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    The 1st Strategic Support Squadron traced its history from the 320th Troop Carrier Squadron.  Equipped with C-46, C-47 and C-54  aircraft the unit provided support for the B-29s and personnel of the 509th Composite Group.  Formed at Wendover Army Air Field, Utah the 320th moved to  North Field, Tinian.  After the war the 320th relocated with the 509th to Roswell Army Air Field and became part of the Strategic Air Command in 1946.  Also in that year the unit was re designated the 1st Air Transport Unit.  In 1947 the 1st ATU moved to Fort Worth Army Airfield.   During June, 1948 the name was changed to the 1st Strategic Support Unit and finally on 14 January, 1949 became the 1st Strategic Support Squadron.  That year the unit moved to Biggs AFB and replaced the C-54s with C-97 Statocruisers  operating 12 of that type.  In 1951 C-124 Globemasters replaced the C-97s, the first C-124A arriving at Biggs Air Force Base on 18 January, 1951.  The 1st SSS remained at Biggs until deactivating in January, 1959.

1st SSS YC-97A

C-54D of the 1st TTU 1st SSS YC-97A C-54s and C-97s of the 1st
                        SSS C-97A 48-401 of the 1st SSS

A 1st ATU C-54D 42-72650 inflight near Roswell Army Air Field in 1946.  At that time the unit had ten C-54s.

45-59595, a YC-97A on the ramp at Biggs AFB.

C-97s and C-54s at Biggs AFB.

C-97A 48-401.

A 1st SSS C-124 undergoing engine work Tire change time on a C-124 main gear C-124 mechanic

Maintenance on the 1st SSS C-124s.  Both the C-97 and the C-124 were powered by Pratt and Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major engines. While the "Shakey" would go on to be a work horse, it did require a good deal of man hours to remain operational.

The above photos and the ones below are taken from a yearbook published for the 810th Air Division in 1954.

C-124A 50-0095 and tow crew C-124A and tow tug A C-124C on the ramp at Biggs AFB, circa
                      1954 The 1st SSS' C-124C 52-0973

A C-124 on the ramp at Biggs with a B-36 in
                      the background. 1st SSS C-124A 50-0056 C-124A in the bay off of Anchorage, Alaska





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