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Meet the New Treasurer

Kay C. Lagarde is a senior who is no stranger to Agri-Science. She has been an FFA member for four years and a Forestry Team Member for four years also. Last year she held the position of Treasurer and (drum roll, please) Kay C. Lagarde is this year's new Treasurer (applause).

Kay's goals are to keep accurate accounts and help raise a lot of money. Kay is a member on the varsity volleyball team and she participates in gymnastics. Kay also loves every kind of sports and all kinds of animals. Well Kay, the 2000 Officer and Executive FFA Team would like to say WELCOME ABOARD! To everyone else who ran, nice job!

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District Public Speaking Contests

Guess what folks? This year's FFA District Public Speaking Contest is being hosted by US on April 6th at Ledyard High School (loud cheering in the background). For all new members, the District Public Speaking Contest is a time when all the public speaking contests take place. Lebanon, Killingly, and Hale Ray Chapters are going to come here to compete in the areas of Creed, Prepared Public Speaking, and Extemporaneous Public Speaking. Also there will be a mock Quiz Bowl contest to let all you freshmen come out and get a taste of what it is like at the state competition. It is NOT TOO LATE to do public speaking. See Ms. Roy for details.

We would like for every single FFA Member to be here on April 6th. This event will run from 3:30 to 6:30 P.M. We need people to provide refreshments, participate in events, set up, clean up, act as time keepers, and to even cheer on the people who are participating. Please let Jon Shafer or Ms. Roy know if you are interested in helping out. This event is a lot of fun. It is an honor to be hosting it and you will also get the chance to meet other FFA Members.


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Made For Excellence Conference

On February 25, 2000, Jon Shafer, Andrea Nash, Kari Whitaker, Kristen Luce, Courtney Robbins, and Jerry McKee attended the 2000 Made For Excellence Conference in Southington, Connecticut. There they learned about leadership skills and setting different goals. Here is what they thought of the convention.

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Jon Shafer

This was my first time going to the Made For Excellence Conference. When we first got there, we were separated and sent to different tables. We sat there among people we had never met. From there, we did many activities that dealt with change, meeting others, and setting goals. We had to learn to work with these people. We watched skits together and even ate with them. By the time the seven hours were over, we knew everyone at our table really well. It was a great experience.

The part I enjoyed most about the conference was the skits. They were entertaining, had excellent points, and they were easy to relate to.

I feel that I learned the most from the lesson on setting goals. It was the very last thing we did and we did the most with it.

I would recommend this convention to other members because it was not only specifically related to the FFA but it is also a great motivator for anyone.

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Jerry McKee

Even though this was my first time attending this convention, I learned a lot from it. I enjoyed this convention. I met new people and learned new things. I think the part that I enjoyed the most was the hands-on activities. I loved this event and I recommend this convention to others. The reason that I recommend it to other members is that you get to meet other Chapter Members.

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Kari Whitaker

Even though this was my first time attending the Made For Excellence Conference, I had a lot of fun. For instance, my table had our mascot, the talking cow named Howie. A lot of our ideas centered around that theme. I trusted my table mates and hope to see them all again. Each activity puts a new concept into play. It was definitely a learning experience the whole way through.

What I really enjoyed the most about the Made For Excellence Convention was the people. Especially at my table, where we worked together and had a great time in the process. We all ended up exchanging out addresses and e-mails.

I would definitely recommend this event to other members. It's a wonderful experience. They make it impossible not to meet new people, participate, or have a good time.

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Courtney Robbins

Basically, what happened at the conference was I met and interacted with a bunch of great people. I learned a lot of leadership skills that I hope to apply. I had a great time.

I have never gone to the Made For Excellence Conference before but I really felt that the skits and the group work were the best parts. I feel that I learned a lot about goal searching. I have a feeling that I will be using what I learned about goal searching the most.

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Kristen Luce

I think the whole convention was awesome. This was my first time going and I thought that method of using skits to show and teach each of the different sections was a great idea.

The part I feel that I learned the most from was when they talked about risks and I was able to determine what my risk range was.

I also really enjoyed the theme about the internet. I would recommend this event to others for it was so much fun from the skits to everything else that we did.

