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Flag of Mevu
The flag of Mevu

The Republic of Mevu was proclaimed in 1970, when a pioneering group established the country on the Riiser-Larsen Peninsular in Antarctica. The country underwent various changes of government over the years. In 1972, it became a National State, which prompted an armed rebellion, and in 1973, the rebels took over and set up the Democratic People's Co-operative Republic of Mevu (or DPCR Mevu, as it was abbreviated on the stamps.) In 1990, we celebrated our 20th Birthday, a truly monumental occasion! Later, the country joined the Antarctic Confederation of City Republics (ACCR) and decreased issuing its own stamps. Its identity has been rather subsumed to the ACCR since then.

Emperor penguins near Amundsen Harbour, Mevu.

Currency is metric: 100 tanos = 1 reis. The reis is tied to the USA dollar.

Founder of the country is the renowned Norwegian archæologist,
Geir Sør-Reime.

The ruling party over most of the history of the country has been the People's Democracy World Movement (PDWM), a utopian group who were keen to find some land to practice the ideals they espouse.

Geir Sor-Reime
Prominent archæologist
Geir Sør-Reime,
founder of Mevu, shown on a
2015 stamp which he designed.

Mevu is a founding member of the International Council of Independent States (ICIS), the "United Nations" of the Fifth World, founded in 1984.

Supplies and mail are often carried by helicopter in Antarctica.

Human population of Mevu is small. The greatest population is made up of penguins, most of whom are Emperors. The penguin is a protected species in the ACCR.

Emperor penguins at Char, Mevu.    Photo by Joumir Ghagam.  Penguins near Amundsen Harbour, Mevu.   Photo by Lemmath Babi.

In 2015, Mevu celebrated its 45th anniversary of independence with celebratory stamps and festivities. For more about the celebrations, click here. And in 2020, we celebrated our first half-century of existence. More details here.

Mevu 2015 45th anniversary of independence, 35 tanos   Mevu 2015 45th Anniversary of Independence, 50 tanos

The Kingdom of Norway issued a special commemorative "cal" or
personalised stamp, showing the Mevu flag, in 2015.

Norway Mevu cal, used
The Norwegian postally-valid cal showing the Mevu flag.

Global Warming is a serious problem for Antarctica, and indeed, the whole planet. In 2008, Mevu announced a campaign to encourage all people worldaround to help stop global warming. more

Mevu has a small colony in the warm South Pacific Ocean, Waikoa Island, which is widely enjoyed by Mevuans to take vacations away from our sub-zero temperature country. more

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85 tanos.
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