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Arlette Truffaut

F) Ty6
A) Gd10
S) Pr4
E) Gd10
R) Ty6
I) Gd10
P) Rm30

Health: 30 Karma: 46
Resources: Rm Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Control Actions: Murmur can control people's actions by touching them with In ability. A Victim may make a Psyche FEAT to resist the effect. She has been known to make people fall asleep for 1-10 rounds, sit or calm down. She uses this power to control Sasquatch, but she must remain in contact. She also seemed to be able to control people to a much further extend, even telepoting them away although it is not yet known if the person must have some sort of teleportation power of their own. The effect usually last for 1-10 round, but people teleported away do not instantly reappear.


Talents: None

Contacts: Alpha Flight