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Republic of Mevu


People everywhere urged to
with Mevu's new stamp issue.


The small Antarctic land of Mevu has issued a set of four stamps showing photographs of Antarctic life.

The date of issue is 14th April 2008. The stamps are printed in full colour by KDPN, from photographs of life in the Antarctic area of Mevu.

Much of the Antarctic comprises massive plateaux of ice, which global warming is melting. This makes the sea level rise everywhere. It spells disaster for much life on the planet, not only in Antarctica, but in low-lying islands and coastal areas worldaround. Global warming is believed to be caused by surplus methane discharges (from cattle and other ruminant animals that are intensively farmed for meat) and from surplus carbon dioxide (from cars and aircraft) and burning of coal. This set of stamps urges people to HELP STOP GLOBAL WARMING! - as per the calls by the United Nations, ICIS, Greenpeace, and many others. The best ways to do this are to totally give up meat-eating (vegan option is best), stop using cars (instead using electric railway or cycling), and stop flights in jet aircraft. If everyone adopts these three guidelines, the planet may survive.

17 tanos ... Sno-cat

35 tanos ... Albatross in flight

Rs 1.85 ... Wandering Albatross

Rs 2.35 ... Sled husky dogs


For more information on the Republic of Mevu, or information on the beautiful Antarctic region round the Riiser-Larsen peninsular, please visit the Mevu website,