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A collection of horror movie related rock music videos

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Friday the 13th part 6 : Jason Lives.

Alice Cooper - He's Back (the Man behind the Mask). Music video. (1.93MB)

From Dusk till Dawn
ZZ Top - She's Just Killing Me Music video. (2.17MB)

Ghoulies 2.
Wasp - Scream until you Like It. Music video. (2.03MB)

Hellraiser 3 : Hell On Earth.
Motorhead - Hellraiser. music video. (2.68MB)

Killer Klown from Outer Space.
The Dickies - Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Music video. (2.58MB)

Nightmare on Elm Street part 3 : Dream Warriors.
Dokken - Dream Warriors. Music video. (2.61MB)

Nightmare on Elm Street part 4 : The Dream Master.
Vinnie Vincent's Invasion - Love Kills. Music video (1.66MB)

Nightmare on Elm Street part 5 : The Dream Child.
Romeo's Daughter - Heaven in the Back Seat. Music video. (2.29MB)

Queen of the Damned.
Static-X - Cold. Music video. (1.89MB)

Resident Evil.
Slipknot - My Plague. Music video. (1.80MB)

Scary Movie.
Bloodhound Gang - Great White Dope. Music Video. (2.12MB)

Megadeth - No More Mr. Nice Guy. Music video. (1.73MB)

Trick or Treat.
Fastway - After Midnight Music video. (2.19MB)

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