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archives: June, July and August 2002
- August 28
>> Just a very quick update: I've updated everything under "stuff" including a new encounter and some votes to the other hot guys. Keep sending things in!
>> I have a new affiliate at: . Please visit her site!
>> Ok, I know that this isn't Orli related, but I'd just like to announce that I saw Matt Damon at The Bourne Identity premiere in Sydney 2 days ago. I got his autograph!!! He looks SO cute. I'll scan some pics once they get developed. I LOVE YOU MATT!!!
- August 21
>> Hi, this is Gretchen. Iím here now so I thought I might as well update. (BTW, This update has bits of Niki's additions in it too)

>> There are sooo many magazines that have Orli and/or Elijah (and Hayden and Tobey) in it. Either that or its Lord of the Rings related. Magazines like Dolly, Big Hit, TV Hits, etc. Iíll buy at least one of them then Iíll scan it. Donít expect me to buy them all coz Iíll be broke.
>> Another magazine called What DVD has a whooping 18 page section on LOTR!!! 18 PAGES!!! I looked at it and it has all the characters on LOTR and includes little profiles of them. They stupidly made a mistake on Legolasí profile saying that he is the prince of Milkwood. Iíll try and get that magazine if I have money.
>> An article about Heath Ledger and Orli and their beards here. Thanks to TORn.

>> Alloy has a poll asking ďWhoís the hottest guy celeb: Orlando Bloom, Shane West or Freddie Prinze Jr?Ē You have to sign up to Alloy to vote but you know who to vote for! *nudge nudge*

>> There are new TTT pics from Empire!

>> Niki has updated everything under "stuff".

>> Thatís all we have. We both gotta go and do our assignments. BYEBYEBYE!!!
- August 9
>> It's Niki here, and I got lotsa news today!

>> This month's issue of TV Hits with Smallville stuff on the front has two pages of Orlando in it: First page, which is an interview and the second page which is a poster.
>> Christina says Orlando is in this month's Dolly as well. That's two magazines to get now :)

>> The FoTR DVD has been out for 3 days now. Have YOU got it yet?
>> And speaking of the DVD, you can now cover yours with a printout of Legolas from this site. Thanks to where I pinched this news from.

>> TORn has posted the news that Sideshow/Weta is selling sword miniatures. Take a look at them, they're look great! Only 2500 pieces are available of each, and you can pre-order yours. I'm definately getting one (if I'm allowed... )

>> And last, an Orliology Exclusive (or at least I think):
I e-mailed Popcorn Taxi, who is holding an Andrew Lesnie (who won an Oscar for his work in FoTR) talk in Melbourne soon. I asked them if they could get him to come to Sydney and here's the reply I got:
At this stage we have Andrew scheduled for an on stage chat at Popcorn Taxi Sydney on Oct 2nd.

Isn't that great for all Sydney LoTR lovers??!! :)
>> By the way, the old news (from June and July) can now be found in the archives.
- August 4
>> Orlando interview from!
- July 30
>> Hello, it's Niki here! Little update of whatever I could find floating around the net:
>> New LoTR action figures from theOneRing here! They look so cool. You have GOT to check these out if you love action figures.
>> Vote for Orlando in YM's 20 hottest guys!!
>> OrlandoMultimedia has an Orlando interview from the FoTR DVD!
- July 23
>> Hi, this is Gretchen. Sorry I haven't been updating but I am NOW. There isn't much Orli news so I decided to wait for a few days.
>> First off, here is Orlando's profile from Guildhall School. It's not much of a profile and it has things we already but its worth the look. Thanks to OBM. Ahh what would I do without them.
>> There's a quiz to find out which LOTR elf u are here I took it and I'm Legolas.
>> 2 new Legolas Decipher cards

