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Talk in Navajo: Wherever U Are
for conversational Navajo
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Available phrases:
   Elections & Voting
   Household Phrases
   Navajo Fairs

Available prayers:
   Evening Prayer
   For Family
   For Healing

   Lord's Prayer
   Morning Prayer
   Serenity Prayer

Let's Go Speak Navajo!

The purpose of this site is to provide situational Navajo phrases for daily use. It is slowly being updated.

Examples on this website will be in Navlish (Navajo and English mixed together). Though it would be nice to have the examples entirely in Navajo, the examples are in Navlish for several reasons:

  • With exception to the elderly, no one speaks entirely in Navajo anymore. If you truly want to sound like a local, or to sound jighá̜á̜n, you have to word things mixing Navajo and English.

  • It would get too confusing and too overwhelming to have the examples entirely in Navajo.

  • This site is meant to be a starting block. For Non-Navajos and for Navajos that Navajo is not their first language, this site will stimulate questions.

  • Navlish hopefully will help the learner pick up the language faster. Seeing familar nouns in English will show where the nouns are located in a Navajo sentence.

Not all the details of the phrases are given and an understanding of elementary Navajo (i.e. colors, numbers, etc.) is expected in terms of knowing how to use the phrases properly.

For portions of this page, Navajo Font is required! You can download Navajo font for free by clicking here!

Click on the to hear the phrase in Navajo. Hope these are enjoyable!

Available phrases:


  • Ti̜’ Diné Bizaad Bee Yádeilti’ Dooleeł! Let’s Go Speak Navajo!
    This link takes you to an online archive of the series, "Ti̜’ Diné Bizaad bee yádeilti’ dooleeł! Let’s go speak Navajo! This series was printed in the Navajo Times & provided Navajo language learning material produced by Marilyn Dempsey. Included are traditional stories & cultural facts related to the Navajo people. This online archive is slowly being updated.

The Navajo language is changing daily. This site is just another effort to keep this indigenous language alive!

Shikéí, shidine’é,
          ałtah háási̜i̜łgóó…
My relatives, my people,
          diverse people...
Háadida léi’... Some time in the future...
          ádóone’é niidlínígíí
          Dóó nihe’á’ál’í̜...
Our language,
          our prayers,
          our clans,
          And our culture...
Nihił ch’aa wóle’ sha’áłchíní,... Do not misplace that, my children...
Hosídoolí̜i̜ji̜’,... Until death...
Sidoołdee’ji̜’... Wherever you travel to...

Hastiin Ch’il Haajiní

Chief Manuelito