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Theatrical trailer (1.26MB).

Amityville Horror
Theatrical trailer (1.36MB).

Anthropophagus the Beast
German theatrical trailer. (1.59MB)

Army of Darkness : The Medieval Dead (Evil Dead 3).
Theatrical trailer. (1.20MB)
The original cinema ending.(2.15MB)
The alternate UK video ending. (2.58MB)

Assault on Precinct 13.
Theatrical trailer. (1.19MB)


Bad Taste.
Theatrical trailer. (727KB)
Exploding Sheep. (82KB)

The Beast in Heat.
Theatrical trailer. (797KB)

The Beyond.
Theatrical trailer. (2.02MB)
A young zombies head is blasted. (94KB)

The Black Cat.
Theatrical trailer. (1.66MB)

Blade in the Dark.
Theatrical trailer. Uncut version (1.77MB)

Bloodbath at the House of Death.
Problems for Vincent price. (940KB)

Bloodrites (The Ghastly Ones).
(Banned in the UK)
Theatrical trailer Uncut version (953KB)

Bloody Moon.
Theatrical trailer (979KB)

The Bogeyman.
Theatrical trailer (1.07MB)

Theatrical trailer (1.23MB)

The Burning.
Theatrical trailer (847KB).
Cropsey's "shear" brutality. (365KB)


Cannibal Apocalypse
(Banned in the UK)
Theatrical trailer (879KB)
John Morghen's shotgun wound. (365KB)

Cannibal Ferox.
Theatrical trailer. Uncut version. (1.6MB)

Cannibal Ferox 2 (Massacre in the Dinosaur Valley).
Theatrical trailer. Uncut version. (1.22MB)

Cannibal Holocaust.
Theatrical trailer. Uncut version. (1.7MB)
German theatrical trailer. Uncut version. (1.27MB)

Cat in the Brain.
Theatrical trailer. (1.13 MB)

Cemetery Man.
German theatrical trailer (849KB).

City of the Living Dead.
Theatrical trailer. Uncut version. (1.7MB)
John Morghen has a "drilling" headache. (618KB)

Theatrical trailer. (1.87MB)


Dawn of the Dead.
Original UK theatrical trailer. (short) (372KB)
Original UK theatrical trailer. (long) (1.18MB)
Theatrical trailer. (1.09MB)

Day of the Dead.
Theatrical trailer. (555KB)

Theatrical trailer (1.21MB)

Deep River Savages.
Theatrical trailer. (1.87MB)

Driller Killer.
The infamous head drilling scene (head like a hole) (349KB)


Eaten Alive.
Theatrical trailer. Uncut version. (1.86MB)

Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals.
Theatrical trailer.
Uncut version. (1.53MB)

The Evil Dead.
Theatrical trailer. (1.19MB)

Evil Dead 2.
Theatrical trailer. (858KB)

The Exorcist.
Theatrical trailer. (970KB)


Fight for Your Life.
Theatrical trailer. (1.70MB)

Forest of Fear.
US theatrical trailer (295KB)

Friday the 13th.
Theatrical trailer. (1.30MB)
Extended Gore Scenes.
(Missing from the US R-rated release)

A good old fashioned throat slashing. (207KB)
Arrow through the neck. (198KB)
Axe in the Head. (126KB)
Pamela tries not to lose her head. (281KB)

From Beyond.
Theatrical trailer (864KB).




Theatrical trailer (863KB).

Halloween 3 : Season of the Witch.
Scenes missing from many of the UK video
releases (although have been shown on TV).

Missing "Nose Break" Scene. (239KB)
The Decapitation scene (232KB)
"Bug Blaster" death scene (288KB)

Halloween 6 : The Curse of Michael Myers.
Halloween 666 - original intended trailer (596KB)
The Unseen Producers Cut Version.
The unused intro flashback. (320KB)
Tommy prevents the Thorn Cults sacrifices. (393KB)
Tommy stops Myers with rune stones. (373KB)
Ending part 1 - Loomis confronts Myers. (353KB)
Ending part 2 - Myers leaves the building. (389KB)

Theatrical trailer. (836KB)

Hellraiser 2.
Theatrical trailer. (806KB)

Hiruko the Goblin.
Theatrical trailer. (800KB)

Theatrical trailer. (862KB)

House by the Cemetery.
Theatrical trailer.
Uncut version. (1.9MB)

House on the Edge of the Park
Italian theatrical trailer. Uncut version (1.6MB)


I Spit on your Grave.
Theatrical trailer. Uncut version. (1.7MB)

Ichi the Killer.
Japanese theatrical trailer. (812KB)

Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS. (Banned in the UK)
Theatrical trailer (1.67MB)

Theatrical trailer. (852KB)


Jason X (Friday the 13th part 10)
UK TV trailer (236KB)

Theatrical trailer. (925KB)


Killer Crocodile.
Theatrical trailer. (1.70MB).

Killer Crocodile 2.
Theatrical trailer. (1.49MB).

Killer Klowns from Outer Space.
Theatrical Trailer (1.10MB)

Killer Nun.
Theatrical trailer. (1.70MB)

Killing of America.
Theatrical trailer. (1.11MB)


Last Cannibal World.
Theatrical trailer. Uncut version. (2.16MB)

Last House on the Left.
Theatrical trailer. (1.22MB)
Theatrical trailer (2). (795KB)

Leatherface : The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3.
Theatrical trailer. (680KB)
Benny's machine gun attack. (544KB)

The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue
Theatrical trailer. (2.25MB)


Theatrical trailer. (803KB)

Mountain of the Cannibal God.
Theatrical trailer. (2.17MB)

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