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Alpha Flight

Inspired by the Fantastic Four, James Hudson sought to create a Canadian superteam. He began to train metahumans for future combat situations, and assumed leadership of the team after Wolverine, who was the intended leader, defected. One of the earliest members, Sasquatch, became both the brains and the brawn of the team. Another early member, Marrina, was a member of a fierce alien race called the Plodex, a hyper-adaptive bloodthirsty people who laid their eggs on planets they intended to conquer. The Plodex targeted Earth, but a civil war destroyed all life on their home planet and their carrier crashed on Earth. One of what was believed to be very few survivors, Marrina was a member for only a short time before ultimately succumbing to madness when she spawned children after marrying Namor; though mortally wounded, she has been seen held in stasis by the Master (Eshu). Alpha Flight first encountered Nemesis, the living embodiment of retribution, when she was on the trail of Deadly Ernest, a man she claimed was her father and whom she slew with the help of the diminutive Puck (Judd). Alpha Flight continued to protect Canada over many years, numerous adventures and several roster changes. Recently, after joining Wolverine against the Wendigo and a conflict with the X-Men regarding a student at Xavier's school, Alpha Flight disappeared, forcing Sasquatch to seek out a patchwork version of the team to find them.

Sasquatch offered membership to Yukon Jack (king of a hidden civilization) and then Zuzha Yu (daughter of Puck), but they both turned him down. Despite reviving Nemesis from suspended animation and awakening Centennial's long-dormant powers, neither of them wanted to join either. Eventually tricking them all into becoming a part of the team, and joined by the new Major Mapleleaf, son of the WW2 hero of the same name, Sasquatch prepared them for a battle with the Plodex, who were responsible for the disappearance of the prior members. Discovering that the Plodex ship was full of unhatched eggs, the group hit a moral snag; although the Plodex were a warlike race, many members felt they still deserved a chance to change. The infighting stopped when the prior Alpha Flight decided to take the Plodex back to their home planet and raise them themselves. Sasquatch's group, along with a young Plodex named Mar who stayed behind, were left to defend Canada. While out on a date Mapleleaf and Puck were attacked by wax duplicates of dozens of heroes, controlled by the Manimator, whom Puck easily defeated with a left hook.

Following a struggle with a mind-controlled Big Hero 6, events spiraled out of control when the team tried to use time travel to save former enemy Flashback, whose future self had been killed in a previous battle. A series of efforts resulted in history being rewritten for the worse with each change they made. Sasquatch was ultimately able to enlist the past Shaman's help in stabilizing the timeline and saving Flashback. Soon after, Centennial and Nemesis apparently perished, Mar and Yukon Jack left, and Puck and Major Mapleleaf went to reserve status.

The Guardian

Former Members:
Wild Child
Madison Jeffries
Diamond Lil
Sasquatch II
Ghost Girl
Major Mapleleaf
Puck II
Yukon Jack

Master of the World
Dream Queen
Great Beast
Pink Pearl

Villainous Groups:
Alpha Strike
Omega Flight I
Omega Flight II
The Zodiac