>> If you are in Australia like me and Niki, you'd know about the Blockbuster Video special they have. The one where you can buy an 10 week rental card for I don't know how much and you can get the LOTR:FOTR DVD for free. There's less than 3 weeks before its release and I can't wait!! But I wont but it, I'll wait for the November one. I am impatiently counting the days.
>> That is all I have for you people. Now I'm going back to chat with my friends. Bye!!
- July 19
>> Hi, this is Niki. Just a short update to tell you that:
>> I have 14 new pictures for you to see which can be found in Gallery 16 and Gallery 17. Enjoy!
>> The Australian August issue of Empire magazine has this short article.
>> UK's August issue of Cosmo Girl magazine has a REALLY hot pic of Orlando in it:
- July 18
>> Hi everyone! This is Gretchen and this actually the first time I'm using html so if I stuff up anything, just tell me and then Niki will fix it or you can just tell her straight away.
>> I found out that Orli may be considering a role in the upcoming movie Honey with Jessica Alba. Shooting starts in September in Toronto, Canada and might conflict with The Calcium Kid which starts filming on the same month in London. I got this from Full Bloom by the way.
>> I could put the YM Magazine scan which Orlando is in as one of the 20 Hottest guys (he certainly is) but too many sites already has it so I don't see any point in putting it here and I'm sure y'all have seen it already.
>> That's all I have for now. If you have any news, send them along coz that'd be really cool. And sign the guestbook, it's looking pretty lonely. And do whatever you bloody want in the site like the Other Guys We Love and the rest. (and by the way, I've updated Other Guys We Love. The list grows! -Niki)
- July 17
>> You're getting a new Orliology webmistress, Gretchen, who's going to update here more that I do. You can now send yoou e-mails to either me or her, and her e-mail address can be found under the contact me link near the top of this page. SAY HI TO GRETCHEN EVERYONE!!
- July 7
>> Guess what?? I've decided to update!!! :)
>> BBC reviews the FoTR DVD.
>> For those of you who don't check, they have LOTS of TTT and RoTK spoilers!! Visit ToRN here!
>> There's a page poster of Orlando in August's issue of Big Hit. Look for it! And another reason to buy it: There's a page pic each of Hayden and Spiderman in it!!!
>> Today's Sunday Telegraph has a column on Orlando in their Body and Soul.

>> Empire magazine's been getting a sh*t load of people asking for an Orlando photo. Here's their response. From Orlando Multimedia.
>> Uploaded eight new photos, see them in Gallery 16!

>> Updated Other guys we love and added the past month's votes to Legolas's hair colour.
- June 16
>> Hmm... I realised I've neglected this site for a bit too long. (whoops?) Anyway, here's the news:
>> Orlando was at the Melbourne Spiderman premier! WHY CAN'T HE GO TO SYDNEY??? :( this info was found in this article.
>> Article from Newsweek
>> New pic from the Kelly gang
>> From Yahoo news, there's gonna be a Black Hawk Down Video game
>> There's an interview with Orlando and Liv Tyler, which I found from Orlando Multimedia, who got it from The OB Files.
>> Updated Other guys we love with some new additions to the list of hot guys, and there's 2 new entries to who was Legolas's mum? I also added the new votes to Legolas's hair colour.
>> New link: Always Orlando Bloom.
- June 7
>> A week of exams over! And I have no homework these weekends. Isn't that nice? :)
>> Yahoo's been going mad with the MTV awards, and have produced various articles with the same content in them here, here, and here. Needless to say, Orlando got the award for breakthrough male actor of the year. Congratulations to him! He has a very strong voting attack force on the net!
>> I've been meaning to put these up about a week ago, but I was busy... I have 4 pictures from the Kelly gang of what appears to be Orlando! The beard is a bit wierd (wow, that rhymes), but he still looks good. They're in The Kelly Gang gallery.
>> Updated: Legolas's mother (new entries are at the bottom), Legolas's hair, and Other guys we love.
>> As Audrie kindly pointed out when she signed the guestbook, (as you all should be doing :) ) the Dolly Magazine (July issue) published a sketch I sent them! Nice Dolly! See it here!
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