CF-116 Freedom Fighter



    "Come to Texas, get out of the snow. It'll be fun!" Well, snow in October is unheard of.  Except in 1993. And this year (2020). 116705 (419 sqdn) at the Amigo Airshow in 1993. This used to be a decent airshow until it turned into a monster truck show/county fair.  And now it's dead. Anyway, 705 is carrying a reconnaissance nose rather than a gun nose in this photo. (CB)
     And a half an hour later the snow is gone. (CB)
      116721 of 419 Squadron in October, 1993. I do not remember where I took this photo, but it could be Carswell, AFB. (CB)
       116727 at a Red Flag at Nellis AFB in Jan, 83. 4343 Squadron had several airplanes participating that year. (CB)

      727 at Holloman AFB in Nov, 1983. (CB)
     732, another 419 Sqdn asset at Biggs AAF during the Amigo Airhow in Oct, 1992. (CB)
      742 at Red Flag in Jan, 1983 (CB)

     742 on display at the annual Carswell AFB during August, 1985. Yes, there was a time when open houses were held every year. (CB)

    743 and 744 at Nellis in January, 1983. (CB)

    746 on the transient ramp at El Paso International Airport August, 1981. (CB)

    746's tail markings showing the insignia for 419 Squadron. (CB)

    748, 749 and 751 at Nellis in January, 1983. It was the best of luck to catch so many 434 Squadron airplanes at one time. (CB)

Two seat CF-5B/CF116 116809 at NAS Miramar aug

Formation of CF116s 434 Squadron at Red Flag Nellis
                AFB Jan 83

    785 also at Nellis. (CB)

    A two seater, 116809 (419 sqdn) at the NAS Mirimar open house held in August, 1993. In a few short years the Navy would leave and and the Marine Corps take over with the base becoming MCAS Mirimar. Units formerly at MCAS El Toro were relocated to Mirimar. (CB)

    814, also with 419 sqdn, at El Paso International Airport May, 1984. (CB)

    A four ship flight of 434 Squadron CF-5s right after takeoff from Nellis AFB January, 1983. (CB)


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