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General Postal Treaty Organisation
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The General Postal Treaty.


The procedure adopted for delivery of registered mail in the Fifth World has prior to now varied rather markedly in different countries. The GPTO has now standardised the procedure along with introducing unique receipts.

Please click the receipt to see actual-size image.

Under the new procedure, the originating Post Office will attach a green GPTO receipt to the back of the registered or insured letter at the time the item is accepted. A Registered (R) or Insured (V) label should be attached to the front of the item. Preferred position for this is the lower left corner of the envelope. Please mark the envelope with a blue crayon cross on both front and back.

The green receipt form is datestamped with the postmark of the despatching office, and accompanies the letter all of its journey. When it is delivered and signed by the addressee, the postal official delivering same also signs it and notes time and date in the space provided, then stamps their postmark in the "delivery office" field on the form.

You then have either of two options. Put the receipt in an envelope and post it back to the Postmaster of the despatching office (this is post-free under the General Postal Treaty.) A second alternative for offices who are too busy for this, or who are unsure where the issuing office is, is to post all your signed receipts to the GPTO once a month. We will then distribute them to the individual Post Offices.

When you receive your signed receipts back, they should be pasted back into your receipt book, and a note made on the white copy of date and time the receipt is returned.

Receipt books will be supplied free by the GPTO, as will R and V labels. Just request a supply any time you need more. The R and V labels will be specially printed with the name of the Post Office: when ordering, please advise the last number in your old book.

The General Postal Treaty.

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