Why I Hate Hurricane #1.

Hmmm...Odd similarities...
This makes no sense whatsoever. I am warning you right off. I love this band. But I also hate this band. It's a sick thing, it's not right, but I am NOT hocking their albums!

Hurricane #1 is composed of:
Andy Bell - lead guitar, backing vocals.
Alex Lowe - lead vocals, guitar.
Gareth Farmer - drums.
Will Pepper - bass.

And now (drumroll please)... why this band is so terrible!

1. Alex Lowe sounds like Liam Gallagher.
2. Andy Bell sounds like Noel Gallagher.
3. The entire fucking band sounds like Oasis - as if that has not become obvious enough!
4. Capuchin monkeys doped up on crack could write better song lyrics.
5. "Let Go of the Dream" makes "All Around the World" sound like something by the Prodigy by comparison.
6. "Stand In Line" is more annoying than Hanson and the Spice Girls combined.
7. Alex Lowe used to be a boxer. 'Nuff said.

This is all I have thus far, please mail me if you have some bashings to add.

Ack - get it away get it away!!!OK there is one good thing about this band - they are better than Matchbox 20. But just about anything is.


DotMusic's little spot about Hurricane #1.

An interview by Raygun magazine that, to the inexperienced, makes the band sound halfway decent. See? Journalists are idiots!!

An interview with Andy Bell about... something....

There are now some Hurricane #1 tabs so you can learn to play their unimaginative songs in the comfort of your own home!

Dear God, someone actually enjoys this band enough to make a fan page for them!

As a tribute, you can check out a good band by looking at Mark Gardener's new group Animal House.