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Born of a group of Atlanteans who were banished from Atlantis ages ago, Attuma used his size and strength to become the ruler of his barbaric tribe, vowing to one day usurp the rule of Namor the Sub-Mariner and crown himself ruler of Atlantis.

Attuma attacked New York City with an undersea horde once again. He was confronted by the Sentry, but before Attuma could finish boasting of his plans, he was apparently beheaded by the Sentry. Later, Attuma is revived by Victor Von Doom (who manages to reattach Attuma's head to his body) and Attuma is offered a new chance of power in the vow of destroying Namor once and for all.

When the Serpent rose up again, one of the seven Hammers of the Worthy landed near Attuma. He is able to lift it and becomes Nerkkod: Breaker of Oceans. He fights Alpha Flight after he tried to attack Vancouver, but he was defeated. Then soon after that, he heads to Atlantis to overthrow Namor's rule and become the new king of Atlantis.

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