We will provide ESL Tutorial Services in exchange for your help.
Translation from English into Your Language Needed for Christian Religious Writings and Articles.

我们将提供ESL辅导服 务,同时需要通过你的帮助予以交换。
只要把基督教宗教作品和文章中的英语 翻译成你的语言。

Do you need help with writing in English, proofreading, or conversation?
Whatever help you need please contact us to work out a deal.
你是否需要帮助,英语写作,校对或者 对话?
无论什么帮助你需要, 请与我们联系已达成共识。

We can work by phone, email, MSN Messenger, or even ICQ


URfriend, Dean Johnson,
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
E-mail Dean

你的朋友,迪恩 约翰逊,
里贾纳, 萨斯喀彻温省, 加拿大
E-mail 迪恩

ESL Tutor, Writing, Proofreading

ESL 辅导老师,写作,校正

Subject(s): English As A Second Language, Writing, Speaking


Phone Dean : (306) 789-8928


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翻译我的 作品

Posted on: Dec 1, 2005
Proofreading and Writing. I have several degrees including Education and TESL. I will help you with your writing, proofreading, and other language needs in exchange for your help in translating English articles of mine into your native language.

TESL。我将帮助你写作,校正和其他语言学习。作为交换,你需要帮助 翻译我的英语文章成为你的母语。


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