shouldn’t be Commonwealth logo.surprising that I felt some connection with Cameroon as I travelled through the country. I was well aware this was a Commonwealth country, not to mention that only six months before Cameroon won the gold medal in football at the Sydney Olympics. As an Australian I was well received in all areas of Cameroon as I travelled the country as a tourist (January 2001).

The five years that have since passed, leave me with a very different impression of the Commonwealth “umbrella”.  I wasn’t asking much of Cameroon in 2001, after I survived being poisoned and awakened to the realisation of the horrendous fraud perpetrated against me. I just asked for what belonged to me to be returned and to be able to leave the country. Well, wasn’t I given a lesson in Commonwealth kinship. I’m not here to go into my issues this time, but several years of research leave me wondering why on earth Cameroon was given admission to the Commonwealth. This is a country controlled by a French backed dictator who has spent the past 20 years victimizing the Anglophone citizens of Southern Cameroons. This previous British Trust Territory (Cameroon’s ticket to the Commonwealth) has had it’s infrastructure destroyed and resources stolen by the Francophone dictator who with his government is busy embezzling the countries wealth and depositing it in foreign bank accounts

So, there’s at least a couple of million (Northwest & Southwest province of Cameroon) citizens in Cameroon who don’t wake up to the warm and fuzzy feeling of belonging to the commonwealth, (they’re the ones who speak English) but waken to the cries as family members are dragged away to jail for asking not to be treated as second class citizens.Map of Commonwealth countries.

Anyone studying the debacle that is Southern Cameroons history, could see that the Commonwealth should hang it’s head in shame for lack of moral fortitude (backbone) in dealing with the British Trust Territory issue. Even recently it appears that the Commonwealth has decided to wash it’s hands of the Southern Cameroons issue. I hope they use plenty of soap to wash the dirt off their hand from handling their small money. (Francs) There’s no more warm and fuzzy feelings here, it seems as though the Commonwealth is all a bit to worried about the wealth rather than the common.

I wonder if any of the Cameroon athletes who absconded after the recent commonwealth games in Melbourne could speak English? Maybe we can hold the next Commonwealth games in France?  Well,….It would be convenient, just a quick trip through the chunnel!

That's my 2 cents.

The British Betrayed Us
In response to the numerous petitions and demonstrations carried out in front of the British Embassy in Brussels by members of the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, in Belgium, the British government, through the African and Commonwealth, office wrote to the SCNC distancing herself from the Southern Cameroons problem.
And now because of British betrayal Southern Cameroonians continue to suffer. La République arrests and detains SCNC militants fighting for their emancipation at will and with impunity. Recently 10 SCNC activists who had been detained for years were transferred to Bamenda, among them very old men - Philip Tete, 69, Simon Ngek Kwei, 62.

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Shame File No:10

Name: Ndoumbe Lottin

Residence: Douala

Aliases: SGBC na doki man

SGBC Manager - Ndoumbe Lottin.  Na doki man.

What sort of a bank involves itself in theft of customers money? What sort of Bank Manager involves himself in dubious criminal matters?

Nowhere in the world have I been greeted at a bank with a rifle pointed at my chest to deny me access to my account. At the scene of the gunplay. SGBC, Limbe SWPAt this point, the bank hierarchy in Paris, still dont see that this matter should be investigated though they were made aware several times, and most recently in April this year. Thats how corruption and these crooked managers survive, they ignore the crimes and connive with each other to cover their actions, rather than investigate and show they are a credible institution.

Early September 2001, Bank Manager Alexander Ndoumbe Lottin was offered 1,000,000cfa to divulge my  account details.
 13/09/01, during part of a High Court hearing in the SGBC Bank manager - Ndoumbe Lottin's office, my account details were made available to Barrister Eno Charles Agbor by an SGBC Bank staff member, (In front of 6 witnesses).

