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Emperor Leo I

Emperor Leo I was Eastern Emperor from 457 to 474 and married Aelia Verina. Although this Emperor was quite important, I am confining my notes here to those situations in which he was directly involved with the Anicii. For a detailed online biography, visit the DIR site.

In 472, Emperor Leo I sent Anicius Olybrius to the West to mediate between the warring Western Roman Emperor Anthemius and the barbarian general, Ricimer. However, it would seem that Leo I was more concerned with ridding himself of Anicius Olybrius than actually stopping the civil war in the West. It turned out that Leo I had instructed Anthemius to kill both Anicius Olybrius and Ricimer by means of treachery. Upon the discovery of the plot, Anicius Olybrius allied himself completely to Ricimer resulting in his elevation to the Western Imperial throne.

Aside from this incident, I have been unable to find any other information regarding Leo I's relations with the Anicii. For those interested in the genealogical connections, it should be noted that Leo I can be connected to the Anicii through the House of Aspar. Leo I had two daughters, Adriadne and Leontia, as well as an unnamed son who died in infancy. Leontia's first husband was Julius Patricius who was the son of Flavius Ardabur Aspar and brother of Ardabur. This Ardabur was the father of Godisthea. Godisthea's son by Flavius Dagalaiphus was Flavius Areobindus Dagalaiphus Areobindus who married Anicia Juliana.

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