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Dates are American style: Month, day, year.

12-03-22    Updated the B-17 site to reflect the tragic loss of B-17G 44-83872 on 12 November, 2022.

08-20-22    Updated content on the Preserved Phantoms page.

02-27-22    The editing and rebuilding the Phabulous Phantom pages is nearing an end. While there are a few more slides to scan the bulk of the scanning is done. Today a revamp of the German Air Force F-4F page has started.

10-20-21    Taking a short break from working on my Phabulous Phantom pages I reviewed the Arma Hobby FM-2 on the Wildcat Scale Models site.

07-07-21    Updated the 49th FW page with the addition of F-4Es operated from 1992-2006. Also continued on scanning and updating the Phabulous Phantom pages.

04-27-21    Work is continuing on my F-4 Phantom pages, but it is a huge effort. I have almost completed scanning the F-4D slides. F-4B/N, F-4J/S and RF-4B photos have been scanned and uploaded but work will continue on caption.

02-19-21    Updated MiG kill information on the 111th Phantoms page.

02-10-21    While this is the first "What's New" in a long time work has continued on various pages. The photos for the  USN and USMC F-4B/N and F-4J/S,AFRES F-4C/D, ANG F-4C/D, ANG RF-4C and USAF RF-4C pages have all had                                 upgrades with the photos re scanned. All F-4C photos have been uploaded with work going into the F-4D and RF-4C scans. F-4E, F, G will follow when the F-4Ds are complete. Updates occur almost daily.

12-18-20    The USMC RF-4B Phantom II site has been rebuilt to include better photos.

12-08-20    The Canadian F-5 (CF-5,CF116) site has been rebuilt and photos added.

12-04-20     After discovering that there are still many broken links in the Phantom II pages and extensive revamping of those pages is underway. This started 12-01 and will run for some time. It will include rescanning slides at a higher resolution                     and incorporating them into the sites. The first to be completed is USAF F-4C/D, though some editing with text is still ongoing.

08-16-20     Added photos and text to the Preserved Phantoms page.

05-12-20    Updated the 111th FIS Phantoms page. Fixed broken links and added larger, clearer photos.

05-09-20    Fixed broken links on the Deming Army Airfield site. These were due to the move away from Photobucket.

03-14-20    Added F-105 photos to the 49th Fighter Wing page.

01-18-20    Added photos to the B-52 "BUFF" page.

01-12-20    Added photos of the RB-36H (51-13730) displayed at The Castle Air Museum to the B-36 page.

01-04-20    Added to the F4F Wildcat Colors page.

12-24-19    Updated the 431st AFRES page.

11-29-19    Added a few photos of Preserved Phantoms.  This is a continuing effort and is running way behind what was planned.

10-12-19    Added wing fold detail to the F4F Wildcat Details site.

10-05-19    Added photo content to the B-17 and F4F Wildcat on display pages.

08-07-19    The first update in almost two years; the 95th Bomb Wing. One B-36D photo added.

11-08-17     Added a review of the Sweet 144th FM-2to the Wildcat Model Page.

11-04-17     Updated and corrected broken links on the B-52 "BUFF" page caused by the move of photos and illustrations from Photo Bucket.

09-15-17     Added some content in an ongoing update of the Wildcat plastic scale models page.

09-09-17     Added photos of the Gulfhawk II [NR1050] on display at the Udvar-Hazy annex to the NASM in Dulles VA, to the F4F Wildcat page.

09-09-17     Added model reviews to the F4F Wildcat Model Kit page.

09-06-17     Added to the 97th Bomb Wing page.

08-23-17     Added photos of the F-100F displayed at the Pacific Aviation Museum to the F-100 page.

07-08-17     Added two photos of US Army non rigid airship C-1 and some text to the Biggs Photo page.

05-31-17     Added photos to the "Hun" page of the French F-100D displayed at the Musee de L'air at the Le Bourget airport

12-27-16     Information on the G-22 Gulfhawk II added to the F4F Wildcat page and an inventory of the new Airfix Martlet IV added to the Wildcat plastic scale models page.

12-02-16     This marks the fifteenth anniversary of the F4F Wildcat page.

10-08-16     Added an image of artwork to the F4F Wildcat Colors page.

10-01-16     Small updates to the Wildcat Details page.

