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Flavius Ardabur Aspar

Flavius Ardabur Aspar was a barbarian of Gothic-Alan descent and was the son of the Roman ally, Flavius Arbadur. Aspar quickly rose through the ranks in the Eastern Empire, becoming Eastern master of Soldiers and the leading general of the East.

He consolidated his personal power by his control of the buccellarii, a force of Ostrogoths in Eastern Roman service. The leader of the buccellarii was Theodoric Strabo (the "squinter") who was by some accounts Aspar's brother-in law. Other accounts, however, tend to suggest that it was not Theodoric Stabo, but his father, Triarius, another Ostrogothic general in Roman service based in Thrace, who was Aspar's brother-in-law. Either way, the buccellarii remained loyal to Aspar throughout his career.

Aspar reached such a level of power in the East, that he was offered the Eastern Empire on at least one occasion, but declined this honor, citing his adherance to the Arian heresay as his excuse. This notwithstanding, his son Julius Patricius was still married to Emperor Leo I's daughter, Leontia and nominated Caesar at the same time.

Aspar had at least three sons, Ardabur, Julius Patricius, and Herminericus. Aspar was murdered c. 461.

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