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Flavius Ricimer was the son of Sueve, a Suebian prince and Unnamed lady #3.

Ricimer, though a barbarian, entered Roman employ early and quickly rose to a position of prominence in the Western Empire. He was made Western Master of Soldiers and a patrician. In 467, he married Alypia as Emperor Anthemius sought to bind Ricimer to him. By the time of this marriage, Ricimer had already become the unoffficial "king maker" of the West, being responsible for the removal of Emperor Avit us (455-456) and Emperor Majorian (457-461) as well as being responsible for the elevation of Emperor Severus (461-465). Later, he was also responsible for he elevation of Anicius Olybrius to the imperial throne in 472.

Marriage ties nothwithstanding, in 470 Ricimer turned against Emperor Anthemius because of the Emperor's heavy handed domestic policies. Ricimer took himself off to Milan but by 471, a truce was established between the two. In 472, the truce ended with open warfare in Italy between the two rivals. Anthemius was defeated and killed immediately thereafter, and Ricimer elevated Anicius Olybrius to the position of Western Emperor. A few months later, in the same year, Ricimer died of a natural illness.

He was breifly succeeded as the de facto ruler of the West by his nephew, the Burgundian Gundobad, who had been made a patrician and Master of Soldiers, by Emperor Olybrius that same year. Gundobad was the son of Gundioc and an unnamed sister of Ricimer.

Though not directly related to the Anicii or other famous families of the Roman nobility, he was responsible for the elevation of the only fully Anicii Emperor and deserves to be mentioned in detail here. Through his marriage to Alypia he can be connected to the Anicii via the Anthemius-Leo-Aspar connection given in detail on Leo I's page.

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