02-21-16     Added a page about various plastic scale models of the Grumman Wildcat.

01-31-16     Added some pictures to the Biggs Photo page, content to both the F4F Wildcat and F4F Wildcat Details pages.  The last two are an ongoing process and have been all month.  Added some content to the Biggs Field Units page.

12-25-15      Added content to F4F Wildcat and to F4F Wildcat Details pages

12-17-15      Minor updates to the Biggs Photo site and the B-17 page.

09-09-15      Uploaded numerous photos to the Preserved Phantoms page.

09-07-15      A new scanner, so updates to the Preserved Phantoms page.  Added a couple of photos to the F-100 "Hun" page.

08-15-15      A small update to the B-52 page.

08-10-15      After a long absence I am finally able to start updates on the Preserved F-4 page.  A few updates were made to the Wildcats on display page as well.

04-05-15      Added some details to the 181st AS page.  Finally.  Work will continue on the Texas ANG pages for some time.

03-30-15      The Texas ANG pages are in need of some serious work.  This started to day and will probably continue for the next month.

03-16-15      Added some detail photos to the F-100 Super Sabre page.

01-08-15      Continuing updates, the Arizona ANG page has had numerous photo uploads including pictures of the UAE F-16E/Fs at Tucson.  Also artwork was added for F-100A 53-1662 on the New Mexico ANG page.

12-22-14      Almost daily updates of the B-52, New Mexico ANG, Arizona ANG and F-100 pages over the past two weeks.  Hopefully this will continue for the near future.

12-07-14      I have added quite a bit of detail and several more photos to the B-52 page.  The New Mexico ANG page and the 4758th DSES have also seen some editing.  There will hopefully be a good deal more editing for the foreseeable future.

11-26-14      Added photos to the B-17 page and updated the B-52 page.

11-25-14      Added 35 A-7 photos and 30 F-16 photos to the New Mexico Air National Guard page.

11-24-14      Added content to the F-100 page.

11-22-14      Uploaded numerous F-16 photos to the New Mexico Air National Guard page.

11-17-14      Started reworking the New Mexico Air National Guard page, adding photographs and content.

05-04-14      Added some content to the Biggs Photos page.

01-02-14      Added details to the Walker AFB page and the Biggs Photos page.  Updated the 1st SSS page.

12-04-13      Added content to and updated the 95th BW page.

05-25-13      Edited and cleaned up the Biggs Photos page and edited the Wildcat main page.

05-17-13      Added some details to the Wildcat  page and corrected a few errors.

04-27-13      Added some photos to the 49th Wing page.

04-06-13      Added content and photographs to the B-17 page.

04-05-13      Updated the Links page and corrected "dead" links.

04-04-13      Completed (for the moment) the F4F Wildcat Colors page.

03-30-13      Added numerous drawings and photos to F4F Wildcat pages.

03-10-13      Added photo content to the Holloman Photos and 49th Wing pages.

02-27-13      Added content to Holloman AFB, Holloman Photos and 49th Wing pages.

02-10-13      Added some photos to the F-100 page.

02-01-13      Completed work on Wildcat pages 1 & 2.

01-26-13      The Wildcat pages are under continued work.

01-11-13      The F4F Wildcat pages have been rewritten with content and photographs added.

12-29-12      Over the past week there have been numerous updates through out the site, but mainly to the 95th Bomb Wing, 97th BW, 509th BW, Odds & Ends and the Wrecks page.
                    There have been some new photographs added and some older ones re-edited for better quality. 

11-17-12      Updated the Nuke page with data and photos of the Mark IV, Mark 12 bombs and AGM-62 Walleye II.

06-03-12      Added some details to the 6th BW/SAW page and some artwork for 331st FIS F-102 and F-104 aircraft to the Odds and Ends page.

03-21-12      Added content to the 95th BW and 509th BW pages and photographs to the F-100 page

03-09-12      The 95th and 97th Bomb Wings and the 431st AREFS pages have all received updates over the past two days.

03-07-12      Added content to the Biggs AFB and Biggs Photos page.

03-02-12      Added some content to the "What-If", Walker AFB and 6th BW pages.

03-01-12      Added some information to the 6th BW page and "cleaned" that page up some.

