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In order to provide my fellow horror fans with a resource for purchasing goodies online, I have teamed up with the following sites to service your horror needs. These links will take you to the main page, I have provided more specific links to items in each review page.


Buy UK DVD's from Sendit.Com
Formerly "Blackstar" video, Sendit are the UK's BIGGEST online supplier of video's and DVD's. They have a fully searchable database and even a video finder service for out of print and ex-rental titles. They ship worldwide and UK postage is FREE!!!!!
The US branch of Amazon is THE place to buy your uncut region 1 DVD's and NTSC video's from. They ship worldwide, and customers have reportedly had no problems in getting their shipments through customs. So there should no problems importing goodies if you live outside the US.
The UK branch of Amazon is the place to stock up on your favourite Horror novels and soundtracks. They also have a comprehensive DVD and Video database and deliver worldwide.
Buy your European goodies from Proxis.be
Proxis is the Ideal place for picking up UNCUT European DVD's and tapes, as well as having an extensive CD and book database. They also ship worldwide (with minimal customs hassles).


Notes on Importing (UK specifically).
Goods ordered from Proxis or the US branch of Amazon generally don't have too many hassles getting through HM Customs and Excise. However, I would reccomend only ordering 1 or 2 discs at a time, as if you order several tapes or discs at once you will undoubtedly be charged import duty and Customs are more likely to inspect the contents of larger shipments.

Notes on differant operating systems.
Please remember that USA tapes are NTSC format and the DVD's are encoded for region 1 use. The UK and most of Europe use the PAL system and have region 2 encoded DVD's. If you are importing discs or tapes from overseas, please check that your DVD player is capable of multi-regional playback or that your VCR is capable of playing back the format you're importing before ordering.

Notes on Amazon.
All branches of Amazon ship worldwide and (with the exception of the Japanese branch) you only need the one account to order from any of there branches.

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