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Persian Poems & Stuff

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Free Software (Click on each link for info)
Persian Calendar  (no Installation needed)
Calculator  (no Installation needed)

Download Accelerator Plus V 5.0
Download Express 1.1.61  (Download Manger & Accelerator)
Lime Wire  (The new Napster & a lot more)
Trillian   (ICQ, AOL, Yahoo, & IRC in one place)
Odigo   (ICQ, AOL, & Yahoo in one place)
Crystal FTP 2000 build 118
Smart FTP  (Feature rich FTP client)
Leech FTP
Internet Surfer   (Good for users of Internet Explorer)

Win VNC  (Remote Computer Networking For All)
Vq Server   (Turn your computer in to a web server)
NetView Scanner   (Network Security)

AVG Anti-Virus System 6.0
VCatch Anti-Virus V3.6.0.2
Anti-Virus Personal EditionV3.6.0.2
SurfinGuard Pro 5.5 beta
ANTS Trojan Scanner
Trojan First Aid Kit V 5.01
Tiny Personal Firewall (Used by US Air Force)
ZoneAlarm (Personal Firewall)
Sygate (Personal Firewall)
NukeNabber 2.9b
  (Compact Firewall)
CleanUp  (Privacy Tool)

Windows Utilities
UltimateZip (Zip & Unzip)
Unziplify V 1.2 (Uzip, Unrar & Unace)
Password Exposer (no Installation needed)
Password Recovery Suite 1.0 (Reveal Stored Passwords)
Contact Book (no Installation needed)
Password Book (no Installation needed)
KeyWallet 1.0 (Manage Your Passwords)
Ghost Surfer V2.1

Office Utilities
Star Office Personal Edition (by: Sun Microsystems)
WordWeb (Dictionary & Thesaurus)

Pixia 2.3b (Powerful Graphics Editor)
PhotoPlus 5.0 (Photo Editing Suite)
Viewletbuilder 2.66 (Creates Viewlets)
Icon Editor 1.0 (Icon Editing Tool)
Icon Sucker Standard 2.1.075 (Extract & View Icons)
SlowView 0.98b (Image Viewer & Editor)
IrfanView 3.51 (Powerful Video & Image Viewer)
VicMan Photo Editor V 5.92

Other Freeware Programs
Top 100 Freeware Of The Month