 S.G.B.C Manager Ndoumbe Lottin provided fraudulent legal documentation in this matter to the amount of 3,500,000 cfa. I remember well the advice he gave me; "That I should negotiate to keep some small portion of my savings and return to Australia". This is not quite what a customer might expect from a supposed reputable bank and is a common SGBC activity akin to extortion. Follow the  links below to read detailed information into the criminal actions of SGBC Manager (Douala), Ndoumbe Lottin.

 Letter to Societe Generale – April 2005        419 scandal at SGBC   


     S.G.B.C. Manager - Ndoumbe Lottin


Make wuna no tell me say Ndoumbe Lottin  nobi Satan
Lottin na Manager for SGBC wa
You must lookut when you take your money for that bank oh oh – wa
They go say you no get money oh oh – wa
When you complain they go call you police oh oh – wa

 Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa

 Lottin di make counterfit for customers money
Lottin di plan customers’ death
Lottin tell my lawyer say I don die
Lottin tell my lawyer say I di craze
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa

 Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa

 Lottin join my wife for tif my money
Lottin join Ketuanze for tif my money
Lottin join ye assistant for tif my money
Lottin na two head snake for your life
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa

 Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Eehh Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa
Yeyeye Ndoumbe Lottin waiyo papa


You must lookut when you take your money for that bank oh oh – wa


When you complain they go call you police oh oh – wa


 Lottin di make counterfit for customers money


Shame File No:9

Name: Justice J. F. Fonkwe

Residence: Buea

Aliases: Fonkwe lie man

Justice J.F Fonkwe. Fako Appeal Court Judge.

Without doubt, the Fako Appeal Court is one of Cameroon’s most corrupt institutions. It’s not necessary to go any further than to use its own documentation to prove that point.

Appeal Court Affidavits

Justice Fonkwe was one of three Judges who determined the removal of a High Court President, based on an imaginary witness. These Judge’s actions were displayed before the 12 Barristers & Lawyers who regularly attended the hearing. 

Appeal Court Chronology

These Judges should be immediately removed for their corrupt and unlawful conduct, but it seems that most have been promoted in some way.

 Foreigners and Cameroonians alike should be well advised to steer clear of this den of thieves and the Cameroon judiciary in general. The behaviours I saw in the courts was often no better than the thuggery of unintelligent and uneducated buffoons who were more concerned with juju and their own stomachs than anything that appeared to come from a civilised court. 

So that the matter is very clear, I accuse the three Appeal Court Judges who signed the ruling of being corrupt.
I also accuse Magistrate Ketuanze Jacob of corrupting the Appeal Court Judges.

Appeal Court Ruling

 I make these documents available for all to see the corruption and thievery that these judges participated in. Note that these same activities are promoted and rewarded by the countries ruling party, the CPDM and the President, Paul Biya.

Fako Appeal Court , Buea

Cameroon's Corrupt Judiciary!
Is This The World's Most Corrupt and Shameless Judiciary?

Corrupt Judge: Justice Fokwe

 Early in the morning when you go for Buea court
Your life may end for good
Your life may end for bad
If badluck dey you, you meet Nana wichi man
Of badluck dey you meet Fonkwe lie man
Or Satan curse you, you meet Chibili Wichi mami

 Chorus (bend sikin rythym)
Chibili Chibili Nana Fonkwe Chibili 4X

 Fonkwe na learna boy 2 for tif
Fonkwe na learna boy 2 for tif
I di tif na weti wey Nana Chibili teacham
Fonkwe your mami nobi teach you say
Waka with bad pipeol go spoil your life.
You di take bribe for spoil pipo them case

 Chorus (bend sikin rythym)

 Chibili chibili Nana Fonkwe Chibili 4X
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Media Link

Click here to view full size images of this final phase of Paul Biya's trial.

Click above to read  how Pauyl Biya’s internet trial has been followed by the Cameroon media.

NEWS - August 2006 

Former CTE GM Burnt To Ashes In Suspect Circumstances
But for traces of his backbone, spine, skull, sternum and thighbones, the remains of Mahatma Alamine Mey, former General Manager of Cameroon Tea Estate, CTE, were CTE workers with placards calling on the authorities to save their souls. reduced to ashes by a fire, on Thursday, June 29.