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Andrea Nash

I think I can sum up my whole experience in one word, "WOW!" The Made For Excellence Conference was not what I expected it was going to be like. It was much, much better. After getting over the shock of being allowed to get up on the chairs and dance, I can easily say we all got into the swing of things.

This year's conference was based on the theme of the internet and our mascot was Wookie (a worn out stuffed fish). All the tables competed in trying to get Wookie. My table didn't earn Wookie, but we did steal him for about twelve minutes.

I think the part I really learned the most about was the diversity and how to meet new people section. I must say I can't remember the last time we all got to play with toilet paper, feathers, and tape. But it was a lot of fun!

It was nice to meet people from other Chapters. This conference was one of the few conventions where all camera happy people felt right at home. It even got to the point where some of the reporters and historians were having contests to see who could be more quiet while sneaking up in the middle of a skit to take a picture.

I like the fact that I was separated from my own Chapter because it was a lot easier to meet new people because everyone else was in the same position as you. In the end, you learned that you trusted these people because they had you do a "trust fall." A "trust fall" is when everyone stands in a tight circle around you. You lock your legs and fall backwards. Your group is not supposed to let you fall.

It really allows you to get a glimpse on what FFA is all about: an organization that promotes leadership, personal growth, and career success. That is what the Made For Excellence Conference was all about. Thanks to everyone who made it possible to go!

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Interested in Getting Ducklings in the Spring?
See the FFA Bulletin Board for sign up sheets. We need to have an estimate of how many we want to get. If you have any questions see Andrea Nash.

Horse Show
FFA is having their 6th Annual Horse Show. It is coming up on April 29th at the Ledyard Fair Grounds. This is one of our major fundraisers. A majority of the money goes to scholarships for the seniors. The remaining money goes to support the chapter events. This event is a lot of fun and it would be great if everyone would help out. You don't need to know anything about horses. If you are interested in helping out see Heather Miner or Bethany Rankin and show up during lunch on Wednesdays in the Agri-Science shop.

Want to Borrow
I would like to borrow a mallard drake for breeding purposes. If you are interested, please contact Andrea Nash.

Attention FFA Members
Would you like to buy a FFA jacket at a lower shipping and handling cost? Come see Mrs. Provencher in the Agri-Science office as soon as possible!

I am looking for an old jogging cart for a horse. It can be beaten up or new. Please contact Jerry Blankenbaker.

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Calendar Of Events

CDE Schedule

[ball]Quiz Bowl (Open to Freshmen Only)
Place: Ms. Roy's Room
Time: Monday during lunch

[ball]Ag. Business Management
Place: Ms. Roy's Room
Time: Monday after school

[ball]Creed (Open to Freshmen Only)
Place: Agri-Science
Time: Tuesday during lunch

Place: Agri-Science
Time: Tuesday after school

[ball]Horse Judging
Place: Mr. Dexter's Room
Time: Wednesday after school

[ball]Aquaculture and Environmental Science
Place: Agri-Science
Time: Thursday during lunch

Committee Meetings

[ball]District Five Public Speaking Contests
Place: Ledyard High School Time: April 6th 3:30 - 6:30 P.M.

[ball]FFA Horse Show
Place: Mr. Dexter's Room
Time: Wednesday during lunch

[ball]Parent's Open House
Thank you to everyone who helped out at the Parent's Open House. You guys really hustled and brought in some money for the Horse Show while proving that the FFA is an organization that promotes leadership, personal growth and fun. GREAT JOB!

[ball]Duckling Organization Meeting
Place: Small Animal Room
Time: Tuesday during lunch
Anyone who is even thinking about getting a duckling this spring please come! If we have enough people, we can order new breeds instead of just Mallards and Pekings.

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Note from the Editor

Howdy folks! I hope you are enjoying this March issue of the FFA Informer. As many of you know, you have been asked to fill out a survey that deals with your S.A.E. projects. I would like to say thank you to everyone that filled them out and returned them. I really appreciate it! For the few stragglers (you know who you are) you have until March 23rd to get those surveys back to me. It would be nice to have a wide range of S.A.E. articles. I hope to see all of you at the upcoming events. ~Andrea Nash, FFA Reporter

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