Popscene... Alright!

4 wankers from colchester. blur are:

Alex James. (Fringe, bass, black apparel, omnipresent fag, songs about planets.)
Dave Rowntree. (Ummm... drums.)
Graham Coxon. (Gibson guitar, glasses, stripey shirts, backing vocals.)
Damon Albarn. (Lead vocals, snide remarks, songwriting, jumping about like an idiot, keyboard.)

Blur is my obsession with the fine line between Britpop drivel and pure brilliance. Damon has more jawdrop style that most entire bands will ever dream of posessing. (Even if their b-sides do suck, but that excusable being that I never buy their singles.) I love their variety, their expansion. This is coming from the girl who just got her head checked by a jumbo jet and yes, she does feel a bit heavy metal and all but would also love to go hand in hand in her parklife.

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