CTE Tole Crisis: Gov't Fails To Honour Promise
“We live as if we are refugees in our own country. We are about 1300 workers and our dependants, that is, about 2000 are abandoned to ourselves and nobody bothers. They think they can go free with this treatment. No, they will not. If the government does not respond, we will put our hands together and take action," he warned.

CTE Tole Workers Besiege CDC Head Office
Marooned workers of the Tole Tea Plantation near Buea in the early hours of Wednesday, July 26, besieged the head office of the Cameroon Development Corporation, CDC, in Bota Limbe.

Living With Bandits, Feymen And Prostitutes In Bamenda
This is not Bamenda. The once serene, secure and decent headquarters of the Northwest Province, admired for its beauty and hospitality, is fast becoming a "the Devil's Island"; insecurity, feymania, prostitution and banditry have taken the town hostage. An angry mob June 28 burnt one George Foncham Ngati to death at Nitob II, Azire, Mankon, Bamenda, for allegedly stealing a blending machine

Mob Burns Thief To Death
An angry mob June 28 burnt one George Foncham Ngati to death at Nitob II, Azire, Mankon, Bamenda, for allegedly stealing a blending machine.The theft victim told The Post that it was the sixth time bandits were invading her home.

Mob Kills Suspect Robber, Others Arrested
An angry mob from the Kie neighbourhood in Limbe beat a suspect armed robber, David Nubila Tita Jela, to death in the early hours of Friday, July 7. The people of Kie came out to help the police and in the course of their intervention, Nubila fell into their hands and was beaten to the point of death. The police rescued Nubila but he died as he was being taken to the police station in Limbe.

Multi-Stakeholders Indict Gov't For Unsustainable Forest Management
The unsustainable mass exploitation of forests and environmental resources by some individuals and the Cameroon government has irked multi-stakeholders, who have prescribed that for every tree cut, two or more must be planted.The mudslide that killed four people in Bonduma, Buea July 18, could have been averted if the people had respected building regulations.

Mayor Blames Mudslide On Poor Construction Habits
The Mayor of Buea Rural Council, Charles Mbella Moki, believes the mudslide that killed four people in Bonduma, Buea July 18, could have been averted if the people had respected building regulations.

Bandits Attack Credit Union In Daylight
Four bandits on motorcycles, July 13, attacked the Credit Union Savings and Loans Cooperative, Kumba Town, making away with a huge sum of money. The bandits arrived at the bank at 9 am, parked their motorcycles outside and held both customers and workers in the bank at gunpoint.

Villagers Rebel Against SNEC, Mobilise To Storm Court
Mendankwe villagers in Bamenda Central Subdivision are mobilising to storm the Bamenda Magistrate Court, on July 24, to protest the trial of their tribesmen for championing a rebellion against the National Water Cooperation, SNEC.

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Ambazonians (Southern Cameroons) unite in their struggle for independence.


Southern Cameroons - The Struggle for Independence.

Southern Cameroons: 45 Lost Years
The political systems that have been imposed on the Southern Cameroons since the first independence have, by and large, been oppressive and exploitative. The more these systems have been unpopular with the people of the Southern Cameroons, the more the agents of the system have used ruthless methods and brute force to keep their victims down and out.

Amnesty International - Cameroon Document archive.



Human Rights Issues

Legislation Against Child Trafficking Only a First Step
YAOUNDE, Jul 21 (IPS) - For 13-year-old Helen Angwa, days are long, beginning at 05.00 and continuing to about midnight. The hours in between are spent on ceaseless work for a restaurant owner who bought her when she was just nine. Human rights groups should begin punishing perpetrators of child labour and child trafficking.

Human Rights Groups To Prosecute Child Traffickers
The Centre for Human Rights and Peace Advocacy, CHRAPA, has said at a press conference in Bamenda that human rights groups should begin punishing perpetrators of child labour and child trafficking.

