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Legolas's mother

Who was Legolas's mother? This is where you get to guess or make up your own little explaination or theory as to who Mrs. Thranduil was. No infringement of any copyrights intended, this is just for fun.

Name: Cíodrel
Looks: She held some of Legolas's features, strong build, sunny hair. Though her eyes were a misty grey, almost like the mists of the sea. Her voice was like song and was crystal clear and beautiful to listen to.
Fate: She came from a land close to Mordor, but was sent to Mirkwood in the interests of peace. At first she and Thranduil found it difficult to get along to say the least, but after a time to two fell in love with one another. Cíodrel chose not to return to her land, and wed Thranduil. Her people grew angry that she wed Thranduil instead of her betrothed, and she was a assasiated. Before that, however, she gave birth to Legolas. Her body was found in her bed, and she was almost thought to be sleeping until the maid tried to wake her. Since Thranduil couldn't bear to look at Legolas beacuse he saw Cíodrel in him, Legolas was sent to Rivendell for most of his life.
From: Gilraen

Name: Ninara
Looks: slim, blonde, lips red as a rose, beautiful blue eyes ,long mithril dress
Fate: She was out picking flowers and Thranduil was sent to kill her but he fell in love with her so they ran away. Nninara became pregnant so they married. They joined a village and became fighting Elf warriors then Legolas was born. When Legolas was older there was an attack on the village and his mother was killed.
- louise

Name: Galadriea
Looks: Galadriea was a very beutiful young woman. She was tall and had very dark blue eyes.She had long blode hair and had a slight tan.
Fate: Galadriea was a woman that loved to go to the wood and talk to the woodland creatures. She had never been in love before until she meet Thranduil. When she met him she was sitting by a little lake and reading a book. When he first looked into her eyes he fell in love right then. He did not know much about her but loved her anyway. After they got married, a few months later they found out that Galadriea was having a little boy. After the baby (Legolas) was born she went out to the lake where she first met Thranduil taking little Legolas with her. When they got there she slid on a rock, and droped Legolas, and fell in the water and drowned. Legolas was too young to understand and his father heard all the noise that his wife made then he ran down to find young Legolas playing with the squirrel all alone and motherless.
Ps. I am your biggest fan.I love you so much Orlando.You are so H-O-T-T- Hot!I love your accent.I hope you read this! -Jamie. I love you
- Jamie McAllister

Name: Herio
Looks: She was tall with blonde hair and hazel eyes.
Fate: She is an Elven princess from the lands of Eriador where she lived in a secret chamber of Bag End and left to see the world and met Thranduil where she gave birth to Legolas and then was slain by Gollum.
- ob lover

Name: Rowena
Looks: She was tall, had Legolas's eyes, and blonde hair down to her feet.
Fate: She came from the Fangorn Forest and was found by a peasant Rohan woman. She moved to Mirkwood and fell in love with Thranduil and they had one child (Legolas) together. When Legolas left to the Council of Elrond she ran away thinking Legolas would die and hasn't been seen since.
- ragna the elven warrior

Name: De'elle Celestiana
Looks: Tall, Green eyes and dark brown hair
Fate: She was a forign princess who ran away and fell in love with Thranduil, then gave birth to Legolas. The family was very happy, but little did De'elle know that Thranduil's past was an evil one. He was a partner with Sauron and were planning to destroy Middle-earth together. Then Thranduil met De'elle and relised that he had to change his wicked ways to win over the woman he loved. Sauron was furious, He sent an battle of Orcs who kidnapped De'elle and presumally killed he but it is not known to this day forth.
- *Rebecca- Lee*

Name: Vanawilyael
Looks: fine facial features, with jet black hair, and peircing blue eyes.
Fate: She was the Queen of Mirkwood and Elrond's sister. Accused of cheating on Thranduil she was cast out of Mirkwood and was never seen again.
- Rebecca

Name: Làthspell
Looks: Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes
Fate: She was the daughter of a Quenyan family. She was traveling through Mirkwood when she met Thranduil. It was love at first sight (for Thranduil at least) and they got married almost immediatley. Then they had Legolas, and it went downhill from there. Làthspell wasn't exactly the motherly type, and certainly hated being woken up at 3 a.m. by a screaming kid. So she went away and betrayed them to Sauron, but they lived. As it is, Làthspell's name means "evil news", and she certainly lived up to it. Tharanduil raised Legolas by himself (poor dude).
- Sarla

(I like this one)

Name: Galadriel
Looks: Like Galadriel
Fate: Thranduil and Galadriel fell in love, and he got her pregnant. In order to avoid a scandal, she gives birth to the baby, and puts a spell on him to make him appear dead. She tell Celeborn that the baby died, and that she would go bury it in the woods. Instead, she rides to Mirkwood and passes the baby off the Thranduil. He gives ot the name of Legolas and raises him all by himself. Legolas never learns the truth (I'm serious about this!)
- ~~Undomiel

