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"EVERY MAN hath received the gift... MINISTER the same one to another.

Christ is All & All is In Christ

耶稣是所有,所有人与耶稣 同在。

Our message is simply "Christ Is All & In All"



Dean Johnson Ministries proclaims a Christ centered Inclusive Universalist faith revealing the Ultimate Reconciliation and Oneness with God of All people.

迪恩约翰逊牧师 宣扬了以耶稣为中心的包含所有人的信念,揭示了与 所有人的主一起的最终和平和统一。

There are discussions about The Mystery of Christ, Universal Salvation, The Comings of The Lord, and The Restoration of All Things. You will also find poetry, audio, and articles in several languages.

会有一些讨论,关于耶稣的真理,全体的拯救,上帝 的来到,以及所有事情的复原。你将找到用各种语言写成的诗歌,录音以及文章。

Quakin Friends suggests a Christ centered, Independent,

Unprogrammed, Non-creedal, Inclusive Fellowship, revealing that "Christ is in All & All is in Christ". Meetings are Open and Participatory. Other meetings will start up anywhere two or three can meet with Christ in their midst. Spread the Word


Quakin 朋友 建议以基督为中心而独立。非设计的,非教义的,全体的友谊,揭示出耶稣是所有,所有人与耶 稣同在。? 会议是开放的,供人分享的。 其他会议将会在两三个人与耶稣会见当中的任何地方开始。

Quakin Friends: In Chinese 给所有网络上的基督追随者 -教友派信徒团体

The Resurrection of All in All. The Raising Up of the Spiritual Body of Christ To See From The Eternal Vantage Point. With this divine insight, the Christ is come, and the resurrection is a present reality, and the consummation is complete.

万物之主的复: 耶稣精神肉体的站立 从永恒的有利位置处观看 伴随这个神圣的领悟,耶稣到来,复活成为现实,并且功成圆满。

English Chinese Scripture Interlinear 中英对照 圣 经

Chinese Scriptures to Consider 考虑圣经

We are all one. 我们都一样

English As A Second Language Tutorial / Translation Exchange
在线ESL辅导老师 / Translation Exchange

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As time goes by, hopefully, more and more of this site will be presented in Chinese and other languages.

随着时 间推移,希望更多本站内容将会用中文和其他语言呈现。

Coming Soon: The Mystery of Christ In Chinese


House Church is people meeting in homes, keeping it simple. No name, no titles, no property, no corporation, no salaries etc. - just believers gathering simply, in His Name

家庭教堂 是人们在家中会面,保持简单。没有名字,没有称 谓,没有财产,没有公司,没有薪水等。只是信徒简单聚集在一起,以他的名义。

URfriendly_Reflections is a New Personal Blog considering cherished values and practices. Walking in harmony and spiritual reality, we are able to pursue love and peace, value community, advocate equality for all, promote simplicity, and encourage cooperation and mutual respect.

你的友好反省 是一个新的个人博 客,考虑珍惜的价值和实践。在和谐的精神现实中漫步,我们能够追求爱和和平,价值一致,提倡所有人的平等,宣传朴素,并且鼓励合作和相互信任。

The Mystery of Christ is an examination of the biblical basis for the belief that all creation will be united within Christ. The paper then concludes with a discussion of the implications of the tension that exists between this belief that God makes "all things new" and the doctrine of eternal punishment.

耶稣的秘密 是对所有创造都与耶稣相连的圣经基础的检查。论文 然后通过讨论得出结论,在上帝创造的所有新事物这一信念和永久惩罚的教条之间存在的紧张的暗示。

Will All Mankind Be Saved questions the doctrine of Eternal Torment, and clearly explains why I eventually embraced the Ultimate Reconciliation of all mankind. Knowing that the journey to truth can be difficult, but worthwhile, I humbly present this paper to the reader. May our search be an honest one and full of truth.

所有人类将会拯救 质疑外部痛苦的教条,清晰解释为何我最终包括了所 有人类的根本和解。知道通向真理的旅途可能是困难但是值得的,我谦恭的向读者呈现这篇论文。我们所有研究将是充满真理的诚实研究。


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