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(Banned in the UK)
Theatrical trailer (1.10MB)

Nekromantic 2.
(Banned in the UK)
Theatrical trailer (607KB)

New York Ripper.
Theatrical trailer.
Uncut version. (1.9MB)

Night of the Bloody Apes.
US theatrical trailer (1.73MB)

Night of the Living Dead.
Original theatrical trailer. (1.04MB)

Nightmare on Elm Street.
Theatrical trailer. (962KB)

Night of the SS Zombies.
Theatrical trailer (651KB)

Night Train Murders.
Theatrical trailer. (1.49MB)

Nights of Terror.
Theatrical trailer (2.09MB)


Omen, The.
Theatrical trailer (1.07MB).


Theatrical trailer (1.08MB)

Theatrical trailer (1.08MB)

Psychic Killer.
Theatrical trailer (1.61MB)




Theatrical trailer. (1.15MB)
The head gives "head" (so to speak). (808KB)

Re-Animator 2 (Bride of Re-Animator).
Theatrical trailer (1.07MB)
US theatrical trailer. (550KB)
Deleted scene "Meg is re-animated" (1MB)

Return of the Living Dead
Theatrical trailer. (887KB)

Return of the Living Dead Part 3
Theatrical trailer. (509KB)


Shock Waves.
US TV trailer. (310KB)

Shogun Assassin.
Theatrical trailer. (1.41MB)

The Slayer
Theatrical trailer. (821KB)

Theatrical trailer. (729B)

S.S. Experiment Camp.
Theatrical trailer. (729B)

Stage Fright.
Theatrical trailer. (1.27MB)

Street Trash.
Theatrical trailer. Uncut version. (1.69MB)


Theatrical trailer. (1.8MB)
The axe murder scene. (324KB)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Original theatrical trailer. (959KB)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.
Theatrical trailer. (595KB)
High speed chainsaw attack. (1MB)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4 : The Next Generation.
Theatrical trailer. (936KB)
Japanese theatrical trailer. (963KB)

The Toolbox Murders.
Theatrical trailer. Uncut version. (1.2MB)

Trick or Treat.
Theatrical trailer (1.2MB).




Theatrical trailer. (847KB)

Visiting Hours.
Theatrical trailer. (326KB)


Wild Zero
Theatrical trailer. (749KB)

Witch Who came from the Sea
Theatrical trailer. (1.18MB)

Women Behind Bars.
German theatrical trailer (887KB)


Theatrical trailer (1.21MB).
Missing Scenes
(scenes missing from all current DVDs) (1.30MB).




Zombie Creeping Flesh.
US Theatrical trailer. (800KB)

Zombie Flesh-Eaters.
Theatrical trailer. (1.53MB).
European theatrical trailer. (2.91MB).
US theatrical trailer. (971KB).
The missing intro, not used in the previous UK release
. (275KB)
Scene's cut by the BBFC
The infamous "eye splintering" scene. (388KB)
The zombies enjoy a meaty meal. (502KB)

Zombie Flesh Eaters 2 (Zombi 3)
Italian theatrical trailer. (1.7MB)
The missing pre-credits scene
(Only available on the US & Japanese release)

The missing intro (part 1) (1.82MB)
The missing intro (part 2) (355KB)

Zombie Flesh Eaters 3 (After Death)
European theatrical trailer. (1.66MB)

Zombie Holocaust.
US theatrical trailer. (1.68MB)
German theatrical trailer. (1.95MB)

Zombie Lake.
Theatrical trailer. (1.63MB)

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