Bar Council President Gets One Year Jail Term
A Paris Magistrate Court, June 21, sentenced Barrister Charles Tchoungang, the new President of the Cameroon Bar Council, to a one-year imprisonment term.

One Dies In Scuffle Over Electricity Bills
The fight started at 6 p.m on Monday, July 17, at Farm Road Street, Fiango Kumba, when Pius Akode, 30, decided to pack out of his Farm Road residence because he could not pay his electricity bills, which he said was too high.

Crossing the Mungo River: An Eyewitness Account
By Lyombe Eko - Iowa City, Iowa, USA
I have crossed many African rivers–both literal and figurative–but none of my many experiences prepared me to cross the Mungo river on a dugout canoe without a life-vest.On the outskirts of Bambili, a small village about 8kms away, a horde of gendarmes pulls us over. They inspect our truck thoroughly, hoping to find some fault on which to hang and extort bribe from the driver.

Poverty in Africa
On the outskirts of Bambili, a small village about 8kms away, a horde of gendarmes pulls us over. They inspect our truck thoroughly, hoping to find some fault on which to hang and extort bribe from the driver. It seems they are not lucky and the vehicle is about to drive off when one of them let go a knowing cry. “Double windscreen!” he shouted in triumph.



Since Cameroon reached the completion point of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative, HIPC-I, experts have continued to warn stakeholders against lying on their laurels and committing errors that could mar the trappings of debt relief.World Bank, Gov't Seek To Avert Post Completion Blunders
Since Cameroon reached the completion point of the Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative, HIPC-I, experts have continued to warn stakeholders against lying on their laurels and committing errors that could mar the trappings of debt relief.

Ex-Cameroon Bank Workers' Hopes Dimmed
Hopes of some 200 workers of Cameroon Bank, who were retrenched without benefits, were dashed when they could not find their names in a communiqué published in the national bilingual daily, Cameroon Tribune. The workers wondered why only five names were published in Cameroon Tribune of June 28, 2006

CAMAIR Workers Fate Uncertain
The atmosphere at the Cameroon Airlines, CAMAIR, headquarters in Douala has Will the workers be paid their retrenchment benifits, when in a couple of months CAMAIR disappears? become sombre and tense ever since Polycarpe Abah Abah, Minister of Economy and Finance, June 29, issued a press release announcing the privatisation of the company.

Gov't Still To Decide On CAMAIR Workers' Retrenchment
The Provisional Administrator of Cameroon Airlines, CAMAIR, Paul Ngamo Hamani, has said the government is still to decide on how retrenchment benefits, which will be paid to workers when the company disappears in the coming months, will be calculated. At CAMAIR Headquarters in Douala, the personnel said the government has rarely respected its promises, especially on issues that have to do with money.

Fon Doh May Be Granted Bail
The Northwest Court of Appeal has rejected a motion filed by Fon Doh's opponents, which would have given room for an objection to the granting of bail to the jailed Balikumbat Fon.

Before the first ladies are shot, some of them should be made to issue public statements apologising for their unnatural, not to say unattractive, hairstyles.

Shooting First Ladies
Tell me, if you catch a dictator and shoot him, should you shoot his wife too?Before the first ladies are shot, some of them should be made to issue public statements apologising for their unnatural, not to say unattractive, hairstyles.
I think you should. I think you should also shoot his adult children who work for, or benefit directly from, their father’s violent and corrupt regime. You should shoot the cousins, uncles and aunts, in-laws and sundry relatives. If you do not shoot them, you should at least take back all they stole and sentence them to eternal hard labour. Before the first ladies are shot, some of them should be made to issue public statements apologising for their unnatural, not to say unattractive, hairstyles.

The Best of Popaul

 (Part 1)

Paul Biya Arrest Warrant - To be enforced by any Peace Officer into whose hands this warrant shall come.
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Pull the string in the Dictator Dolls back, to hear it repeat unpatriotic phrases over & over & over. Just like a real Dictator!
Pull the string in the Dictator Dolls back, to hear it repeat unpatriotic phrases over & over & over. Just like a real Dictator!


