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Some Postal History and covers from Mevu.

In 1970 when we first became an independent country the mail services were run by the Government Post, a department of the Republic's administration. Later, the Antarctic Postal Corporation was formed, and the Government Post, as well as the Post Offices of several other Antarctic states, were handed over to it.

Most photos will enlarge if you click on them.

1986, 15th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Occussi-Ambeno.  Click to view a full-size envelope.
First flight from Mevu to Occussi-Ambeno by zeppelin, 1985.
In 1973, Occussi-Ambeno ran the mail services for a few months.  This envelope dates from that period.
After the revolution in 1973, this 10 tanos stamp was the first emergency stamp issue.
Aerogramme showing President Lemmath Babi, used on 6th October 1973.
Occussi-Ambeno Post Office at Amundsen Harbour, immediately following the July Revolution in 1973, the 6 tanos used on 1st October 1973.
FDC of the 1990 Bicentenary of Homoeopathy stamp.  Click to view a full-size photo.
Official letter from Mevu's Postmaster-General in 1990.
Mevu 1988 Food Year first day cover
Mevu 1989 5th anniversary of the ICIS first day cover
Cover to Chyan, 1989.
Cover to Muggy in 1992.
1989 Mevu cover
Mevu 1989 cover signed by founder
Mevu 2005 Save the Whales & Orcas first day cover.
Mevu 1971 Winter Courier Official cover to UK.
Mevu 1974 aerogramme to UK
Mevu 1985 aerogramme
Mevu 1988 registered cover bearing imperf penguins.
Bouvet Island 1988 cover with Mevu imperfs.
Mevu 1971 Star Definitive set on FDC
Mevu 1985 cover to Waikoa Island
Mevu 1985 cover to Waikoa via OTA
Mevu 1971 Winter Courier cover from first despatch
Mevu 1970 sealed cover with block of Election commemoratives
Mevu 1970 dated first day cover with an inverted 2 reis
Mevu 1984 cover to USA
Mevu 1984 cover with inverted date in postmark
Mevu 1990 registered cover to USA
Mevu early official cover to UK
Mevu 1970 25 tanos pair on first day cover
Mevu 1970 Iceberg first day cover
Mevu-87-cvMevu 1987 airmail cover to USA with unissued South Pole Flight stampr-zepps-b.jpg
Mevu early cover to UK with declared value
Mevu 1973 National State overprints, first day cover
Mevu 1973 National State overprints, first day cover
Mevu 1973 National State overprints, the higher values on first day cover
Occussi-Ambeno Post office in Amundsen harbour, 1973 6 tanos on cover to occussi-Ambeno
Mevu 2020 50th anniversary of independence set on first day cover
Mevu cover to Australia
Mevu 1986 cover with 6t 15th anniversary of diplomatic relations with Occussi-Ambeno, sent to Occussi-Ambeno
Mevu 1988 Service cover to Occussi-Ambeno bearing imperf penguins.
Mevu 1989 World Starcross Championships first day cover
Mevu 1988 registered cover to Occussi-Ambeno, with imperf penguins.

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