Names, Sweetie, Names!

We're kickin' names and takin' butt - oh, I mean we're takin' names and... oh, never mind. Here's a list of drag names (followed by location if they exist). Feel free to email us with more!


Rue LaTweel
Elba Kerkey
Selma Bootay
Anna Steezya
Anne Whatsittoya (Regina, SK)
Anita Lay (Calgary, AB)
Gladys Over (Buffalo, NY)
Ellie Vader (Toronto, ON)
Havana Fitt
Peg Leg
Ophelia Cockswell (Calgary, AB)
Amanda Fukwith (Regina, SK)
Nada Chance (Regina, SK)
Hannah Rexia (Regina, SK)
Eve L. Beetch (Regina, SK)
Farrah Zvair
Aunt Acid (Regina, SK)
Betty Swallows (Regina, SK)
Shanda Lear
Misty Meaner
Moira Lass (Saskatoon, SK)
Dee Monick
Gina Tonic
Avocado Kumquat (Vancouver, BC via
Moose Jaw, SK -- YAY MOOSE JAW!)


Izzy Reel (Winnipeg, MB)
Godfrey Sayken
Phil O'Pian (Winnipeg, MB)
Bob Upndown (Calgary, AB)
Phillip Mahole
Kurt Enrodd
Louden Clear (Saskatoon, SK)
Ryan Koke (Winnipeg, MB)

The following extensive list of names was created by our fabulous (and maybe "only") American fan, Seattle Mark.

So, like, this list is his copyright, Mary. Hands off. If you even mention them at a cocktail party just to look witty in front of the hunky waiter, you have to get Mark's approval first.

UPDATED July 5, 2005! And to go with the update, we have a pic of Mark wearing nothing but a bathrobe and skillfully-placed towel.

Casey Días
Marion Bright
Ashley Aguy
Lou de Kriss
Athena Nuff
Ariadne Littlelamb
Amelia Wontforget
Dionne Switch
Sharon Dippity
Myrna Mouthful
Lana Milkenhunny
Tish Hughes

Cheyenne Retiring
Simone Saymyname
Mammy Vice
Jessie Second
Nan Tuck-it
Joyce Occasion
Celine Solution
Estée Put
Gladys C Hughes
JoBeth Hushyomouth
Jane U. Wine
Raïsa Ruckus
Jillian Damp
Eulalie Loveyou
Edina Wannadoit
Dianne Tameetcha
Janis A. Quoi
Elsie Ewenhell
Gretchen Sniff
Alice Gutt
Sonya Papermoon
Dolores Myshepherd
Tina Biscuit
Sheila Tackya
Joniece Anne Jonephew
Nastasha Nutsaway
Wilma Goodness and her sister Shirley Goodness
Jenny Tailya
Estelle Hertz
Phyllis Fullagin
Raquel Suprise
Lois Commondenominator
Consuela Lottagin
Jemimah Askin
Eunice Bustinoutallover
Megan Whoopee
Megan Love
Enya Face
Holly Gopostal
Alicia Gottjerhelth
Chastity Gumdrops
Tanya Hide
Phoenicia Dinna
Amanda Rekkenwith
Jewel Lovett
Ima Gonnascream
Cherry Thongfrosting
Colleen Hughes (great for introducing herself: “I am Colleen Huuuuuuuuuughes...”)
Fifi Fofum
Spacey Seasick
Charity Case
Natalie Dressed
Lucy Lurch Aimlessly
Sinead Samansobad
Beth Geth
Cherish Nothinglikeadame
Alice Alackaday
Flora Dated
Bessie Mae Mucho
Gracie Spoon
Wilhemina Werdavit
Bea Yatch
Juana B.
Risë Jollygoodfellow (Felicia’s sister the opera singer)
Tipper Over
Nona Few and her sister Hedda Few
Viv O’Section
Barbra Streiswyck
Barbarella Fitzgerald
Maida Mess
Jess d’Anjou [you could practically steal Googie Gomez’s costume for this one]
Valerie Valdera-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
Annie Histamine
Betty Will
Selma Cabbages
Alison Gertrude
Trudy Lite
Maureen Mammals
Myrtle Wound
Thelma Thelph
Julie Madlydeeply
Victory Doodah
Ashley N. Truly
Amina Hurry
Nicole N. Dimeyatadeath
Petunia On (a pal of Pauline Mylegg)
Helen Earth
Patty Kate Bakersmann
Gwen Myway
Priscilla Mockingbird
Isabel Ringing
May Whee
Carla Spadeaspade
Barb Belle
Imogine Yes
Gail Force
Alma Love
Siobahn Stubeyirish
Mary Wanna
Nadia Head
Celeste Callthewholethingoff
Yvonne duBialone
Greta Ballsafire
Mae Wee
Naomi Tewacross
Chloe Ng
Deana Mulls (I talk to her a lot)
Monica Dabra
Bette Yerass
Jeanine Tonic
Wanda Lust
Viv Onlyjustbegun
Jessie Sec
Angela Dorrit
Ella Menopy
Gladys Canby
Abbie C Enya
Jill Latiness
Amy Gawd
Candida Thrush
Juanita Time
Pauline Malegg
Tammy Up
Ida Ho
Lynn Forward
Mamie N. Offer
Angie Did
Bebe Gunn
DeeDee R. Didinty
Joann de Vivre
Eden Out
Dawn G. O’Vahny
Ella van Tiasis
Maisy Force Bewitches
Daisy Wynan Roses
June Bug
April May and her sorority sister June Does
Cynthia Brottitup
Ethel Haftadoo
Mabel Lean
Marcie Beaucul
Penny Wise
Nadia Dont
Sara Banned
Labia Poundcake
Eva Lovelybunchacoconuts
Sharon Nuff
Sarah Doctor (IN THE HOUSE!!!!)
Windy Shade
Winnie Widiwicci
Mona Lot
Annabelle Lecture
Anna Nuthathing
Mrs Sippy
Hedda Lettis
Brandy Whine
Tish Washer
Linda Hand
Heidi Ho
Kate Estrophy
Una No
Ola La
Nina Neener
Winterspring Summerfall (granola)
Discretia Nutbush
Marcie Sakes
Anastasia Put
Marsha Law
Honor Offer
Ivana B.C. Dated
Ida Claire
Monique New York
Willa Fingerdo (contributed by unknown friends of a long-gone coworker)

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