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f)  Vive La France.


The first 100 purchasers can select one of these fine accessories to go with their Talking Dictator Doll. Fully accessorised, you can now proudly take it out when visiting your friends!
The first 100 purchasers can select one of these fine accessories to go with their Talking Dictator Doll. Fully accessorized, you can now proudly take it out when visiting your friends!

Dictator Doll Voodoo Needles.
Superior Brand - Dictator Doll Voodoo Needles. Only $1 per pair.

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Dear HE Paul Biya        

Please pass the soap.

In one of those rare moments when I've caught myself watching Cameroon television, a journalist was asking people in the streets of Yaounde what they thought about corruption in Cameroon. One gentleman's answer was, I thought, quite classic. He asked the journalist: "When your body is dirty, do you start washing it from your feet upward? Don't you start from your head? Cameroon is like a body that is dirty. Go and start washing it from the head; you know where the head is, don't you? So, that's where you should ask these questions, don't come to us in the street."

In this matter of corruption, Mr. Biya has the water, the soap and the sponge. He is the head. Once he starts washing himself first, the exercise will filter down to the ordinary man in the street, the feet.

When that happens, if it ever happens at all in the life time of my great grand children, then investors like this gentleman from Australia, would no longer worry about the judicial system colluding with conmen and women to defraud them of their investments?

I don't see the situation improving any time soon, especially not with Mr. Biya giving some of us, who are eager to write his obituary, twenty more years to wait!!


This commentary was culled from a reader’s response to an article titled “Biya Vows Again To Combat Corruption”.  (Name and address removed).


H.E Paul Biya delivers his Christmas present to the citizens of Cameroon!
Click on present to View!

What did Santa Paul have for supper last night?

a) A very spicy curry?

b) Very very hot pepper soup?

Click on the present to see Santa Biya deliver his gift to Cameroon!

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Paul Biya and CPDM party members celebrate victory in the 2018 Cameroon elections!

Paul Biya and CPDM party members celebrate victory in the 2018 Cameroon elections, one week before the votes are counted!

What are they discussing?

a) Setting up a commission to investigate the commission set up to investigate the “Bepanda 9” & “UB Killings”

b) Planning the festivities for the completion of the Mungo bridge.

c) Devising how to prevent Titus Edzoa from running.

d) Murdering the SCNC leaders.

e) Buying all the opposition leaders.

Dear H.E. Paul Biya

The Cameroon Jester.

Mr Biya,

Please take a bucket and pierce it with a knife several times so that its sides are filled with holes all around it. Then take another bucket and fill it with water. Pour this bucket of water into the bucket that has holes. Wait 10 mins and then tell me how much water is left in the bucket full of holes.

That amount of water is what is left for Cameroon after the thieves you carefully selected and appointed into the hierarchy have had their fill of the country's finances.

Everyone of some thinking capacity has diagnosed Cameroon's problems and pointed out corruption as the scourge of the nation. PopolnochioYet President Biya ignores this crime which his ministers and ambassadors commit unashamedly and in broad daylight, and instead insists on chasing shadows. He thinks he can fool the people and international community with simulations and 'hot air'.

Everything else is being done apart from attacking the real issue. And the President is dreaming that the country will reach the completion point of the HIPC initiative! What a joke!

What I like about this initiative is its insistence on the country dealing with the corruption issue. It seems that the IMF has now realised that letting Cameroon off the hook without dealing with corruption is a complete waste of time.  (Name and address removed)

Popolnochio : ex-seminary sugar thief

Editors note: This is a readers comment taken from the news article "Biya Worried Over Cameroon Ailing Economy". Readers expressed several interesting views on this topic.

Biya Worried Over Cameroon Ailing Economy.
By Kini Nsom
During last Friday's Council of Ministers' meeting at the Unity Palace, President Paul Biya reportedly expressed dismay at Cameroon's ailing economic situation. According to sources at the Presidency, the country's declining economy dominated the agenda of the meeting. The Ministerial Council meeting was the second since the present government was appointed on December 8, 2004.