Name: Rudheliniel (She neaver took the name greenleaf)
Looks: Her complexion was rough and fierce yet her beauty surpassed them all. Her hands slender, Her voice was sweet, pleasant, but strong. Her hair as bright as the setting sun.
Fate: Rudheliniel was a warrior of the light, a strong, agile Elf. She met Thranduil through war against the Orcs. Her love for him ran deep and she decided to bear him a son. Yet she could not stay with Thranduil, her body longed to ride away across the hills.Her body longed so much that she became one with the earth and dissapeared without a trace. Some say you can still see her riding across the hills around the castle at night when the stars shine bright.
- Jessica (

Name: Aleani Greenleaf
Looks: Tall, Blond hair, eye's of the sea, was called the most beautiful Elf of Mirkwood.
Fate: She came from the Grey Havens, she traveled with Bilbo and the dwarves to kill the dragon, but she fell in love with Thranduil and stay there with him. She died from the orc that attack the Kingdom.
- Mimi

Name: Melaldana Greenleaf
Looks: She was rather small with beautiful blonde hair and dark brown eyes.
Fate: She married Thranduil when she was very young. They had Legolas early in the marriage. She was very young and carefree and the idea of being someones queen and someones mother was to much for her. So one day she got up and ran away. Many say it was with Thranduil most trusted friend, because the day she dissapered so did he.
- Anya

Name: Febridë
Looks: Long blonde hair, elegant, looking almost like Galadriel
Fate: She became so upset and lonely when Legolas and her husband left her alone that she passed away as that is one of the only ways elfs can die as they are immortal.
- Annon.

Name: Chanowyn
Looks: She had long blond hair that shone silver, she had peircing blue eyes like her son and she had very fine facial features
Fate: She is the queen of Mirkwood, she was found in the depths of Mount Doom and she was sacrificed for rejecting the rings given to her race. She was killed and in later years Legolas goes on a journey to learn more about her.
- Kellie

Name: Aeden Greenleaf
Looks: She had long brown hair and bright green eyes, was tall and very pretty.
Fate: She was the sister of Galadriel, and she moved to Northern Mirkwood to become the Queen. She died on a voyage on the sea, thus explaining why Legolas wants to go so badly, it was his mother's favorite place in all of Middle-earth.
- Kels

Name: Corfinia
Looks: She had long black hair, brown eyes, light skin, she was very tall and she was very preety.
Fate: She was a princess, Galadriel's daughter. She died in the Battle of 5 armies. She had only one child - Legolas
- tofcia

Name: Leailia Greenleaf
Looks: Long straight blonde hair, light blue eyes, tall and slender, dressed in white and silver with gold beads around her neck and hips
Fate: Her son left her in Mirkwood with her husband to join the fellowship and represent the Elves of Mirkwood in order to destroy the ring.
- Pia

Name: Legnande
Looks: like a pig with blond hair!!!!!!
Fate: she's dead, because legolas socks were never clean!!!!! but now she´s in the sky, in the paradise 4 Elves!!!!!!
- Anicco-Camilla!!!!

Name: Lelidia
Looks: She was very pale and elegant, skinny and tall (at least 6 ft). She was very quiet and calm. You wouldn't even realize if she was right beside you. Her face is both oval and triangular. She had long blonde hair, to her knees. (Everybody thought she had whitish hair because it was so light.) She also had light blue eyes, so light that if you look into her eyes, it look so clear and shiny. Had very thin but wide lips.
Fate: Lelidia was a daughter of Thranduil's father's friend. Thranduil and Lelidia fell in love at first sight and got married. After Thranduil's father passed away, he became the king of all the Elves of Northern Mirkwood. They had Legolas and they both taught Legolas how to fight and be a great worrior. When the dark side heard the news, they knew that he was going to be a problem because Lelidia's side of the family had a special gift which they can sense the darkness and see into the darkness miles away, so they decided that they were going to kill Legolas to end their heritage. But with Lelida's great power and eyes, she found out that they were after him. So they only way to protect him was to leave him with his father. After that, nobody knows whether she's dead or alive.
- Julie

Name: Madaeowyn Greenleaf
Looks: She had long, shiny, dirty blonde hair, with bright summer leaf green eyes. She was a little shorter then a usual Mirkwood elf maiden, but had much more natural beauty flowing from her aura than any other elf in Middle-earth.
Fate: Madaeowyn he was a real forest maiden, always spent her time sitting in trees, listening to all the sounds. She was very strong and had a powerful aura. Her aura came from the trees and the life of the forest. She was a true noblewoman, but she didn't mind getting her hands dirty. Lord Sauron heard of her power, then caught and drained her of her aura. He kept her locked up, and eventually, because she was not receiving life power from the forest, she died.
- Sheila

Name: Ethendria
Looks: She had long, blond hair, kind of pale, and she was very tall.
Fate: She was an old friend of Thranduil and in a couple thousand years they got married and had three or four children. (Legolas was the youngest.) After she had Legolas, she knew that she coulden't take care of all of them, so she just left them with Thranduil and ran away. (That's why no one knows if she's alive or not.)
- Vanessa

Take a guess! All reasonable and not-rude entries will be stuck up here within 2 weeks. Keep the length reasonable please, nothing exceeding 2 paragraphs. Humor is allowed and preferred, but if you wanna take a serious, logical point of view, then that's fine too.

PS. I might make corrections to your response (spelling, grammar, and such), but I won't change it otherwise.
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