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Legolas's hair colour

For ages now, people have wondered and debated over what Tolkien wanted Legolas's hair colour to be. His father had 'golden hair', so did he have golden hair as well? In FOTR, it once says 'His head was dark', yet this observation was made at night, so we don't really know if it refers to his hair or just the darkness. What do you think Legolas's real hair colour is?

blonde/gold: 40
blonde- brown: 11
blond- silver: 1
dark/normal brown: 8
reddish blonde: 1
brown with pale streaks of green: 2
green: 2
blue (?): 2
purple (??): 2

Hmmm... I've just realised this might be better if I just used an online poll... Oh well. I'm not getting one now.

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