Voting day - Yaounde

"Now c'mon Paul! You know it's only one party competing, why vote?" - And what's with that guilty look on your face? What did you just do?

“ Now c’mon  Paul! 
You know it’s only one party competing, why vote! ”
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Corruption remains the Lion Biya can't slay.

The C-Word not for Cameroon was again a sing-song in anyone's lips in Cameroon. Biya, the LION MAN who once said the Judiciary and the Police were the most corrupt, this time marked himself wrong. The occasion was the 3rd Extra Ordinary CPDM Congress at the Corrupt party Hall in Yaounde July 21st to re-acclaim President Biya as that party's Chairman.

Present were all bribe-taking elites, diehard cpdm get-rich-quick entrepreneurs, political feymen, tribal relatives, and profiteers. In front Corruption remains the Lion Biya can't slay.of them, the Lion man accepted that Cameroon was tarred in corruption not this time by the police and the judiciary but by his thieving gangsters. But as usual and after passing the entrance into the HIPC Initiative he failed to set off alarm bells to his belching colleagues.

According to Le Front Newspaper, one of Cameroon's most investigative weekly, Cameroon's Economic Minister Policarp Abah Abah and former General Manager of State owned CRTV, Gervaise Mendoze each owns over 30 billions and 25 billions respectively in foreign accounts. The paper concludes that these "warlords" can sustain a revolution in Cameroon for the next 20 years. Caroline Abah Abah, wife to Policarp who was involved in the Post Office scam and later escaped to France through the First Lady's complicity is back in the country after receiving a mockery of a court sentence while Mounchipou, the former minister is languishing in Kondengue maximum prison for daring to support the oppositions.

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF CPDM ex-directors, civil servants, ministers, tribe men etc are swimming in the sea of corrupt wealth because of the systematic corruption Biya champions and continue to be pioneering and spinning with supersonic rapidity. Early in July some Military Colonels and the Governor of the Bribeville of Douala, Gounouko Hanounai received approximately 18millions bribe from one Thomas Fondoup, GM of Supermont Water distribution to degasify seven casts of toxic chlorine that was dumped in Nkapa, an outskirt of Douala. In the name of honour and fidelity and one's fatherland, 21 soldiers was bullied and forced to degasify this toxic material into the dead of the sea without life jackets, gas masks and only one buoy for an old ship without a motor pump.

In this dangerous expedition an explosion occurred and fire erupted killing Lieutenant Bidimou. Three soldiers were rescued by Nigerian Fishermen that these very soldiers used to harass in high sea. These details are a top secret in Cameroon. The soldiers have not been compensated.

Cameroon correspondent. L.C.


Secret Real Estate Deals in Florida?

A Cameroonian national living in Florida, and working in real estate, has sent information on a Cameroonian diplomat, information that wouldn’t normally surface. The Washington Ambassador, who apparently has links to the top, and has far outstayed the normal three year tenure of all diplomatic staff, is found to be buying real estate in Florida.

Over the past decade we have seem billions of CFA’s given for the ‘renovation’ of the massive house Cameroon's Washington Embassy. Visitors say it is very difficult to get a response, by phone or by attending the Embassy!serving as embassy and residence. Yet Cameroonian visitors to their embassy report that the property is totally dilapidated, with old rubbish stacked in the much abused front doorway. Visitors also say it is very difficult to get a response, by phone or by attending the embassy.

One reported that when he finally was let into the building, he saw a pile of passports on the floor, apparently waiting for processing.

Perhaps the Ambassador is too busy with his real estate deals in at least Florida, and probably other states, to be bothered with ambassador duties. We also question what other senior Cameroonians benefit from the deals.

