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Unnamed Ladies #...

Unnamed Lady #1...She was the daughter of Clodius Celsinus and Faltonia Betitia Proba. As such, she was sister of Faltonius Probus Alypius and Q. Clodius Hermogenianus Olybrius. Although little is known of this noble lady, it is known that she married Lucius Valerius Septimius Bassus.

Unnamed Lady #2...Was the daughter of the distinguished senator Anthemius. She married Procopius by whom she bore the Emperor Anthemius. She was the sister of Flavius Anthemius Isidorus.

Unnamed lady #3...This lady was a Visigothic princess, being the daughter of King Vallia of the Visigoths (415-418). She married a Suebic prince named Sueve, by whom she was the mother of Flavius Ricimer and a daughter who married the Burgundian, Gondioc.

Unnamed lady #4...This lady was the sister of Aelia Verina and Unnamed Person #1. Aside from the fact that she married a gentleman named Zuzus, I have learned nothing else about this lady.

Unnamed Lady #5...Very little is known of this lady except that she was the first wife of Flavius Areobindus Dagalaifus Areobindus by whom she had a son, Dagalaiphus.

Unnamed Lady #6...

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