Always Listening


Oh Heavenly Father,

as I kneel to pray,

I thank you Lord,

for giving me another day,

for holding me safely, in your loving arms,

protecting me against all harm.

I thank you for the blessings,

 Iíve received in this life,

the love of my family,

my children, my wife.

Iím thankful Lord,

 for so many things,

I canít find the words,

but I believe, that when I pray,

when I send up a plea,

 the Holy Spirit intercedes for me.

He hears my thoughts, He knows my mind,

And tells you the words I cannot find.

He comes to me Lord, from you, up above,

He carries with him, you unending love.

Through him your voice whispers gently, in my ear,

Never fear my child, I am always here.


Written by: Billy Dial

December 2004


© Billy Dial  2004

used by permission


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