02-24-12      An F-84F project at War Eagles Air Museum has taken most of my time over the last year.  Due to that there have been few updates, leaving the impression that the web pages are dormant, or even forgotten.  However, updates have                          been made to both the 95th Bomb Wing and 97th Bomb Wing pages.

10-08-10      Added photos and content to the B-52 and F-100 pages.

09-10-10      Made a few corrections to the 4758th DSES page.

08-04-10      Added some information to the WA-10 Nike Hercules complex including photos from the WA-50 complex.

07-29-10      Updated Holloman and 49th TFW pages with information on the future plans for Holloman AFB.

07-15-10      Added many F-15 photos to the 49th TFW page.

05-28-10      Updated the 49th FW page by adding more photos.

05-22-10      Created a page for the 49th FW.

04-30-10      Created a page for photos of Holloman AFB.

04-11-10      Created a page covering a brief history of Holloman AFB and the units there.  Also updated the page for the WA-10 Nike Hercules site.

04-09-10     Minor updates to the 97th BW and F-100 pages.

01-15-10     Added content to both the 95th BW and 97th BW pages.

01-10-10     Added content to the 97th Bomb Wing site.

01-01-10     A good way to start the new year is to update web sites, so the Odds and Ends and F-100 site were both updated.

11-27-09     Updated and corrected information on the B-52B Ciudad Juarez shoot down site and added aircraft details to the 188th FS page.

11-14-09     Created and uploaded a "What if" page.  Slight editing to the B-17 page.

10-15-09    Updated the B-17 site.  This has been an ongoing process for the last ten days.

07-25-09    Additional B-36 photos were added to the B-36 page and 95th BW page.  Some B-36 detail was also added to the B-36 page.  Photos and data were also added to the Biggs Photos and Wrecks and Relics pages.

07-04-09    Added content to the Nukes page and corrected some errors.  In the past few days content has been added to the 95th BW, Biggs AFB and B-36 pages as well.

05-16-09    Added content to the B-36 and B-52 pages.

05-10-09    Uploaded a page dedicated to the B-36.  This will be an ongoing project.  Also added more detail to the B-52 page.

05-03-09    Once more added content and photos to the B-52 page.

05-01-09    Added photos and content to the B-52 page and uploaded a page for free fall nuclear bombs.

04-25-09    Added content and photos to the B-17 and B-52 pages.

04-04-09    Added links and content to the Walker AFB, 509th BW and photos page.  Built a page to cover  Nike Hercules site WA-10.

03-03-09    Edited the Walker AFB page and added photos.

02-17-09    Added unit emblems to the 6th BW page.

01-17-09    Added four photos to the 95th BW page.

12-27-08    Added some info to the B-36 crash page for the first update in months.

06-02-08    Uploaded a page about the crash of B-36D 44-92071 in the Franklin Mountains.

05-21-08    The B-52, Biggs Photos and 95th BW pages have all received updates in recent days.

09-27-07    Continued an extensive upgrade to the B-52 page with the addition of many photos and drawings.

08-13-07    Updated the Odds and Ends page.  Considerable updating to the B-52 is ongoing.

07-16-07    Added some photos to the 95th BW page.

05-16-07    The 97th and 95th BW pages and the Biggs AFB page all received updates.

05-02-07    The 1st SSS , 95th BW  and Biggs Photo pages all received attention including additional photos.

04-30-07   Added over a dozen B-36 photos to the 95th BW page.

04-26-07   Added photos to the Biggs Photos page.

04-18-07   Created and uploaded a page for the 47th Bomb Wing.

02-20-07  Added some photos to the Biggs Photo page and added a photo of Lt. Biggs to the main Biggs page.

02-13-07  Finally getting back to buisness I added some photos to the B-52 and Biggs Photo pages.

11-29-06  Repaired some broken links on the Odds and Ends page and added content to both the 95th BW and 4758th DSES pages.

08-01-06  All of the Canadian Armed Forces pages have been edited and photos re-scanned at better resolution.

07-04-06  The Wrecks and Relics, Odds and Ends, 95th BW, Biggs Photos and 111th Phantom pages all received updates.

06-26-06  Added a few photos to the 95th BW and 4758th DSES pages.

05-19-06  Added a few photos to the Odds & Ends and Wrecks pages.