E.N. xxxxxxx



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Photographs Wanted ($200 US each)

We are still missing a few “Shame File” photos. In the interest of seeing that none of these crooks escape under the Hall of Shame radar, we decided to double the incentive to (US $200). Barrister Mbi (Solomon Chambers) is still hiding in Kumba for some lucky photographer, (snapped!). The last I knew, the SGBC Manager (snapped) & Assistant Manager were both at the Limbe SGBC branch. As for the Chief of Territorial Surveillance in Buea, he is a large Bayangi man and was there in 2002 / 2003 (Governors Office building). He can be identified by Inspector Enow Stephen Etengeneng of Buea Judicial Police. Further helpful information on these “Shame File Fugitives” locations can be requested by contacting me at the address below. Photos must be of similar quality to those used in previous shame files. Good luck with the snapping. If you can send me a photograph of any of those people listed below, and it is published on the shame file, a payment of $200 US shall be made to the sender. The personal details of any senders shall remain completely confidential and shall be known only to myself. Photos can be forwarded to

Why not get some cash and at the same time let me expose them for their corrupt ways?

Like I said, “This is your site too”.


SGBC, Limbe. Assistant Manager - Francois Ngouania.

Chief of Territorial Surveillance, Buea. (Governors Office - large Bayangi man)


Investor’s Corner

Embezzlement At Port Authority of Douala (PAD)
The former General Manager of the Port Authority of Douala, PAD, Alphonse Siyam Siwe, has requested authorisation to appear in court and defend allegations of gross embezzlement and The vultures in government have picked Cameroon dry.corruption against him.

A Nation Beyond Curing
She is like a festering tropical ulcer oozing a purulent discharge. What a desolate ruin; bribery taints the courts, graft and corruption dominate the civil service and hypocrisy tears the false churches springing on every hill in the nation, while infernal lying is a trademark of the state.

Public Service Minister decries corrupt practices
The Minister for Public Service and Administrative Reform, Benjamin Amama Amama, has announced the discovery of the illegal injection of more than 300 workers into the payroll of his ministry. "PM" Inoni: One more problem to grapple with.

Retrenched Workers At PM's Gate
Some retrenched workers of 35 state liquidated companies are staging a sit-in at the entrance of the Star Building where the Prime Minister's office is located. They are demanding payment of their entire social benefits.

Bandits Rob Social Insurance Boss
The Chief of National Social Insurance Centre, Nkambe, David Enyih, was on Monday, July 17, waylaid at Sabga, and robbed. Enyih, his driver and a friend, were travelling from Bamenda to Nkambe in the night of July 17. Many night travellers have fallen into the hands of highwaymen at Sabga. Travellers who tried to resist received gunshots.

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Next Months Newsletter.

September Newsletter - "The best of Popaul Edition" (Part 2)

SGBC & Societe Generale Trial - The Sentencing.

I'd like to take this opportunity to offer my personal thanks to the many subscribers who actively participated in the development of the newsletter, by either sending material, forwarding the newsletter, or just by visiting the website and reading the material. The newsletter continues to grow from strength to strength, and I’m looking forward to this next year and the opportunity to use the experience gained through the last 12 months to develop the newsletter into something more substantial in the fight against corruption and injustice! There just never seems enough time or space to cover all our Campost & the Post office savings bank has become a priority next monthprojects each month, just a prioritized list that sees us slowly shuffle the important matters to the top of the heap. Campost & the Post office savings bank has become a priority next month, (that’s if Post Office Bank customers haven’t burnt all the branches to the ground in frustration at their losses). Maybe all the money fell into a Swiss bank account?President Biya exhorts the “French business community to take advantage” of Cameroon’s favourable environment.

Next month we'll also be looking at Paul's recent visit to Paris where he is inviting his French compatriots to INVEST (ie: pillage & plunder) in Cameroon. We'll also begin putting up for viewing, some simple pieces of evidence that have been before the Fako High Court in my own pending matter. It will show the callous theft and corruption that is spread throughout the court, and guaranteed to scare any investor from attempting to conduct business with such lawlessness in the Cameroon judiciary.

Till next month,  Take care,  Glenn              

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