Episode 191: Alliance

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Dec. 17, 2003
Ok here's an update for those of you who are still interested in TMMP. I've finished the fall semster of my senior year finally, and I took a few days off to reduce the suicide meter a bit, otherwise I'd have made this episode on Monday. I'll try to post more often for a while at least, but I'm expecting life to go to hell again this comming semster so updates will happen as I have time.
Sept 17, 2003
Sorry this update should have been yesterday, but I was working on some homework while I made it and I ran out of time. I think I've finally decided on an update schedule of Tuesday, Thursday, and one during the weekends (if I am in town). This weekend I will be out of town, so you'll only get two this week.
Sept 9, 2003
Ok I'm going to attempt to start updating again, but this time I'm going to hold a much more realistic update schedule. I'm going to attempt to do three episodes a week, since my life has become severly busy. I guess we'll see how it goes. And, thanks to those of you who are still visiting the site, I appreciate it.
July 22, 2003
Sigh, I wish I could update for you folks more often but right now it just isn't possible. With the constant trips up to Appleton I've been spending less than four days a week actually in my appartment. Couple this with the huge case of writer's block I've had recently, and it makes it very hard to keep up to date on my comics. I am trying, but until the school year starts I may not get to publish as many episodes as I would like to. Also on Wednesday I'm leaving for Gen Con. For those of you who don't live in the Midwest, Gen Con is a gaming convention that is held every year. This year I am going to be fortunate enough to attend with some friends. So I will be out of town from Wednesday to very late Sunday night. Again I'm sorry about the lack of a constant stream of updates, but there is little I can do about it. Just know that I will be trying to update as much as possible.
July 15, 2003
Bleh! Sorry about that, I spent three days in Appleton (as I said I would periodically do) and as soon as I got home my graphics card had a melt down. My computer was connected to the internet, but not being able to see what I was doing severely hindered my ability to supply you all with comic goodness. Sixty bucks later I've got a shiny new graphics card that can run circles around the old one. I just hope it can manage a similar track record.
July 9, 2003
Ok just wanted to give everyone the heads up here. I'll be taking frequnt two/three day trips up to appleton for the rest of the summer for personal buisness. This means I will only be updating about five times a week.
July 8, 2003
TMMP is BACK! I finally got an internet connection to my computer in my appartment and I'll be updating regularly again. Ly has also brought it to my attention that several links on my site are broken. I'll get around to fixing these as I get time.
May 27, 2003
Well this is the last update for a bit, tomorrow I'll be leaving for Wisconsin to set up my new apartment on Sunday. I'm expecting to be without interned for the entire first week after I get there, so expect TMMP to start regular updates again around June 7. If I get online earlier I'll start my schedule again, but no promises on that happening.
May 24, 2003
Sorry about not posting a comic yesterday, I was busy doing a panel for a fusion comic. I'll post a link to the fusion once it's up so you can see my contribution.
May 23, 2003
Well I got my 10,000th page visit today. So that means it's time to whore out my comic some more. Tell your friends about TMMP, I'm making it my goal to double my traffic by the end of July, that means I need to get 100 more hits a day.
May 22, 2003
If you don't understand this comic don't sweat it. I'm completely making fun of myself here. I've been missing episodes for no better reason than that I've been drawing during the time I normally allot to do TMMP. I'm trying not to do it so much anymore, but I'm a lazy bastard; not to mention I really need to update my links section. I've got about 4 new sites to add, one to remove, and one to change... oh well I'll get it done eventually (*snicker* *choke* *cough*). For those of you upset that I haven't been keeping an iron-clad update schedule of late, please send me hate-mail as I haven't as yet receive any true hate-mail. If you are merely disappointed in me, visit the forums and bash me there.
May 13, 2003
I decided to post a guest comic Ly made for me. This was actually the first guest comic she made for me, I just recently found it and decided I would put it up as my update so I wouldn't forget about it again. I'll update Ly's archive in the morning.
May 12, 2003
Sorry for dropping off the face of the planet there for a few days. I was finishing up my finals and moving my stuff out of my room, it didn't leave me with a whole lot of time to make comics. I'm now on a three week vacation back home at my parents' house so I should be getting TMMP pretty much back on track. I might have some trouble with releasing weekend episodes because my parents have a lot of work for me to do on the weekends, but weekday episodes will be no problem. In other news, I did not get the cartooning job at my school paper because the cartoon I drew was a panel based comic and not a one frame political commentary. Since I won't be drawing comics for the paper, I decided to continue on my original path. I have now began production of a drawn comic, which I have tentatively named "Inner Child." I've only got three acceptable episodes right now, and I won't release them online until I have about thirty (a one month buffer), but the comic is underway nonetheless. It is wholly separate from TMMP, so don't expect a link right away. The release of this comic will also bank on general acceptance of the pilot episodes which will be critiqued by my sister (the PRE) and anyone she thinks can give me honest feedback. In other other news, I should be getting project audition back on track within the next few days, so look for that in the white banner under the comics.
