A site that has something you don't often see in comics these days... wit. There is also a good story within the comic as well.

This is my sister's site. She was nice enough to post a link to me, so I'm returning the favor.

A comic that one of my forum goers runs. Decent humor and a crazy met.

Here is the site the proved to me that serious sprite comics are actually possible. Remember if you want to vote for other sites, you can still vote for me, as there is no limit on the number of sites you can vote for every day.

Some good humor to be found here. Plus the writer is a pretty cool guy.

Another serious sprite comic. Not as good as Too Short a life, but still good in my book.

This is a link I aquired in a link trade. If you like crude humor, you'll like this... just think Dennis Leary with puns.