03-11-06  Uploaded some helicopter photos to the Biggs Photos page.

03-07-06  Created and uploaded a page on the Threat System Management Office (TSMO) at Biggs and uploaded some former USSR aircraft images.

03-06-06  Added to the Odds and Ends page. 

02-28-06  Added to the Wrecks, Biggs and B-17 pages.

02-08-06  Added some photos and information to the Deming AAF page.

12-06-05  Re-scanned photos for the USAF F-4C/D page and moved them to Photobucket.

11-04-05  USN F-4B/N photos have been re-scanned at higher resolution and Preserved Phantoms has received some new photos.

10-19-05  The B-52, F4F Wildcat and Phantom pages (Navy and Marine Reserve F-4B/N, Marine F-4B/N, and RF-4B)  all received updates.  I will seriously start rescanning all F-4 photos and uploading them over the next few weeks.

10-06-05   Updated B-52 page with new scans of photos and some additions.

09-15-05   Uploaded 509th BW page.

09-13-05  Added information and photos to the Walker AFB page.

09-12-05  Changed some background photos to better reflect the region..

08-11-09  Rescanned all Texas ANG F-101 photos.

08-10-09  Loaded better quality scans for some of the photos on the Odds and Ends page.

08-09-05  Rescanned all  F4F and FM Wildcat  shots.  Many photos are now hosted on Photobucket.

08-07-05  Changed style for F4F, B-17 and Wrecks page so that background is now fixed.

08-03-05  Rescanned all F-100 photos and added new background to Wrecks page.

07-29-05  Created and uploaded a page detailing F4F/FM Wildcat color schemes.

07-14-05   Re-scanned some F-4N photos and created a page for the Deming Army Air Field.

07-07-05   Re-scanned various F4F photos.

06-09-05   Completely revamped homepage.

05-17-05  Corrected and added information to the Biggs AFB page and some photos to the Biggs photo page.  Created a page for units stationed at Biggs.

04-05-05  Added photos and text to the Biggs photo page and added another F-4 to the preserved Phantom page.

03-28-05  Built and uploaded 4758th DSES page and activated links.

03-27-05  Uploaded a page of Biggs AFB photos.

03-24-05  Added some information on the MS Tjisadane page.

12-03-04  Added some photos to the USAF F-4E and the F-4G pages.

11-27-04  Uploaded photos for the 1st Strategic Support Squadron and activated link.  Activated link for Walker AFB.

10-30-04  First update in awhile, added shots of the New Mexico ANG's  latest markings on the NM-ANG page.

04-08-04  Loaded an F4F and FM Wildcat details page.  Also edited the F4F and F4F pt II pages.

02-12-04  Finally uploaded the beginning of the 97th Bomb Wing page and updated a few other pages.

10-14-03  Added more subjects and photos to the Wrecks page.

09-20-03  Added "Wrecks, Relics and Buzzard bait" page.  The page will consist of aircraft wrecks, derelicts, gate guards, steam engines, armor and ships.  This is the first major addition in some time and will grow as time goes by.  Now that the busy summer season is over I will have more time to make additions and now that (for me) airshow season is here I will have additional reference.

06-13-03  Bits and pieces page mostly finished, now to clean up the F-4 pages and add some new pages.

05-31-03  Finally added the "Bits & Pieces" page after weeks of inactivity!

03-27-03  Added the F-4F and F-4G pages.  This completes all of the airframe types, the last F-4 page remaining is the "Bits & Pieces" (details) page.  All pages will be updated from time to time and I will start re-scanning some of the poorer shots.  Finishing the F-4 pages will allow more time for some pages that have been languishing for some time.  Davis-Monthan open house this weekend!

02-26-03  Uploaded photos to ANG RF-4C, USAF F-4E, USAF RF-4C and Preserved F-4 pages.  Added pages for ANG F-4Es and AFRES F-4Es.

02-20-03  Added a few links.  Uploaded photos to the ANG F-4C/D, AFRES F-4C/D, USAF F-4C/D and Preserved F-4 pages.  This should complete the upload of F-4C and D aircraft.

01-22-03  In what has become almost a weekly update, I added about two dozen photos to the ANG F-4C/D, AFRES F-4C/D, USAF F-4C/D and Preserved F-4 pages.

