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Emperor Anthemius

Emperor Anthemius was the son of Procopius and Unnamed lady #2. He served as Western Roman Emperor between 467 and 472, and conspired with Emperor Leo I against both Ricimer and Anicius Olybrius.

Anthemius married Aelia Marcia Euphemia, a daughter of Emperor Marcian. By her he had at least three sons, Romulus, Procopius Anthemius, and Flavius Marcianus. He also had at least one daughter, Alypia.

Anthemius can be connected to the Anicii through several means, although he was not one himself. The easiest means of doing so is by looking at Anthemius' son, Flavius Marcianus, who married Leo I's daughter, Leontia, who can be connected to the Anicii through the family of Aspar. To see this, look at Leo I's page.

For a detailed online biography of Anthemius, visit the DIR site.

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