Help me Lord, open my senses,

so I will not miss the joy of your presence,

help me Lord where ever I may be,

to always remember you died for me.

Open my eyes that I will truly see,

all the wondrous blessings you have given me.

Open my ears so I may hear,

the glory of your words,

handed down through the years.

Soften my heart that I might feel,

your love and compassion,

so gentle and so real.

Open my mind that I may share,

the word of your heavenly kingdom,

And the joy waiting there.

Bless my speech,

so I can talk,

about the joy I've received,

during our spiritual walk.

Grant me your peace,

your comfort, your love,

that can only come from you,

our Father above.




  2003 Billy F Dial all rights reserved

Used by permission from Billy F Dial



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