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bearybipolar's diary page ten


saturday,april 03,1999 el barrio. 4:12 am(EST)-0500
Just finished printing out a hard copy of the site. The stack is 3/8 of an inch(1 centimeter),three times longer than my hair! I know,diary fans,no diary since march 17,1999,three and a half weeks,not an eternity,but . . .Yeah, ye olde moods swinging all over the place,no surprise,there.I've been hanging in there,doing what I needed to do,internet mailing list posting/ lurking,spiffing up ye olde site,animated gifs,new backrounds, moving web rings around,joining web rings,canceling a few,doing housework,eating/sleeping sector mostly improving, writing five million emails,kosovo,trying to be a good pooh, trying out different email servers,zap zone network(zzn) is pretty decent,spring has sprung,shall i put a period in. yada,yada,yada . . . i'm getting kinda grumpy,should eat,as Dad used to say,better than a slap in the belly with a wet fish.See ya! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sunday,april 04,1999 el barrio 7:40pm(EDT)-0400
back again,so soon?!Zee internette azze bin verhl sloh.Alf az miny its az lasse veek.Bawt mohr humbo igs aht dee stohr. {translation:The internet has been real slow.Half as many hits as last week.Bought more jumbo eggs at the store.[see,i have some pity,on my poor,confused readers(!)]}More Bearyspeak--- Eet ve eestir toodayh,vut ve noh goh tu meyh muddah-en-luhw, ve veh tu zik--- owdi,zots of edeggs,ehr heneralle,pewht awt. {translatation: It be easter today,but we no go to my mother-in-law,we be too sick---oh,wonderful,diarrhea,lots of headaches,in general,pooped out.[improve the syntax,yourself, I'm too tired(!)]} Vant mohr,zees ve tu zilly! Ohrihrt,vu ahkt ver eet ahn vu guhnna geht eet!Vaht vu vaht tu noh? Evhvehrting,ahvuluhtlee evhreting?!Vehr nott?Ohrihrt,vehr gahz . . .Ehn zee veeginnin gott . . .Nott zat muhch. Eenuff,lahter! {translation,sorry only word by word available:Want more,this be too silly!All right,you asked for it and you gonna get it!What you want to know? Everything,absolutely everything?! Why not? Allright,here goes . . . In the beginning god . . .Not that much.Enough,later!} Hopely,somebody,was amused by all that nonsense,and I didn't offend anyone. Take care, Beary ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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