The Fringe Lads & Lassie.


Zia McCabe. (Occasional vocals, cigarettes, happy bouncing, key bass, shakers, toplessness, tambourine, pee-drinking.)

Peter Holmstrom (aka Skanky Ho Boy). (Vox guitar, fringe, nail polish, sultry expression, monsterous pedal board, leather pants, mascara, glam glam glam.)

Brent DeBoer. (Freaky hair, backing vocals, ungodly green pants... and oh yeah, drums.)

Oh no, not... the eyebrows!!Courtney Taylor. (Naturally overdubbed lead vocals, nefarious eyebrows, earrings, most of the songwriting, guitar, hoarding of Albert Camus books.)

I have found solace in a band that revives good ol' psychedelic fun with overdubbed lyrics and fantastic guitar riffs that make you want to run out and buy your own Vox and amp. (If you had the money, that is.) One of my favourite things to do is make mix tapes of this band for my friends. And it actually gets them hooked! Amazing!

Eric left the band sometime around February I think... I can't quite remember. But that's not the point. He left to pursue his Portland dance-retro act DJ Aquaman (the surname he used to work with some of the Dandys' records) and because he wasn't going to take any more of Courtney's shit. Maybe Courtney will finally get a clue.
In light that there are some people in this world who do love Courtney, if you want to see the other end of the spectrum, check out the first web page totally devoted to Courtney Taylor.

Mmm... bubbly... Peter is my fave actually (of anyone), but I already have a drawing of him and I thought this one was better anyway. This beeee-autiful drawing of Courtney was done by Kate St.Claire. You can see this picture in full (181K) by clicking here.

See a pic of the Dandys' new drummer Brent!!

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