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The Speed Divas are a trio of superpowered drag queens living in Regina, Saskatchewan who fight unfabulousness wherever it may be with their fabulous powers of fabulosity. Yes, you heard me... drag queens, Saskatchewan, and fabulosity, all on one web site!

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Okay, the comic turned out wonderpuss, but, like, kinda expensive for us Canucks. It's 5$US per comic, and I ordered five. Then it was an additional 18$US for the shipping, and another 9$CDN for Canada Customs. But did I mention that it looks a-freakin-mazing?

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Past Speed Divas Episodes!

Episode 31 - Lift, Separate, Divide & Conquer!

(August 28, 2005) The Divas are back -- when we last saw our Thtupendous Threesome, they parted ways and called it quits. This kind of picks up a year later. Start reading the comic Mary, I'm getttin' tired of typing...

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