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This is the page where I show you places I love, that have helped me out along the way, or are just sick sites. If you would like to exchange links, email me at volcom916@cs.com...

Linkin Park Sites

[Official Linkin Park Site]- The Offical home of Linkin Park; maintained mostly by LP themselves...

[LP Fan]- LP Fan is a great site with tons of pics, info, and a great layout...

[Linkin Park World]- LP World is a brand new fansite with an awesome layout, lots of mp3's, and tons of info...

[Linkin Park Inside]- An awesome site with a great layout, tons to do, and even have their own www.Linkinparksites.com...

[Linkin Park Central]- Good site, lots of info, cool name...

[LP Street Soldiers]- Lots of info, and awesome graphics...

[Jr's Linkin Park Page]- Brand new LP site with tons of stuff...

[Expression]- Awesome layouts and graphics, and great interaction...

Music Sites

[Soft Spoken]- The official Soft Spoken website... (my band)

[Dynamic Rock]- An awesome music site, and where you can find a link to LPC!

[Musician Finder]- The best site online for Musicians to Find their match, Post an ad today! (I also am Co-Creater!!)

[ShoutWeb]- A great music site, with great interviews and tons of LP info...

[Rock Rage]- a Great music site, and a place wher LPC is linked too!

[pApA rOaCh LAND]- Good new site, with great flash!

[Guns n Roses]- Many things to do there!

[Limp Bizkit Home]- Nice layout, and cool pics and designs!

[Slipknot]- Pictures, videos, and much more!

Click here for dotmusic


[Sacramento Kings Coverage]- A great Sac Kings site, which has helped alot with the production of this site and many others of mine...

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