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NOTICE: Everything here, including the basics and beyond docs are for Series 1 DTiVo’s (Sony Sat-T60, Phillips DSR6000, or Hughes GXCEBOT)


DTiVo Basics and Beyond:

(“Cliff’s notes” for the beginner to advanced hacks including extracting to SVCDs)


DTiVo Basics and Beyond – This document is for DTiVo Versions 2.5 (aka 2.5-01 aka 2.5.1) and 2.5.2 only Last updated August 11, 2003


DTiVo Basics and Beyond 3.1 – This document is for DTiVo 3.1 and updating to 3.1 – Last updated January 18, 2004



Files for DTiVo Basics and Beyond Mods (most are not my files and are provided here as a convenience): – Clears the #51 error when moving hard drives between DTiVo’s. WARNING: read the contents of the .tcl file before using. – Adds some hacks to 3.1 tivolator, see DTiVo Basics and Beyond 3.1. – Change to a narrower font to display more information. – Change to a narrower font to display more information for DTiVo 3.1 – Schedules hacks like noppv, mvchannels and nosdd. – Change titles and other information on recorded shows, even undelete. – Enable hidden features. – Prevents DTiVo from entering Demo Mode. – fixdemo that does not loop itself, for use with cron scheduler. – Keeps the log files under control so your won’t loose your /var/hack directory.

MarketID_List.txt – List of Market IDs (DUH J). – Deletes the background video on menus so you can view live tv or last image displayed behind menus. – Allows the transfer of files in and out of the mfs file structure. – For video extraction, this version of mfs_stream won’t cause your dtivo to stutter while downloading shows. – Plugin for TiVoWeb to download .ty streams with your web browser. – Sets the Market ID on DTiVo versions 2.5.2 and 3.1. – Sets the Market ID on a DTiVo versions 2.5.2 and 3.1. – Mulitple play, queue up several shows for recording to VCR. Also includes the msave script for auto saving (msave only works if you have setup dtivo control of your vcr, Sony/Sony only). – Move local channels around to receive more than one market of locals. – Move locals channels around (supports DTiVo version 2.5.2). – Removes ads from TiVo Central – Tell DTiVo to treat ppv channels just like any other files (this does not enable free ppv). – Loadable/unloadable module for disabling scrambling of recorded shows. – Prevents reception of Service Data Download, this may prevent an unauthorized upgrade to your DTiVo. – “new” NowShowing.tcl, known to work with 3.1 – Schedule this to reboot your DTiVo automatically, will not reboot if there are recordings taking place. – Enable DTiVo to download Tivolution and Tivo Magazine features. – Sets your local channels for DTiVo 2.5.0 and 2.5.1 – Sets your local channels for DTiVo 2.5.2 – Better version of SendKey, waits for last key to finish before sending the next. – Sets priority of hacks to lowest level to avoid audio/video glitches. – Decompression utilitiy.

tivocomm.zipColors and graphic to make TiVoWEB more "attactive" – Colors and graphic to make TiVoWEB Plus more “attractive” – FTP Server Daemon for DTiVo. – Automatically update titles in Now Showing.

tivoweb-backup-1_00_0010.tar.gz – Plug-in module for TiVoWEB to backup season passes and wish lists. – Web server for your DTiVo, for extraction and simulated web remote control. Version 1.9.3

tivoweb-tcl-1.9.4.tar.gz – Web server for your DTiVo, This is the original distribution, won’t run on extremed DTiVos, see file below – “Deloused” files for use with extremed DTiVos, replace originals with the files in this archive, remember to set permissions like the old files. – Web server for your DTiVo, for extraction and simulated web remote control. Version 1.9.4 beta3 (warning, this beta will delete the file SubTest – I have included in this archive which will “correct” this problem). – TiVoWeb enhanced for DTiVo’s. – Fix for TivoWeb 1.9.4 beta 3’s “malicious” code which deletes SubTest. – SendKey script to enable the 30 sec skip feature in place of the advance key on your remote. – Turbonet driver. – Allows you to play .ty files in Windows Media Player. - .ty file edit, mux, transcode utility. – Client/Server utility for downloading and muxing recorded shows to your pc. – Edit Now Showing titles from bash, now allows the removal of the “Manual:” tag. – Kernel patch to disable scrambling of recorded shows.

vserver-1.2.tar.gz – DtiVo component to allow streaming of .ty files directly to Windows Media Player. – Utility to split the video and audio from a downloaded .ty stream, this function is imbedded in tytool if you use that. – Kraven’s 25xtreme update.



Links To Large Files:

Teraterm Pro – Terminal Emulation program for talking to your DTiVo from your Windows computer via serial or TCP/IP.

Kazymyr's Utility Boot Disk – Boot CD for backing up your DTiVo and other utilities.

Extreme 2.5 Boot Images available at – The MEAT J

Kraven’s 3.1 Tivolator available at

TextPad – Edit files on your pc intended to be uploaded to your DTiVo, this program can save files as Unix files.

TMPGEnc – Program to combine extracted shows to .mpg compatible files.



Hinsdale's How-To Upgrade/Backup TiVo Hard Drives

TiVo Hacking FAQ:

Backdoor and P-S-P Codes and more – Dead Link :/

How to write protect your prom to prevent updates (Warning: if you are not an expert at soldering, do not attempt).




(Please read the rules at each site and use the search features before asking questions already answered)

DealDatabase: The best forum for DTiVo hacking.

TiVo Community: Info on TiVo upgrades.



Other Links:

9th Tee: Tivo Upgrade products and other neat stuff.


Misc Files:

mIRC DCC with a Linksys home router

mIRC identd with a Linksys home router

mIRC sounds setup

Last Updated January 18, 2004