01-15-03  Added about 30 photos to the USAF RF-4C. ANG RF-4C, AFRES F-4C/D, USAF F-4C/D and USAF F-4E pages.

01-08-03  Added photos to ANG F-4C/D, ANG RF-4C, Preserved F-4 sites and started the USAF F-4E page.

12-04-02  One year anniversary of this website!  Added some F-4 shots.

11-26-02  Added the ANG RF-4C page.  Added some B-1 "what if" drawings to the odds and ends page.

11-17-02/11-25/02  Added to most F-4 pages, ANG F-4C/D in particular.

11-13-02  I have been uploading F-4 pages for the past couple of days.  The ANG F-4C and F-4D, AFRES F-4C and F-4D USAF F-4C/D and USAF RF-4C pages are started and the initial pages are posted.  As with all of the F-4 pages they will be a work in progress for some time.  I have also been adding photos to the Preserved F-4 page.  Commentary will follow shortly.

09-23-02 Great airshow!

09-21-02  Uploaded the USN F-4J/S and USMC F-4J/S pages.  Added to the RF-4B, F-4B/N Reserve and F-4J/S Reserve pages.  Off to the open house at Holloman AFB tomorrow!

09-14-02  Uploaded the F-4J/S Reserve units page.  Updated the Links page and uploaded some more F-4 shots.

09-13-02  Added some RF-4B shots.

09-06-02  Started uploading F-4 pages, starting with the following pages:  USN F-4B/N, USMC F-4B/N, USN and USMC Reserve F-4B/N, USMC RF-4B and ANG F-4C/D.  This is a huge project and will probably take much of the rest of the year to complete.  The above pages will be edited also.

08-31-02  Added a dedicated M.S. Tjisadane page, added some links and rescanned some TX-ANG photos in preparation to adding some F-4 pages.

05-24-02  Its been almost two months since I added anything.  Uploaded a B-17 page (a few slurry droppers and some restored aircraft), rescanned all of the Hun photos and revamped the F-100 page and re did the main page.

03-27-02  Finished the CAF Fighters page and uploaded it.

03-26-02  Uploaded a page for the 431st Aerial Refueling Squadron.  Also changed some of the graphics on the main page.

03-15-02  Loaded the New Mexico Air National Guard page.

03-07-02  Uploaed a few more Canadian fighter pictures.

02-28-02  Uploaded a few Canadian transport photos.

02-21-02  Revised the F-100 page.  It will load faster now.

02-16-02  Uploaded the Canadian Air Force pages.  This will be an ongoing project for the next few weeks.

02-08-02  Updated the shoot down of the Ciudad Juarex page with crew information.

02-01-02  Added many photos to the 111th Voodoo page.

01-24-02  Added photos of the B-25J and the N1K1 Kyofu to the Odds & Ends page.

01-22-02  Uploaded the first version of the 111th FIS Voodoo page.  I will add photos over the next week.

01-19-02  Added a very brief 6th BW page.

01-18-02  Another major upload, this time 111th FIS F-4 Phantoms.  Also uploaded the temporary 182nd TFS Phantom page until I can get more photos scanned.  I hope to have the 111th FIS Voodoo page up in the next week.  The F-4 page is still suffering from a lack of time, but I hope to start on that soon too.

01-12-02  Uploaded the last  two planned pages on the 111th Fighter Squadron.

01-07-02  Posted the 111th  Post Korean War page, the 111th Today page and the 181st page.  The last two will require more editing.

01-05-02  Posted the 111th Korean War page.

01-04-02  A new year, so new pages.  Posted the Texas ANG page and the first of the 111th Fighter Squadron pages:  Pre WWII and WWII.  I hope to have more up in the next few days.

12-28-01  Added a page linked from the 95th BW page describing the accidental shoot-down of the Ciuadad Juarez by the New Mexico Air National Guard.

12-27-01  Added an "odds and ends" page containing photos that I have not yet started individual pages for.  Updated and corrected (mainly spelling and grammar)  the 95th BW page.

12-21-01  Added an F4F model page.

12-13-01  Added F4F Wildcat page and Links page.

12-11-01  Added to B-52 page and posted F-100 page.

12-7-01   Posted B-52 page.

12-4-01   Posted first photos and set up layout.

12-2-01   Started this page on Angelfire.

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