NAME:Mega Man
MAKER:Dr. Light
LIKES:Weaponry and lots of if
DISLIKES:Twinkies, duct tape, and getting bumped
FUNCTION:Main hero. He is forcibly made to defend the nation against the scourge of Dr. Wily. Although he doesn't want to go to war against Wily, his head is on the table, so to speak.
FAVORITE QUOTE:Fear stupid people in large groups.

MAKER:Dr. Light
LIKES:Ice cream and things that don't catch fire.
DISLIKES:Flaming ice cream
FUNCTION:Companion to Mega Man, although more recently she has taken on the role as an extra gun on search and destroy missions. Mostly she just hangs around the house keeping track of Dr. Light.
FAVORITE QUOTE:Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do, especially for the dumb.

NAME:Dr. Light
PRIMARY WEAPON:Omega Twinkie Shower
MAKER:His Mother
LIKES:Twinkies, duct tape, and pencils.
DISLIKES:Helmbot, Dr. Wily, and ungrateful robots.
FUNCTION:Creator of Mega man, Roll, and Helmbot. He spends most of the day tinkering in his "lab" and wandering around forgetting about the tasks at hand. He has many patents on robotics, although the source of his funding is still in question.

LIKES:Sarcasm, irony, and the obvious.
DISLIKES:Twinkie Shield, Dr. Light's spring.
FUNCTION:The incarnation of the author within the comic. Although he has no true power, he does seem to grasp certain aspects about the world he is trapped in, as well as having some minor preminatory abilities. For unknown reasons, Steve recently underwent a name change.
FAVORITE QUOTE:It is very possible that your sole reason for existing is to act as a warning to others.

MAKER:Dr. Light
LIKES:Hats, confusion.
DISLIKES:Things that aren't hats and disrespect of his authority.
FUNCTION:Arguably the most powerful character in the comic. Instilled with the power of confusion by the author, his abilities are near limitless, if only he knew how to use them. Recently Helmbot has taken on a less malevolent role and began assisting Mega Man on his missions. Even more important is his impeccable ability to clone himself, which he is slowly learning to control.
FAVORITE QUOTE:Confusion is a state of mind... or is it?

NAME:Dr. Wily
MAKER:His Mother
LIKES:Evil, robots, and evil robots.
DISLIKES:Dr. Light, Mega Man, and the good.
FUNCTION:Turned to the side of evil by lack of research grants, and the apparent success of Dr. Light, Dr. Wily has aspirations of world conquest. However, given his current strategy, Helmbot seems far more likely to succeed at conquering the world.
FAVORITE QUOTE:Everything sounds better when you use the evil voice.

MAKER:Dr. Wily
LIKES:Things that slice.
DISLIKES:Dull things and the evil union.
FUNCTION:Originally one of Dr. Wily's robot masters, Cutman has forsaken his evil ways in order to escape the evil union. Now working for Dr. Light, Cutman is realizing his dream of working in a slow paced, near catatonic, work environment. While he currently serves as a live in cook, Cutman's role in the big picture is of yet unknown.
FAVORITE QUOTE:Cut the crap.