Apr. 25, 2003
Well it seems all I use the news for is to apologize for missing episodes. Again I apologize for missing two days, but I've been insanely busy. Finals are in a week, and I've got professors piling on the last minute homework. Not to mention the horrendous amounts of studying I have to get done. And just because I didn't think I was busy enough, I decided to apply to two jobs this weekend. First I'm applying to become a bike patroller on campus during the summer, and second I'm applying to become my school paper's cartoonist next fall. The fist job I have in the bag and will have to undergo a six-hour training workshop on Saturday (along with the five-hour shift I normally work on Saturday... WEEEEEE). The second job I'm making my application for requires me to write and draw four strips by five o'clock Monday. I've already written the first (which I will re-draw tonight since the first draft sucks), but I'm left with three more to pretty much do from scratch. I'm suddenly incredibly glad I bought some Bristol board and a few Microns over Easter break; it will give my work a professional feel, if perhaps not the look. In view of all this mayhem, I am considering scaling back the number of comics I'll be putting up over the next two weeks. Also, I have already decided to put Project Audition back on hold while I take care of real life. I should be getting PA back up in about two weeks (after I finish the semester).
Apr. 21, 2003
Sorry about not updating for a few days, but my school has easter break, which I spent with some friends at their house. Things should get back into step now.
Apr. 11, 2003
Well hell just froze over, I've made the cast list and put it up. I'll be working on today's comic now.
Apr. 10, 2003
Well as you might have noticed, I've decided to only post news when I have something important to say. If you really want to hear from me more often, check out the forums, I check in there at least twice a day. In other news, I've completed another column in the archives... wow 150 already how the time flies. It seems like just yesterday I was a crappy little sprite comic with a page that took 15 minutes to create and a fan base that could be counted on one hand. Now I'm a crappy sprite comic with a better page and a hefty archive, and enough readers to count on a handful of hands. Thanks all it's a blast. I should be getting Project Audition up and going sometime soon, just finishing up some page coding. I've got one spot left on the roster, so if you still want to enter Project Audition, now is the time. I would also like to send a BIG thanks to Ly, for putting up with me during my current endeavor into a place that I was initially afraid to go (yes that was purposefully vague). Also, I will be putting up a guest comic submission page in the near future, due to the shear amount of guest comics I'm being sent. Due to the total lack of any kind of time I've had recently, I'm funneling all new submissions through Ly (who doesn't have any time either, but doesn't write a comic on a daily basis... although she DOES write one). She'll be acting as my filter, so before you send something to her, make sure the spelling and grammar is correct, as she will be proofreading with extreme prejudice. Again thanks to everyone who reads.
Apr. 5, 2003
Well if you were wondering about why I didn't do anything yesterday, I think my sisters guest comic should clear things up. For my birthday I decided I would pamper myself and take a couple of days off from the site.
Apr. 1, 2003
Ok Project Audition was pushed back a little because of some late submissions, and some lab report related problems. I'll try my best to get the lineup working soon. Also, I really need the maker of "Beach Man" to contact me, as I have lost your email address.
Mar. 31, 2003
Just updated my links section.
Mar. 30, 2003
Sorry about PA not being up yet, having some problems with the code. In other news, I got a TK domain name. So you can now reach my site at www.TMMP.tk
Mar. 29, 2003
Sorry about not posting a comic on friday, I got to drawing and lost track of the time.
Mar. 27, 2003
Sorry about the lateness, had a load of homework I had to slay. The first audition episode should be posted this weekend at some time. First though I need the maker of "Beach Man" to contact me, I lost your email. Also I should have a line up of the current entries up sometime on friday.
Mar. 26, 2003
Not the best episode today, but I'm exhausted after my work shift tonight. Thing are going ok on the drawing front, still need a few months of constant practice to be anywhere near ready to do anything with it.
Mar. 25, 2003
Well, my bane is back with me. Spending so much time teaching myself to draw takes a certain amount of time away from my thinking time usually invested in my comic.
Mar. 24, 2003
Well, the self guided drawing lessons continue. I think I'm making decent progress for someone who has no innate ability to draw. I also learned that Helmbot is deceptively hard to draw. Also, I've lost quite a few emails of people who sent me project audition sprites (about 4 people) so I will be checking to find which e-mails I lost. When I release the sprite line up I will also post who I need to email me. Sorry about that, but yahoo kinda went blizy on me.
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