Joe The Lion

Official Releases
"Heroes" (1977/1991 EMI reissue)
"Heroes" (1977/1999) EMI Remaster)
"Heroes" (1977/1991 EMI reissue) - bonus track 1991 remix
Sound+Vision III (1989 Ryko issue)
Sound+Vision (2003 EMI issue)

28th September 1995 New Jersey Vapo(u)rware XVCD
28th September 1995 New Jersey Beaten On The Outside VCD

Unofficial Releases
17th April 1983 Dallas The Serious Moonlight Rehearsals
18th May1983 Belgium Immersed In Crowley's Uniform
19th May 1983 Brussels On The Hammersmith Stage

1991 remix (Ryko/EMI bonus track) The Ryko Bonus Tracks Part Two

14th September 1995 Conneticut A Hyper Circle
16th September 1995 Mansfield Great Woods
17th September 1995 Hershey We Never Passed Upon The Stair
22nd September 1995 Philadelphia Stage1.Hurling Disdain
30th September 1995 Cuyahoga Falls Ohio Trash
3rd October 1995 Detroit Detroit 95
9th October 1995 Atlanta Deranged Pigs
11th October 1995 St Louis Live Hate
31st October 1995 Hollywood Europe Next!