Stereophonic Bliss.

Welcome to the little area I have completely redone cos the bugger was getting sort of annoying with the same old pictures every single day. Wouldn't you agree? Besides that, I would rather just write about this part and save the photos for my shrine areas or whathaveyou. A halfway decent tactic for getting to know my tastes is to check out my album collection or a constantly updated list of my favourite songs. My concert list isn't all that good but I've began to sharpen up on who I see live.

Semisonic!! Bands that I really happen to be into at the moment would be (in no particular order) the Verve, Blur, Air, Spiritualized, Ride, Sloan, Semisonic, Radiohead, the Dandy Warhols, the Church, Suede, the Longpigs, Pulp, the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Supergrass, the Ramones, Ben Folds Five, Placebo, Spacehog, Kula Shaker, Bis, Feeder, and a slew of others I cannot be bothered to mention or this would surely go on forever. I also happen to be the president of the one and only TRAVIS FANCLUB so if you fancy this band then pop on by my extension!!! I also run a hate/parody area for Hurricane #1 that you might like to laugh at.

I am also involved with a wonderful band from Washington state called The Wilsons. They're really cool so stop by their page!!