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~Dollz By StrawberryP0cky~

I've been getting into dollz lately, but I wanted to make my own. So I did! You can make your own, too! Just use PhotoShop, PhotoDeluxe, Paint--any program that has a drawing tool--and you draw them! They're somewhat time-consuming, but pretty easy to make despite that!


(just in case you need 'em):

HTML: Highlight the text in the white area underneath the background you want, right click on your mouse and select copy, go to the area where you would like the code (your shop description, for example), and right click on your mouse and select paste (it's easiest if you put the code at the top of your description). Save and you're done!

CSS: Right click on the image itself, click Properties, and copy the URL that it gives. Then paste it where you need the code entered, save it, and you're done!

I *do* take requests! Please send them to

NOTE: Feel free to use as many or few of these dollz as you like, but PLEASE put this banner somewhere on the page where you have the dollz!!

If you're putting your doll on Neopets, use this code:

If you're putting your doll anywhere else, use this code:


Misty (Fat)

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