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~*Welcome to the Realm*~

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Welcome to the sacred realm of the DragonGirls, a shrine of sorts to the female characters of DB/DBZ/DBGT. Our girls were feeling... a bit neglected so they decided to take over their own realm to show us and the world just what they're capable of. Here you'll find info on each girl, along with images, couples pages, FanStuff, and forums for your opinions. If you have any contributions or comments feel free to e-mail me. It's a good way to stay on the girls' good side, along with posting on the message board and signing the GuestBook. ~_^

Be cautious, traveler, there is now no escape.. The DragonGirls are in charge here. Choose your path.. change your destiny.

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Disclaimer: I don't own DB-GT or any of the chracters, Hey, I don't even own this computer. This is merely a fan site to show my devotion and perhaps generate some interest? ^_^ Anyway, don't sue me.